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  1. Ha Ji-won "Emotional feeling was very difficult from the first filming of'Collateral', but the set was healing" Ha Ji-won, who is still a'positive icon' in the 24th year of his debut. If you see her bright, pure smile, you will smile accordingly. Ha Ji-won, who made a comeback on the domestic screen after 5 years, recently surpassed 1 million viewers and returned to the movie'Collateral', which is bringing healing to us tired of Corona 19. "Actually, it was very difficult. It wasn't easy. The scene I went to meet my mother was the first filming. It was a lot harder for me because
  2. ‘Dramaworld’ Cast Returns For Second Season With More K-Star Cameos Despite the storyline chaos that ensued, Dramaworld seems to have survived. The award-winning production house Third Culture Content recently completed a second season of the romantic comedy. The second season sees the return of Hewson (Bombshell, The Santa Clarita Diet), Dulake (Operation Chromite) and Chon (The Twilight Saga, Gook) and the addition of notable new cast members: Daniel Dae Kim (The Good Doctor, Lost), Brett Gray (On My Block), k-pop star Henry Lau (A Dog’s Journey, Double World), and actress Ha
  3. I'm so happy for Pawn success . I'm so happy for Jiwonn ! The movie will be presented on the Opening Gala on 29 October for the London Korean Festival 2020. The LKF runs from 29 Oct - 12 Nov. with cinema screening in London and online ...so maybe after that we will can watch the movie with eng. sub translation. I can't wait... OPENING GALA PAWN 담보 COMEDY, DRAMA / 2019 / 113 MIN Director: Kang Dae kyu Cast: Sung Dong Il, Ha Ji Won, Kim Hiewon http://koreanfilm.co.uk/uploaded_images/LKFF20-ProgrammeAnnouncement.pdf
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