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Jo Jung Suk 조정석 - Upcoming Drama: Hospital Playlist Season 2 in 2021

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naebdukki101 said: @yoedathank you so much for finding itdid i really ask you??? sorry for causing you so much troubles
from that TK2H bts, it seems to me JJS is also a dork...not much clumsy like JHthough he's a gentleman toward LYJ, i dun think he's giving a vibe "my heart flutters" or something like that ...like whenever he's with IUkechii?? right??

@akinahana89me too haven't watched TK2Hsince i don't really like LSG & HJW's pairing (but i like individual actor & actress)PLUS, JJS' character died :((so i don't want to watch it True! He does act differently with IU than with LYJ, but I don't know if my judgement of that is accurate because I haven't watched any other BTS footage of him with LYJ. Just from that one video for comparison though, JJS laughs and smiles a lot more with IU. He feels a little more... free with his emotions. :)

I might watch K2H after YTBLSS just to get my dose of JJS... lol. But I'll probably be watching YTBLSS on repeat until his future dramas come out, though it won't be the same because IU won't be in them. :(

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"What makes me move forward? Acting! Haha. It really does. Acting is so so much fun... I’m currently rehearsing for a musical. It’s so hard that I feel like dying, but I’m really happy. Even when I’m

@naebdukki101 and @akinahana89i think when he is with LYJ he doesnt show a playful part of him. LYJ is older than IU and IU still consider in teenage years. so, when JoU together they have more spark and 'something' that make them feel comfort with each other. i think the age different makes them more relax with each other. he will be a good oppa and she will be a cute dongsaeng at the same time. but, in term of single man and woman relationship that doesnt have any blood related that always guiding to something else that more intimate without they realize it(at least in my culture opinion).to make both your heart at ease i conform this. his character died in TK2H and he never be with LYJ. now he's back and he will find another Lee. Lee Ji Eun. why both name seem really close? :D

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Guest jjsweeter0211

"The King's Wrath" starring Jo Jeong-seok, Park Seong-woong and Jeong Eun-chae

Source | 2013/07/28 | 



Jo Jeong-seokPark Seong-woong and Jeong Eun-chae have been cast for the movie "The King's Wrath".

"The King's Wrath" is a movie about one who wants to kill, to save and to live.

Hyeon Bin takes on the roles of the king, Jeong Jae-yeong as Gap-soo and now Jo Jeong-seokPark Seong-woong and Jeong Eun-chae.

Jo Jeong-seok takes on the role of Eul-soo, a killer born and raised. He is one who is assigned with the assassination of Jeong Jo the king.

Park Seong-woong takes on the role of captain Hong Gook-yeong. He is about to put on a totally different image from the movie "A New World".

Jeong Eun-chae takes on the role of Wol-hye, a palace maid who takes care of the king's costume.

Meanwhile, "The King's Wrath" will start filming later this year.

Source : star.moneytoday.co.kr... ( English )

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I translated this regarding JJS's movie. I didn't translate the part of the article where it talks about the synopsis of the movie, since you can already read about that here.
Jo Jung Suk, "I'm happy to be able to appear in such a great film"

Movie "The Face Reader" Press Conference

At 12 PM, in Seoul, Dongdaemun at MEGABOX, the press conference for the movie, "The Face Reader" (Director: Han Jae Rim) was held. The period film, "The Face Reader", with the cast of Song Kang Ho (at the center), Lee Jung Jae, Baek Yoon Shik, Jo Jung Suk, Lee Jong Suk, and Kim Hye Soo, have become a hot topic before the release of the movie.

"The Face Reader" will be released next month on the 11th.

[original jpn source]

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This is a really short translation, but it is news about JJS, for JJS fans... it was posted on the official twitter of DreamStar Entertainment (JJS's agency).

DreamStar Ent. Twitter, August 8th

[Jo Jung Suk] He had an interview and a gravure photoshoot with CeCi. This time, you can now catch a glimpse of his different charms in this pictorial, which can be seen in the September issue of CeCi.

[original tweet] [jpn source]

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I translated this just now. Sorry if the translation is kind of awkward, I guess the way this article was written (in Japanese) made it harder for me to translate. Enjoy.

Jo Jung Suk Reveals the Secret Formula to Blind Dates?

On Mamma Mia, Jo Jung Suk gives his advice to Lee Ji Hoon, "(Your) reactions is the strength you should go in with".

Jo Jung Suk revealed his secret formula to receive love at a blind date.
On the (August) 11th broadcast of KBS2 Happy Sunday Mamma Mia, with the theme, "The day I meet the person my mom will introduce me to", actor Lee Ji Hoon, was revealed (that he was going) on a blind date with 23 year old college student and dance major, Min Ji Won.

On that day, in order to get advice on blind dates, he went to see his drama co-stars, IU and Jo Jung Suk.

Since in the past, his blind date has only had one experience (of a blind date), he's afraid of how to approach her during the blind date.
Lee Ji Hoon went to Jo Jung Suk's dressing room to seek honest advice (on blind dates).

So then, Jo Jung Suk told Lee Ji Hoon honestly, "I think your reactions are the most important. If you do that (honestly) then a woman's heart will be more open towards you." Jo Jung Suk went on to say, "I heard from my friends it's usually like that." He laughed to clarify that he'd never experienced that himself.

He continued by saying advice, "You can't laugh pointlessly." Lee Ji Hoon listened carefully and laughed to what Jo Jung Suk had said.

Jo Jung Suk then said, "It's good to smile and laugh a little bit." He thought carefully about it, and said to try not to overreact the first time, or else the other person might feel burdened and anxious.

Jo Jung Suk encouraged the nervous looking Lee Ji Hoon by saying, "I think you'll be good if you smile angelically (towards them)."

On the other hand, Lee Ji Hoon said the person who he'll be meeting on the blind date is, "really beautiful" and "I'll give her pork cutlet that I cut". With a positive appeal, and the advice he received from IU and Jo Jung Suk, he'll make sure to pay attention to his reactions and make it a successful blind date.

[source: REVIESTAR] [original jpn source]

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I translated something else again, now related to JJS at "The Face Reader" press conference. This isn't really an article, but more of a blog post from the official Japanese JJS blogsite (since the staff who runs the blog and who posted the blog post was there at the press conference). So I didn't translate every single word, but summarized it, while translating quotes here and there. (Since the blog post is kind of long.) Hopefully that's all right. I just wanted to translate this since I love some of JJS's answers. Enjoy. ^^v

Jo Jung Suk at "The Face Reader" Press Conference [Highlights]

- Korean fans (DC Inside JJS Gallery) donated 1 ton (1,000 kg) of rice wreaths to support him.

- The staff (who posted the blog post) saw a lot of reporters there, and feels the high expectations for the movie.

- After the initial report, the movie trailer was shown at the press conference.

- The staff (the blog poster) thought Jo Jung Suk looked really dandy in his outfit. (lol)

- Jo Jung Suk entered the press conference second-to-last.

- Each character from the movie was then explained. (You can find something similar to that on Dramabeans.)

- The director said the reason he decided to cast Jo Jung Suk, "He has a lot of acting experience from his musicals, he's very good at acting, and I felt like he would be very good in the role I gave him."

- When Song Kang Ho was asked about what it's like to co-star with Jo Jung Suk, "Since he plays the role of my younger brother-in-law, as my only family, until the very end we go out together. Since he has so much talent as an actor, when he's acting and when he's not acting, it was a very happy and pleasant experience to have worked with him."

- When Song Kang Ho was talking about Jo Jung Suk, Jo Jung Suk was humble about it, but still looked a little embarrassed.

- When Jo Jung Suk (in return) was asked what it was like to co-star with Song Kang Ho, he said, "It was a great honor for me (to work with him). It really is an honor to work with him on a movie like this. We were able to act in a lot of scenes together, which personally made me really happy. I had a lot of fun during filming."

- Jo Jung Suk was asked if he felt nervous once he heard that he would be co-starring with Song Kang Ho, he said, "I was really nervous. I wondered what it would be like (to work with him), my feelings became something like that.  Even though I was really nervous at first, I felt really comfortable on the first day of filming once I started to work with him. That filming was really enjoyable."

- The MC asked Jo Jung Suk, "Which one is harder (to act)? Period films or modern films? What about between musicals or movies?" Jo Jung Suk laughed and answered, "All of them (are hard)."

- Jo Jung Suk was asked when was the hardest time to film scenes, he replied, "I think the hardest time to film was due to the weather. It was really cold because a lot of snow had fallen down."

- Lee Jong Suk (who plays the nephew role) was asked about Jo Jung Suk, "He was the mood-maker during filming. He and Song Kang Ho would talk, and then Jo Jung Suk would act out a funny story as if (watching) a comedy program."

[original jpn source: (1) (2)]

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Been a few days since I translated something. But here's some JJS-related twitter updates. Enjoy.

JJS Twitter, August 14th

Today's schedule was also peaceful ^^;;Even though my condition today wasn't very good... thank you!!!Though the weather was hot againㅠㅠ I was thinking again tonight that it's better for me to try to be patient, so I can, in turn, enjoy myself.Good night~!!!


[original tweet]

Dreamstar Entertainment (JJS Agency) Twitter, August 16th

[Jo Jung Suk] He had a cover story interview and gravure photoshoot to mark the 10th anniversary of his musical debut. Please look for the contents of the September edition of the magazine, 'Scene Playbill'. 


[original tweet]

[original jpn source: (1) (2)]

Well this is a combination of 3 articles, but I didn't want to translate each article, or else it would've gotten a little repetitive. So I just summarized all of them together. These are JJS on parts that are translated, btw. ^^v And I guess this means that we'll be seeing JJS's abs? Fangirl rejoice time? LOL.


 [TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: 1) "Because I know what kind of feeling it is", is currently a popular gag/joke in Korea right now. (I guess it would seem funnier in Korean than it does in English, lol.)]

"The Face Reader" Cast Interview on SBS 1 Night TV Ent. Segment (Summary)

- Kim Hye Soo, sitting between Jo Jung Suk and Lee Jung Suk, "I'm feeling good."

- Kim Hye Soo laughed, "Since these two (Jo Jung Suk and Lee Jung Suk) are also the two important junior actors, it's very good. Jo Jung Suk to my left, Lee Jung Suk to my right, and then in front of me I can see the back of the acting school, this is very fun." (In front of her, was where Baek Yoon Shik, Song Kang Ho, and Lee Jung Jae sat.)

- Jo Jung Suk, forget 'Nab-ddeuk'? Jo Jung Suk, "Because I know what kind of feeling it is!"

- Jo Jung Suk said with a laugh, "My role 'Nab-ddeuk' on 'Introduction to Architecture' still has a very strong impression. Even if it's like that, I told Director Han Jae Rim (of "The Face Reader) about my concerns. However, I'm not worried. Because I know what kind of feeling it is~"

- Jo Jung Suk said with charm while laughing, "In this movie, Lee Jung Suk wasn't able to show his abs, but I was able to. Please look forward to it."

- Jo Jung Suk praised Kim Hye Soo, "She's a really good person and (has) a good personality."

- When Jo Jung Suk was asked when was the first time he met Kim Hye Soo, "I first met her during a musical I did a while ago. Her (personality) now is just like it was back then."

[original jpn source: (1) (2) (3)]

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