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[Movie 2012] Sound City / Cold City 비정한 도시

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Release date: October 5th
Kim Seok-hoon (김석훈)
Seo Yeong-hee (서영희)
Lee Ki-young (이기영)
Jo Seong-ha (조성하)
Ahn Kil-kang (안길강)
Jeong Ae-ri (정애리)

Directed: Kim Mun-heum (김문흠)
Genre:  Omnibus , Thriller

A thriller based on the 1
episodes that happens in the city and about the people who live exposed to violence. Selected for the category 'Incubation Business Feature Film' by the Jeonju Films Commission.





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Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Cold City"


Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Cold City"

"Cold City" (2011)

Directed by Kim Mun-heum

With Kim Seok-hoon, Jo Seong-ha, Seo Yeong-hee, Lee Ki-young, Ahn Kil-kang, Jeong Ae-ri,...

An unexpected accident takes over the city and causes a series of killings.

Release date in Korea : 2012/10/25

Source : www.hancinema.net/kor... ( English Korean )

Read more at http://www.hancinema.net/video-trailer-released-for-the-upcoming-korean-movie-cold-city-48381.html#pvQBY99bVuEDZO4y.99

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class="entry-title"Former Girl’s Day member, Jihae, to attend ‘Cold City’ movie preview eventShare on Tum


Jihae, who recently announced her leave from Girl’s Day, will be attending the preview showing of the movie ‘Cold City‘, in which she participated.

Dream Tea Entertainment commented, “Jihae will be attending the preview event for ‘Cold City’ at the Lotte Cinema at the Gundae entrance.”

‘Cold City’ is a thriller made up of 10 various scenarios that come together to make up one story line and stars Kim Suk Hoon, Jo Sung Ha, and Seo Young Hee.

Jihae has taken on the role of Kim Sun Hwa, who is one of the characters within one of the sub stories.

The singer stated, “I’m happy and excited to be looking forward to the premiering of my first ever movie.. Although I may be lacking as it was my first attempt at acting, please watch over my fondly.”

‘Cold City’ will hit the theaters on the 25th.

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