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[Variety] Noonas Over Flowers 꽃보다 누나 *Hulu Ep 8 Updated*

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Lee Woo Jung.. after reply series she  is my fave writer... hehehe..
anyway glad that they will be together again, the old 1n2d crew...
hehehehe. When Na PD made a cameo in reply 1997, i was going over the edge laughing.. hehehe.

Anyway so excited for this... waiting for airport pics,but just curious how long is the flight?

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lovelyclover said:
Grandpas spin-off named Noonas Over Flowers: Seung-gi-ya, Run Away


LOL Na PD isn't better than Seung Gi

“This is the first time I’m working with a female cast for this long a period,” he added. “I generally can feel how to approach male cast members, but this is completely different. To be honest I’m a little scared about how I should do things.”

He likes to tease Seung Gi but he himself doesn't know much about women too :))

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amazeballs.  hahaha i am gettinng nervous and excited and I dont know why. Maybe its second hand nervous excitement  and concern for Lee SeungGi...
And oh my, he looks good....

@lovelyclover thanks for the reply..and thanks so much for the updates...

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