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Lee Sang Yeob 이상엽 - Upcoming Movie "The Day I Died." Upcoming MBC Drama "No One But a Madman"

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Watch: Lee Sang Yeob, Park Ha Sun, Jo Dong Hyuk, And Ye Ji Won Taste Forbidden Love In New Drama Posters And Trailer


Upcoming Channel A drama “Love Affairs in the Afternoon” (tentative title) revealed new posters featuring the two main couples, played by Park Ha Sun, Lee Sang Yeob, Ye Ji Won, and Jo Dong Hyuk.

The drama is a remake of the 2014 Japanese drama “Hirugao: Love Affairs in the Afternoon,” which follows the trials and tribulations of adults who are faced with forbidden love.

In the new posters, the couples are bathed in a sunset glow, as if to foreshadow love and passion that burns bright and brief. Park Ha Sun and Lee Sang Yeob’s poster, in which the actors are both clothed in white, reads, “God, don’t test me,” while the other says, alongside the actors clothed in black, “Love is fleeting. It doesn’t befit us.”



In the latest trailer for the drama, Park Ha Sun is pictured nervously walking down the hallway of a hotel. When Lee Sang Yeob opens the door for her, he hastily pulls her in, shutting the door behind her. Park Ha Sun narrates, “Love has flown away. The moment you grabbed my hand, I finally saw the real me.”

“Love Affairs in the Afternoon” premieres July 5 at 11 p.m. KST.




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Lee Sang Yeob And Park Ha Sun Praise Each Other’s Acting In Upcoming Drama About Forbidden Love

Co-stars Park Ha Sun and Lee Sang Yeob are full of compliments for each other!

Their upcoming drama “Love Affairs in the Afternoon” (working title) is a remake of the Japanese drama “Hirugao: Love Affairs in the Afternoon,” which follows the stories of adults who engage in extramarital affairs.

Park Ha Sun will play the sincere, average woman Son Ji Eun, and Lee Sang Yeob will play the boyish, innocent man Yoon Jung Woo. After coincidentally meeting each other one day, they go through excruciatingly repetitive daily routines and completely twisted experiences. Their innocent yet fatal love story unfolds throughout the drama.

The production crew asked about their teamwork, and Park Ha Sun replied that Lee Sang Yeob is Yoon Jung Woo himself. Yoon Jung Woo is like Peter Pan who loves all life on Earth. She explained, “Lee Sang Yeob is very detailed and careful. He is an actor with a good gaze. When I look at him, it is as if I am looking at Yoon Jung Woo.”

She added, “Perhaps it’s because of that, but we don’t have to practice our teamwork, and we can just fit together naturally. Since Yoon Jung Woo is really here at the filming site, I am able to immerse myself into Son Ji Eun and react naturally.”


In turn, Lee Sang Yeob started off by saying that he is blessed to have many good co-stars and praised, “Park Ha Sun is a wonderful actress who shines with just her presence. She is full of emotion and acting [skills]. With this drama, I think the era of Park Ha Sun as a melodrama actress will begin.”

He added that they cause bloopers sometimes because of their similar personalities and good teamwork. He commented, “We both laugh a lot. There are many times we caused bloopers because we could not hold in our laughter.”


“Love Affairs in the Afternoon” will premiere on July 5 at 11 p.m. KST.



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Lee Sun Gyun, Kim Nam Gil, And Lee Sang Yeob In Talks For tvN Travel Show



Lee Sun Gyun, Kim Nam Gil, and Lee Sang Yeob may be traveling for a reality show!

On July 5, it was reported by a news outlet, “Lee Sun Gyun, Kim Nam Gil, and Lee Sang Yeob are appearing in a backpacking variety show.” A source from tvN responded, “We are currently in talks.”

It’s said that the producing director (PD) in charge of the show is Jung Jong Yeon, who has been at the helm of series such as “The Genius,” “Society Game,” and “Great Escape.”

It was reported on July 4 that Lee Sun Gyun and Kim Nam Gil are in talks for a variety show led by PD Song Chang Eui.

Lee Sun Gyun’s latest film “Parasite” won the Palme D’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, while Kim Nam Gil wrapped up the drama “The Fiery Priest” this spring. Lee Sang Yeob stars in the Channel A drama “Love Affairs in the Afternoon,” which premiered on July 5.





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On 7/17/2019 at 7:36 AM, Lawyerh said:

Love Lee Sang Yeob in Love Affair in the afternoon. Shes the one having affair... but my heart affected lol

@Lawyerh, me too... I have been waiting for ages for him to get a romantic leading role...



Lee Sang Yeob And Park Ha Sun Share Why They Chose To Star In “Love Affairs In The Afternoon”


On July 19, Lee Sang Yeob and Park Ha Sun participated in a photo shoot and interview for Grazia where they talked about their new drama “Love Affairs in the Afternoon”!

The romance drama, which is a remake of the 2014 Japanese series “Hirugao: Love Affairs in the Afternoon,” tells the story of adults who find themselves swept up in forbidden love and passionate extramarital affairs. The drama stars Park Ha Sun and Lee Sang Yeob as a pair of star-crossed lovers whose ordinary lives are turned upside down after they fall in love.


During the interview, the two actors explained that they had different reasons for wanting to star in the drama. Park Ha Sun said that she could paint a picture from the moment she first saw the synopsis. She shared, “I related to Ji Eun’s ordinary lifestyle in which she lives a slightly tiring life without any excitement. I thought it would be good to show a lot of her natural side.”





Meanwhile, Lee Sang Yeob is making a drastic image transformation through this project. He shared, “I met this project while vaguely wanting to try acting in a more adult-like [role]. I feel as if I’ve only given off a boyish image until now, and I wanted to seem manlier and maturer.”

Lee Sang Yeob also talked about his goals for the drama. He said, “It’ll be good if anyone who watches can relate to the [character’s] thoughts and concerns. I had the thought that it would be nice if looked as natural as possible while acting out Jung Woo. That is, by acting in a way everyone can understand rather than just a few people.”


On the other hand, Park Ha Sun wanted to portray her character by delivering her raw emotions. She explained, “Rather than the happiness and excitement Ji Eun feels while dating, I was careful to put more emphasis on expressing the pain she feels.”





Park Ha Sun and Lee Sang Yeob shared that they hope that “Love Affairs in the Afternoon” becomes a way in which people think more sincerely about sharing kind words as well as the love they are experiencing now or will experience in the future.

“Love Affairs in the Afternoon” airs every weekend at 11 p.m. KST.


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Lee Sang-yeob Considers "Good Casting"


Will Lee Sang-yeob star in "Good Casting"?

Ungbin ENS announced on the 1st of August that Lee Sang-yeob might be in the new SBS drama "Good Casting".

"Good Casting" is a comedy drama about an undercover agent selected in the worst-case scenario and a spying mission by upcoming Korean superwomen to investigate corruption involving the nation's largest conglomerate's technology leaks. Lee Sang-yeob was offered the role of Yoon Seok-ho, the CEO of Ilgwang High Tech.

Meanwhile, "Good Casting" stars Choi Kang-hee, Yoo In-young and Kim Ji-young.


"Good Casting" is directed by Choi Yeong-hoon, written by Park Ji-ha, and features Choi Kang-hee, Kim Ji-young, Yoo In-young. Broadcasting information in Korea: 2019/11~Upcoming, on SBS.



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Lee Sang Yeob On Being Mindful Of Park Ha Sun’s Husband Ryu Soo Young During “Love Affairs In The Afternoon”


Lee Sang Yeob has shared his thoughts about working together with Park Ha Sun in Channel A’s latest drama “Love Affairs in the Afternoon.”

On August 28, Lee Sang Yeob participated in an interview after the end of the drama. The actor said, “I think I’m in the process of returning to Lee Sang Yeob from Yoon Jung Woo [Lee Sang Yeob’s character]. I think the drama will stay on my mind for a long time.”

Lee Sang Yeob also talked about working together with Park Ha Sun. When asked what made them work together well, the actor answered, “It’s hard to define it with words, but there is this. After shooting a scene, I would think it went well, and the other person would also think that.” He added, “I thought [Park Ha Sun] is someone who throws well and catches well. We’ve become very close.”


The actor was also asked about Park Ha Sun’s husband Ryu Soo Young. Lee Sang Yeob said, “It is not possible to not be aware of [Ryu Soo Young]. It’s hard [to not be aware of him], but the person standing on set was Son Ji Eun [Park Ha Sun’s character]. Because we only talked about work on set, we were not able to talk about private matters very much.” He concluded by jokingly saying, “We filmed very comfortably, but I’m a bit worried at this moment.”

The romance drama, which is a remake of the 2014 Japanese series “Hirugao: Love Affairs in the Afternoon,” aired its last episode on August 24. The drama starred Park Ha Sun and Lee Sang Yeob as two people married to others who find their ordinary lives turned upside down after they fall in love and begin an affair.



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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to Lee Sang Yeob 이상엽 - Completed Drama: "Love Affairs in the Afternoon" ( Channel A) Upcoming tvN Variety Show "Siberia Expedition"

Lee Sang-yub to join Choi Kang-hee in new SBS drama "Good Casting."


Although his last drama just recently ended, actor Lee Sang-yub (Weekday Afternoon Lovers) has accepted a role in a new project, SBS’s new action comedy Good Casting (formerly titled Miscasting). He will be joining Choi Kang-hee (Mystery Queen 2), Yoo In-young (Let’s Hold Hands and Watch the Sunset), and Kim Ji-young (Here Comes Love).

Read full article on Dramabeans

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Lee Sang Yeob Confirmed To Join Choi Kang Hee In Upcoming Action Comedy Drama

Lee Sang Yeob is already planning to return to the small screen!

The actor was previously in talks to star in “Good Casting,” but now it has been confirmed he will be playing the lead in the new SBS drama.

SBS’s “Good Casting” (previously known as “Miss Casting”) is an upcoming action comedy that will follow three beautiful secret agents who go undercover to investigate the truth behind a corrupt corporation. Earlier this summer, Choi Kang Hee was confirmed to be starring in the drama as Baek Chan Mi, a legendary black ops agent who was relegated to a desk job at the National Intelligence Service after a mission gone awry.

Lee Sang Yeob will take the role of Yoon Seok Ho, a CEO who comes from a privileged background and boasts prestigious academic degrees. In spite of his many advantages, his intense training from an early age prevented him from gaining much romantic experience. However, Yoon Seok Ho encounters secret agent Baek Jang Mi — who happens to look completely identical to Baek Chan Mi, his unrequited first love from his teenage years — and becomes suspicious, so he ends up keeping a close eye on Baek Chan Mi’s mysterious doppelgänger.

U-KISS’s Jun (Lee Jun Young) And Lee Jong Hyuk are also confirmed to act in the drama.

“Good Casting” will premiere in November after “Secret Boutique.”



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Watch: Lee Sun Gyun, Kim Nam Gil, Lee Sang Yeob, And More Are Excited Travelers In Poster And Teasers For New tvN Variety Show

tvN’s new variety show “Trans-Siberian Pathfinders” has released new teaser videos and a poster!

“Trans-Siberian Pathfinders” follows Lee Sun GyunKim Nam GilLee Sang Yeob, Kim Min Sik, and Go Kyu Pil as they travel along the Trans-Siberian Railway, which is on the bucket list of many travelers. Because all five men are actual friends, viewers are excited to see their chemistry through this new variety show.

In the first two teasers, Kim Nam Gil exercises on a moving train. The caption notes that it has been six days since the group has began their journey. The actor lets out a shout as he says, “I can’t sweat! For a second, I forgot that we don’t have anywhere to shower here.”

Lee Sun Gyun and Kim Nam Gil also have a lighthearted conversation about the never-ending plains they can constantly see outside the windows of the train.









The third teaser features the group sitting together in the train and singing Toy’s “Wish.” When Kim Nam Gil sings an emotional rendition of the lyrics, “The person I needed so desperately was you,” Lee Sun Gyun questions, “Who’s ‘you’?” Everyone bursts out laughing in response to his question, and Kim Nam Gil chuckles nervously.


The poster also features the five friends posing together in front of a train. They are dressed casually in preparation for their travels, and they stare at the camera completely at ease.


“Trans-Siberian Pathfinders” is set to premiere on September 26 at 11 p.m. KST.


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Lee Sang Yeob Reported To Become Special MC For “Radio Star”

Lee Sang Yeob may soon be appearing on MBC’s “Radio Star” as a special MC!

On October 10, Korean news outlet OSEN reported that Lee Sang Yeob had already completed filming for an upcoming episode of the popular talk show. According to the report, the actor will be serving as a special MC on next week’s broadcast, which is scheduled to air on October 16.

Following longtime MC Yoon Jong Shin‘s recent departure from the program, “Radio Star” has been rotating in special MCs to take his place. The show has not yet decided on a permanent host to replace him.

Meanwhile, after recently starring in Channel A’s “Love Affairs in the Afternoon,” Lee Sang Yeob is currently gearing up to return to the small screen in SBS’s “Good Casting,” an upcoming action comedy drama in which he will star opposite Choi Kang Hee.

The next episode of “Radio Star” will air on October 16 at 11:10 p.m. KST.

Are you excited to potentially see Lee Sang Yeob take on the role of special MC? Leave your thoughts below!



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