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[Movie 2013] Monster 몬스터

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  • Movie: Monster
  • Revised romanization: Monster
  • Hangul: 몬스터
  • Director: Hwang In-Ho
  • Writer:
  • Producer:
  • Cinematographer:
  • Release Date: 2013
  • Runtime:
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


    A fierce battle ensues between various human beings. For each individual, it's kill or be killed.


  • Filming began May 5, 2013 in a village in Chuncheon, South Korea. The first scene filmed involved Bok-Soon (
Kim Go-Eun) deciding to take revenge and leave her house. Tae-Soo (Lee Min-Ki) arrives to an empty house.


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Guest arch00

Lee Min-ki turns into a cold-blooded killer for Monsterby javabeans | May 13, 2013 | 46 Comments


Lee Min-ki does have a certain loose-cannon intensity to him that makes me think he’ll be a fabulous creep in the upcoming movie Monster, where he plays a murderer. Just look at that stare. Shivers.

The movie centers around a girl, Bok-soon, whose little sister is killed by cruel and heartless Tae-soo. Bok-soon takes up a revenge mission against the criminal and starts stalking him, in this revenge thriller. Interesting way to turn the situation around and make this a cat-mouse-cat chase.

Playing Bok-soon is Kim Go-eun, a young actress who’s been riding a strong wave of buzz after playing the title character in last year’s film Eungyo. She won numerous awards in the New Actor category, but her performance was strong enough to also get her nominated in Best Actress categories. Oh, and Eungyo was her acting debut.

Monster reteams Lee Min-ki with his Chilling Romance director, Hwang In-ho, and began filming on May 5 in a small village in Chuncheon. The stills pictured here come from the first scene filmed, where Bok-soon first decides to enact her revenge and leaves home. Shortly thereafter, murderous Tae-soo arrives at her house. As scary as he looks, I’m not sure he’s got the edge in this case; I’m thinking the girl wields that knife like she means serious business.

Monster is scheduled to film for the next three months, and is aiming to release by the end of the year.


source dramabeans 

Via Segye

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Guest arch00

"Monster - 2013" Lee Min-ki, "I killed my sister, Kim Go-eun-I"


The movie "Monster - 2013" starring Lee Min-ki and Kim Go-eun-I has started filming at a village in Choonchun.

Cold blooded murderer Tae-soo (Lee Min-ki) takes revenge for his one and only woman, Bok-soon (Kim Go-eun-I) who has lost her sister.

Lee Min-ki has worked out to change his body into a muscular one for his character. Kim Go-eun-Ipracticed action techniques for the character of Bok-soon, who isn't afraid of anything in the world.

Lee Min-ki said, "I am excited about the future making of the movie. "Monster - 2013" is a thriller but that's not all of it. It seems like there's going to be many parts where the characters need to build on and that's what I'll do with responsibility and passion.

"Monster - 2013" will be released at the end of the year.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )

via Hancinema

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Guest arch00

@arch00 The storyline looks very good! I love murder movie' date=' fortunately :))[/quote']

@sicknine Haha me too like like murder movies :)) and LMK in it wow I can't wait.

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Guest arch00


im not good at scary movie :(

@bobsavero try it comrade, the story looks good. If not then just watch LMK =))


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