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[Official] Jung Joon Young ❤ Jung Yoo Mi : Jung-Jung Couple ❤ PocaGuri Thread❤

Guest shiningpanda

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Guest wishstarz

@xblaaah did you watch the entire Chuseok Celebrity Babysitter???  OMG the little boy and the bushes...lol...wasn't expecting that!  He is going to be REALLY interesting, didn't understand a word but, he really was not rattled by anything the kids did and they seemed well behaved. He looks like he would be a good father.

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Guest shiningpanda

Mercutio CUT at Celebrity Babysitter with English Subs

part 1: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k2r1oURiZuhixl4E8Fe
part 2: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k1ETKRTWqSr4Jw4E8Va
part 3: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k2ap8FkqVl3eKN4EbQa
part 4: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/k4eGgPWfBWM9ec4EghW

credits to 1004subs.blogspot.com
pls take out the video with credits!

watch Yoo Mi and Mercutio's Chuseok greeting

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Yay, hi @mcleen! Nice to see you over here, I'm following this couple too. :) And yup, Joon Young and Yoo Mi's first meeting reminds me of JinHee's when he serenades her while playing the guitar.
I have an affinity for 4D characters and Joon Young to me seems to be the mayor of 4D in WGM at the moment. Also, he was hilarious in Superstar K4, so I know I'm in for a fun ride. I know Yoo Mi from Rooftop Prince and I absolutely disliked her character in the drama. But she's so sweet in WGM! Pity she couldn't get Joon Young to stop calling her noona though, haha. Oh well, he'll drop it soon, I guess. Can't wait for tmrw's episode!
Btw, thanks @shiningpanda for starting this thread! :)

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Guest shiningpanda

Joon Young's BE STUPID Ep. 3 preview

Will be aired on Sept 24th 2013 at 11PM KST!

@blink16 You're welcome :)

130910 Jung Joon Young at Be Stupid  FULL
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Guest kemmy107

Hi there :D realllyyyyy love this couple. Did JJY name his guitar???? :3if so *cough* who are u copying :)))))Anyone has a name for the couple? I think chinese fans call them Handsome couple?

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Guest xolemonmeringuexo

shiningpanda said:

Text Preview for next week's episode.. Sorry guys, I can't translate this. I need someone that can translate this for us.

서프라이즈한 첫 만남을 가진 준영♥유미!

카페에서 대화를 나누던 중 카페 안 악기들을 함께 연주하는데.. 연주를 통해 점점 가까워진 두 사람~ 즐거워하는 유미에게 준영은 즉흥송을 제안하고~ 록스피릿 충만한~ 준영이 유미에게 들려준 “첫 만남송”은?

아슬아슬했던 첫 만남이 끝나고 며칠 후, 신혼집 입주 미션을 받고 남편 준영의 집에 깜짝 방문한 유미! 예상치 못한 유미의 등장에 무방비 상태로 아내를 맞이하게 된 준영의 반응은?

거실부터 주방, 침실까지~ 4차원 준영의 리얼 라이프를 두 눈으로 확인한 유미는 결혼생활이 걱정스러워지고... 그런 유미를 더욱 멘붕에 빠뜨린 준영의 비밀의 방! 과연 그 정체는?

드디어 설레는 마음으로 신혼집을 향해 출발하는 두 사람! 설렘도 잠시~ 유미의 운전 실력에 대해 잔소리를 시작한 준영! 폭발직전 유미 vs 잔소리꾼 준영! 과연 두 사람은 무사히 신혼집에 갈 수 있을까?

Prussia Otaku said: shiningpanda said:Joon Young for KBS World Chuseok Special Celebrity Babysitter 
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