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[Official] Jung Joon Young ❤ Jung Yoo Mi : Jung-Jung Couple ❤ PocaGuri Thread❤

Guest shiningpanda

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[WGM 188 Preview -- Joonyoung ♥ Yoomi]

Jung Joonyoung ♥ Jung Yoomi : before moving to the honeymoon house, Joonyoung's house was revealed!

Surprise with the first meeting, Joonyoung ♥ Yoomi.
After sharing some conversation, two people are getting closer by playing instrument together.
Joonyoung suggested an impromptu song with full of rock spirit to delighted Yoomi.
What song did Joonyoung present to Yoomi?

Barely few days after the end of first meeting,
They received mission to move into the honeymoon house and Yoomi suddenly visited the husband's house.
How did Joonyoung react with Yoomi's unexpected appearance?

From living room to kitchen and finally bedroom.
Yoomi was confirmed the real life of 4D Joonyoung by herself and being worried of their marriage life.
Then, Yoomi was got more mental distraction from the secret of Joonyoung's room. What it will be?

Finally two people excitedly went off to the honeymoon house.
Just a moment of exciting feel, Joonyoung starts nagging to Yoomi's driving skill.
Simmered Yoomi vs Nagging Joonyoung, could really this couple safely arrived at the honeymoon house?

translate by 1402miracle
original text by imbc.com

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Guest shiningpanda

Yoomi got married on SBS drama Wonderful Mama..

anyone watch this drama?? I like her character in here. watch it if you guys have time.

I posted this because it's related to Yoomi, don't be hating on her partner! They actually look good together too but no one can beat MERCUTIO. hahaha


Just like the other threads. It is against the soompi rules to quote pictures/gifs/videos, so please delete it first before you post it.. Let's keep this thread clean! THANK YOU.

and feel free to post anything related to our couple.. Everyone is welcome on this thread. just remember. NO BASHING!

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Guest myholika2

Hi.. I love this couple a lot, they're funny and fighting as soon as they met lol..They both have differences but I think that will make both of them grew more towards each other.. Can't wait for the next episode :D

I absolutely love when the guy keep calling her noona..noona..noona.haha..can't wait the day when the guy got spelled by her charms....:x

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at first , I was hesitant whether to watch this couple or not since I am still bitter and sad when my favourite couple leave the show ... however , after almost one week of not watching WGM , I decided to give a try and watch this couple since this couple is also a noona-dongsaeng couple , just like Jinhee .. I have to say that their first meeting do somehow reminds me a bit of Jinhee's first meeting .. I don't know why , I feel interested to see a couple who actually had cute bickering first before they can get to know each other deeper .. Joon Young reminds me of L , my favorite character from the Deathnote ....LOL@ him saying that Yoomi has eyes wrinkles when he also has such wrinkles too , I believe due to lack of sleep ..btw , after watching him taking care of the 3 kids , I guess my perception of him has changes a bit .. before this, when I first saw him , he really gave me the vibe of a bad boy .. but then looking at how patient he was handling those kids , I just can't deny that it melts my heart a bit ..huhhuh .. I really like guys who can handle kids ... ahaks!! and Yoomi is really witty and cute in her own ways ..so yerp , I'll try to watch this couple's wedding stint but it's still too early to decide whether I'm going to love them or not though I believe their progress of relationship would be very interesting to watch .. 

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From Joonyoung's latest blog entry blog.. lol he's a total gamer.

130917 - New Life

새로운인생을 시작하기에 앞서

너무 설레이는 글을 끄적여본다.




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