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♥ Ha Ji Won 하지원 ♥ 河智苑 ♥ ハジウォン♥ || Upcoming Movie 2022: Bigwang 비광


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Ha Ji Won And Sung Dong Il’s New Film “Pawn” Surpasses 1 Million Moviegoers

Oct 9, 2020

Ha Ji Won and Sung Dong Il’s new movie “Pawn” is off to a strong start on the Korean box office!


On the morning of October 9, the Korean Film Council announced that as of 9 a.m. KST, “Pawn” had officially surpassed 1 million moviegoers.


Notably, “Pawn” is the first film released after September 1 to reach the milestone: due to Korea’s reinstatement of stricter social distancing guidelines in mid-August, movies have been drawing far smaller crowds over the past month. However, positive word-of-mouth catapulted “Pawn” to No. 1 at the box office on September 30, the day after its release, and it has remained No. 1 for nine consecutive days since.


In honor of the film hitting the 1 million mark, stars Sung Dong Il, Ha Ji Won, Kim Hee Won, and Park So Yi posed for celebratory photos and thanked moviegoers for showing “Pawn” so much love.


Sung Dong Il remarked, “Thanks to the support of all the moviegoers who fully rigged themselves out [with protective gear] to go to the movie theater, ‘Pawn’ has surpassed a total of 1 million moviegoers. I truly thank you.”


Ha Ji Won similarly commented, “I sincerely thank all 1 million moviegoers who gave their love to ‘Pawn.’ Please continue to show love for ‘Pawn’ in the future.”


Kim Hee Won shared, “I sincerely thank all of the moviegoers who came to the movie theater in this difficult time and made it possible for ‘Pawn’ to reach 1 million.”


Finally, child actress Park So Yi remarked, “Thanks to everyone who saw the movie, ‘Pawn’ has surpassed 1 million moviegoers. Thank you all so much.”


Congratulations to the cast and crew of “Pawn”!








I am so happy!!!

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Congrats to all casts and crew :hooray2:They deserve more but let's hope for the best for all!


17 hours ago, andra3 said:

so maybe after that we will can watch the movie with eng. sub translation. I can't wait...  

Yess! I can wait! Hopefully it can be screened in my country so I can watch her in big screen. I think previously Heundae is screened in my country tho, my sister said she watched it with her friends. But I remember that I did not go since I'm not really into disaster movie :p and I also haven't know HJW back then on 2009. Pitty me.. :D 

6 hours ago, strwbrry said:

another work of Jiwon to watch out :) 

 Woww!! Is it real? Another Jiwon for this year? So happy ~~~~ :popcornjackson: hope will be available on Netflix

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‘Pawn’ Successfully Attracts 1 Million Moviegoers, Actors Express Their Sincere Gratitude


The movie Pawn has broken the 1 million viewers mark.

According to the Korean Film Council, Pawn attracted more than 1 million moviegoers as of the morning of Oct. 9. While theaters have been in a slump due to the re-surge of COVID-19 in mid-August, Pawn became the only movie released since September to have surpassed 1 million cumulative admissions.


Released on Sept. 29, Pawn has swept the Chuseok holiday season amid favorable reviews. In response, the actors of Pawn expressed their sincere gratitude to the viewers with handwritten messages.

%EB%8B%A4%EC%9A%B4%EB%A1%9C%EB%93%9C-13. Credit: CJ Entertainment

Sung Dong Il wrote, “Thanks to the support of the audience who were firmly armed and visited the theater, Pawn has surpassed 1 million moviegoers. Thank you very much.” Ha Ji Won wrote, “Thank you so much to the 1 million viewers who loved our Pawn. Please continue to show your love.”


Kim Hee Won wrote, “I sincerely thank the audience who visited the theaters even in these difficult situations and made Pawn a ‘1 million viewers’ movie.” Park So Yi wrote, “Thanks to the audience, Pawn has surpassed 1 million viewers. Thank you so very much. if you want to see So Yi, then please watch our Pawn a lot.”

Source (1)

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7 hours ago, strwbrry said:


So, she will only be a guest role on this one. 

@liv_well i think it will be on netflix.

‘Dramaworld’ Cast Returns For Second Season With More K-Star Cameos


Despite the storyline chaos that ensued, Dramaworld seems to have survived. The award-winning production house Third Culture Content recently completed a second season of the romantic comedy.

The second season sees the return of Hewson (Bombshell, The Santa Clarita Diet), Dulake (Operation Chromite) and Chon (The Twilight Saga, Gook) and the addition of notable new cast members: Daniel Dae Kim (The Good Doctor, Lost), Brett Gray (On My Block), k-pop star Henry Lau (A Dog’s Journey, Double World), and actress Ha Ji-won (Secret Garden, Manhunt), along with more cameos from k-pop and k-drama stars.  The first season of Dramaworld features cameos from k-celebrities that includes actor-singer Choi Si-won, actresses Han Ji-min and Lee Ji-ah, and actor-singer-rapper YDG.



I didn't watch Dramaworld seson 1, but from what I read it is a comedy-drama set in Los Angeles and Seoul (10 short ep. ), Olivia Hewson as Claire Duncan - an American college student and huge fan of Kdramas - is transported to her favorite Kdramas with a touch of magic ...so I think Jiwonn will play as herself role !


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Ha Ji-won "Emotional feeling was very difficult from the first filming of'Collateral', but the set was healing"

Ha Ji-won, who is still a'positive icon' in the 24th year of his debut. If you see her bright, pure smile, you will smile accordingly. Ha Ji-won, who made a comeback on the domestic screen after 5 years, recently surpassed 1 million viewers and returned to the movie'Collateral', which is bringing healing to us tired of Corona 19.


"Actually, it was very difficult. It wasn't easy. The scene I went to meet my mother was the first filming. It was a lot harder for me because the first scene was an emotional scene.

In particular, the ending made Ha Ji-won more immersive. The scene was particularly difficult because it was re-shooting after finishing the filming.

"I re-shoot the ending of the movie. I had to re-shoot because of the feeling of the space, not the acting side. It was too much time passed, and it was never easy to re-shoot the emotion. 

The filming site reminded Ha Ji-won of his father who passed away first.I miss my dad. I was so emotional that I didn't stop crying."

Although there were many emotional scenes, Ha Ji-won was healed more than anyone else on the set. "The set of filming with Sung Dong-il and Kim Hee-won was truly'healing'.

The filming site was at home in the 80s. I remembered my childhood when I went to play with my relatives, and in the play, I felt more emotional as Seung-i grew up from a young age. 

It was after 13 years with Senior Kim Hee-won. When filming the movie'The Miracle of First Avenue', they said that there was no conversation. There they were hitting each other and being beaten. This time, it's like family. I think I talked a lot with my seniors."


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