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  1. Hello all !!! I hope you had a wonderful Summer !! Jiwonn looks so good in this clip so beautiful, so young, so cute Miss you my Queen !!! I waited for some promo for hers movie and drama ...but nothing at all ...why ?? me.
  2. Supporting Jiwonn and Chocolate drama by hers Kfans ...I hoped to see Chef Moon but Jiwonn is a very rare bird lately
  3. A good question Are these women already in their 40s? Many stars keep their faces intact 10 years ago, whether they have avoided years or managed hard. What are they supposed to do to keep their young appearance ? The most representative stars that come to mind are Lim Soo-jeong, Ha Ji-won and Kim Sa-rang. What's even more surprising is that they are already in their 40s, who look like their 20s. Only their time seems to be going backwards. Ha Ji-won is a goddess. She debuted as a KBS drama 'New Generation Report Adults Don't Know' in 1997 and gained popularity through various characters such as SBS drama 'What happened in Bali' and 'Secret Garden'. Recently, she decided to appear in JTBC drama 'Chocolate' and she's working hard to shoot. Actor Ha Ji-won, a 78-year, turned 40 years old this year. Boasts a flawless appearance that does not measure age. Atmospheric appearance and relaxed smile can not hide her unique charm. In addition, she has a firm skin with no blemish so we can not feel the flow of time at all. She keeps honey skin even after all working night, she usually washes her face a lot. She said that she washes his face even at a rest stop. Also, "When you can sleep late, sleep a lot and laugh a lot." http://bntnews.hankyung.com/apps/news?popup=0&nid=03&c1=03&c2=03&c3=00&nkey=201908061716553&mode=sub_view
  4. Finally ...some news about Collateral movie Warm Human Movie" Seongdongil X Hajiwon 'Collateral' crank up, released this winter Mortgage tells the story of what happens when a rugged and ignorant debt collector, Doo Seok, goes to receive money that is plundered and takes a girl as a collateral. In 2010, Kang Dae-gyu, who proved his outstanding sensation, grabbed a megaphone by directing a human drama ringing with the 2010 film `` Harmony '' and winning the Rookie of the Year Award. In addition, actor actors such as Sung Dong-il, Ha Ji-won, and Kim Hee-won, whose presence is irreplaceable in all genres, add to the expectation of the film. First, Sung Dong-il, who shows outstanding character digestion in every work based on his strong acting skills, played the role of duo-seok collector. It will fully express the headstone that has a warm affection in the rough appearance and convey heartfelt smiles and tears to the audience. As a collateral, Doo-seok won a double cast of Ha Ji-won, an all-rounder who travels between screens and CRTs, and Park So-yi, who was selected through a 300: 1 competition. In addition, Kim Hee-won, who has been reborn as an actor who appears and believes in various works, joins Doo-suk's partner role as a partner and built a powerful lineup of actors to increase the completion of the works. In addition, world star Kim Yoon-jin, who has a special relationship with director Kang Dae-gyu through his previous work 'Harmony', has decomposed and performed with Myung, Seung-yi's mother. In particular, Kim Yun-jin, who offered no guarantees, first boasted of extraordinary loyalty. . Director Kang Dae-gyu said, “Thanks to the hard work of the actors and staff, I was able to finish the shooting safely. We will finish the post production well and bring a good movie. ”We thanked the actors and staff who had been with us for three months and expressed our aspiration as a director. Seong Dong-il said, “Happy filming with great actors and staff. I believe that 'collateral' will be a movie that will warm the hearts of the audience this winter. ” In addition, Ha Ji-won said, “The former staff members breathed differently. Everyone is doing their best, so please look forward to it. ” Kim Hee-won said, “I would like to thank all the people and especially the greatest thanks to Mr. Seong Dong-il who shot many scenes together. Thanks to you, it was more fun and happy to come to the shooting. I hope this energy will also be delivered to the audience. ” http://sports.chosun.com/news/ntype.htm?id=201908080100068820004328&servicedate=20190808
  5. Wow !!! Filming for Collateral movie are over and we don't have only one pic with Seung Yi ... they already had the wrap up party Collateral will be release later this year ...hope for a good movie !!! cto.
  6. Wonderful fanart by @raidencool about Empress Ki drama characters ("This drama was a master piece"say this talented fan) Yes I agree with all my heart ...do you remember/recognize all of them ?? Special thanks cr. @raidencool
  7. The most suitable model to promo SESA Kids collection ... she's well know for her love for craftholic toys used as a pillow
  8. A badass captain Kim Hang Ah outside... but a very innocent and sensible woman inside ...one of my fav character from modern kdrama, in fact K2H is one of my fav Kdrama I love this scene I love sweet's Jiwonn voice
  9. haha I don't know about him but Chef Moon/HJW will be a patient but I really hope that isn't something serious and no one dies ! We'll see !!! cto.
  10. You're funny !! I'm not a fortune teller.... I know about @luz8 cz she/he pushes like badge You can watch Galileo at this link... hope to work for you !!!
  11. Hi!! Welcome ! I saw you here as a lurker and I'm glad that you show yourself I'm glad that you like my gifs from Jiwonnie TV Show Galileo:Awakened Universe. If you haven't watched it , do it and I'm sure that you'll like the beautiful, cute, funny, hard working, very competitive astronaut Jiwonn/Sunshine
  12. Hello Miss Sunshine I miss you ...show up !! not only a pic from her movie or drama recently ...so I rewatched her recent TV show Galileo... Stretching with Jiwonnie
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