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  1. Finally !!!! After such a long time ... Chocolate is here ...even if we have to wait a little more. Drama will start filming on May in Greece , it will be a pre production drama ...if I'm not wrong it's the first time for Jiwonnie to filming a pre prod drama and we have to wait till Nov . Chef Moon Cha Young ...Fighting ... I'm waiting for you !!! Some of location in Greece are so beautiful ... cto.
  2. Don't miss them !!! Even now I hate MBC for did not give any award to Jiwonn and Lee Seung Gi for K2H drama
  3. Welcome @dianah de guzman I'm so happy to see new Jiwonn's fans here in her thread ! I was so lonely lately ... Indeed " how can you not admire HJW " ?? !!! More then a pretty face she is an amazing actress and a wonderful human being. I follow her since 10 years ago, I saw all her works , dramas, movies, CF, TV show, all her's social events and she never disappointed me. I love everything about her, not only because I'm her fan but she deserves all my admiration for her wonderful action skills, her dedication, her love for her's fans, her enjoyable personality ... From what I see @SR20DET gives you some very good recommendation , I want to add some... King 2 Hearts (one of the best modern Korean drama) and master piece Hwang Jin Yi historical drama. Enjoy yourself !!!
  4. sad ... the last vid from HAEWADAL , Ha Jiwon's Disclosable Secret, " Please also noted that Ha Jiwon's Disclosable Secret, will temporarily turn to irregular upload schedule~~~ If you get questions about Ha Jiwon after watching , Ha Jiwon's Disclosable Secret, please feel free to leave your comments on the channel community, we will answer your questions one by one. SEE U SOON ON THE NEXT VIDEO!!!!!"
  5. Jiwonnie IG update .."I'm Ha Ji Won ! Do you hear me!! |" ...of course , your's unmistakable voice Learning piano is not an easy task but for my Queen everything is possible...
  6. From talented and beautiful Jiwonn a gift for a talented pianist cto.
  7. I want to be there to see Jiwonn's ad for Cesar Living , ifcMall, cr. jungwon-lee503,
  8. So cute and funny Jiwonn, youtube video "Try to pretend that you are a celebrity, in Hong Kong" HAEWADAL Chanel Those HK students don't recognize her and she : They didn't watch Secret Garden !!!???
  9. Jiwonn IG update "My...Sleeping Beauty" at Art Space Ben
  10. @Jsky welcome here, what a sharp eyes you have but I don't think that that T-shirt has any special meaning, from my opinion is just a T-shirt
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