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  1. This is what I mean ...I's so funny that I can't stop to laugh even now I so love her dorky-funny-cute-childish side !!! cr. @yourplanet
  2. A wonderful congratulate vid for Jiwonn made by one of hers ardent fan @hajiwon_latam.1023 (from what I see in social-media) "I love you baby ...I can't take my eyes from you " ...How can you not love her !????
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our amazing, beautiful and unique Queen Ha Ji Won !!!
  4. I liked and laughed the most when she try so hard to put back a tissue in that Moai tissues box You are unique my Queen !!
  5. So this one is a planet !!??? ... I thought is a fortune teller crystal globe ...or some kind of bomb seeing hers frightened face So funny ...
  6. So cute Jiwonn baby Queen !! she even puts a crown Blowing in candle ...I wonder what her wish is for ?? I wish for her all the best ! ( I love this new gif emojis ) I know I repeat myself again and again ... but ....I can't believe her ages ...It's like a leitmotif but I can't refrain my self
  7. @liv_1023 you can watch Galileo show eng sub on this site In a way I envy you coz you can watch Jiwonn works for the the first time and from what I see your love and admiration for her grow day by day ! She is some kind of actress and person who can take over you Back in time ...more then 10 years ago My first Kdrama was Dae Jang Geum - Jewel in the Palace with Lee Young Ae , and then Queen Seon Deok, both a great hits and great I began to like historical Kdramas and I searched for more and accidentally I founded DAMO with Ha Ji Won and...bammm It was love at the first sight and just like you I searched everything about her and here I am !!! I was, I am, I will be her fan for ever ! Posting in this thread from time to time for keep it alive it is the only way to show my gratitude and my support for her it's the only way to thanks her for every enjoyable time when I watch her dramas, movies, TV Shows...For that I thanks @strwbrry too!
  8. Jiwonnie IG update...finally with hers pics reading some script - After a long time, it's okay, trembling, worrying - ...beautiful Queen I so miss you Jiwonn's IG , - I finished recording today, Seoul Environmental Film Festival - sooo cute , soo Jiwonn !!
  9. I can't wait too to see Jiwonn at SEFF !! Ha Ji Won and Lee Myung Se will be a Guest Star on JTBC "Bangguseok 1 Yeol" on 12 July 2020 . Ha Ji Won's Video Greeting, English translation , cr. @hajiwonina1023 !
  10. Speaking about ... first pic from 'Bi Gwang/ Rain light movie ... Nam Mi and Hwang Jong Gu ... beautiful family...they look so good together and Jiwonn is so pretty ! cr. @rashom
  11. Ha Ji Won - Ryu Seung Ryong ....I really really can't wait to see their chemistry in the movie. I remembered their collaboration for InStyle Magazine October Issue 2013 ...they was so cute together
  12. Seeing that RSR comments on Jiwonn 's IG I think that the pic is related to their movie... maybe 201 is the no of their house as a marital couple !
  13. What does this IG post mean ??? 201 ??? It could be something related to her new house or hers new movie ??? Like always Puzzling Jiwonnie !!!
  14. I so missed the past years when you could read lot of interview with and about Jiwonn and you could see her often on screen and hers majestic apparition on red carpet ...btw beautiful vid @strwbrry ! I haven't seen an interview with Jiwonn in a long time even if she was a highly praised guest at Venice International Film Festival after Manhunt or won Best Actress Award 2017 ...It's her choice or Kmedia choice ...I don't know From time to time I backread this thread too so @liv_1023 don't need to excuse yourself for reposting some old info about our Queen...for me It's a pleasure to see a new avid Jiwonn fan so keep posting !!!