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[drama 2011] Lights & Shadows 빛과 그림자

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

[MBC] Ahn Jae Wook, Nam Sang Mi, Son Dam Bi, Lee Pil Mo
Date of airing : Mon~Tue - 9:55 p.m korean time (28th nov'11 ~ )

Official MBC site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/lichtundschatten/

Official MBC English site :

Eps: 50

Scriptwriter: 최완규 Choi Wan Gyu

PD: 이주환 Lee Joo Hwan

Production company: 케이팍스 K-Pax Production

Main Leads : Ahn Jae Wook, Nam Sang Mi, Son Dam Bi, Lee Pil Mo

Supporting cast : Park Won Suk, Jeon Gwang Ryul, Lee Jong Won, Sung Ji Roo, Jun Guk Hwan, Shin Da Eun

Kim Mi Kyung, Seo Seung Man, Kim Dong Gyun, Son Jin Young, Ahn Gil Kang, Lee Se Chang, Kim Hee Won, Ryu Dam, Ha Jae Suk, Lee A Yi

Guest stars / Child artistes :

Story : The life story of Kang Ki Tae (Ahn Jae Wook), the first national entertainer for soldiers in war fields starting from the 1960s during the Vietnam War to his life in the present time. His fate which entangles him with the love of two women who works in the same agency with him. Ki Tae has to deal with his problems in his family, love life while going heads on with his life-long rival Cha Soo Hyuk (Lee Pil Mo).

"Lee Jung Hye" (Nam Sang Mi) harbours the dream of being an actress but through fate she gets involved in a trianglar love with Yoo Chae Young, a newbie singer when both of them falls for Ki Tae.

Jang Chul Hwan (Jeon Gwang Ryul) one of the most powerful politician in 1960s uses his influence to help push the popular wave of the entertainment world and used it towards his own advantage.





Kang Ki Tae (Ahn Jae Wook)

He is the son of a rich theater owner who has lots of influence in the showbiz industry. Although he is a cheerful and likable fellow, he tends to waste his time chasing after girls or playing around rather than helping out in his family business. He met Lee Jung Hye by chance when he was chasing after a cheater and got attracted to her. While securing a sing & dance troupe for his family's theater, he gave Jung Hye a secret chance to go on stage officially for the first time.


Cha Soo Hyuk (Lee Pil Mo)

He is the son of the helper who works in the Kang family. Although he grew up with the Kang siblings, he was looked down upon by Ki Tae's mother and is often over-shadowed by the popular Ki Tae. He began to work against the Kang family under the orders of Jang Chul Hwan, the rival of Ki Tae's father due to his ambitiousness to climb out of poverty, his lowly class in society and his love for Lee Jung Hye whom Ki Tae also fell in love with.


Lee Jung Hye (Nam Sang Mi)

She is the sweet candy-like girl who is not afraid of hardships to live out her dreams of going on stage. She has a love/hate relationship with the happy-go lucky Ki Tae whom she has an misunderstanding with at first.


Yoo Chae Young (Son Dam Bi)

She is not a top star but has the aura and diva attitude of a top star. Although she gets jealous seeing Jung Hye, the girl who used to carry her clothes and followed her around becoming more popular than she is, she dislikes the fact that Ki Tae whom she had set her eyes on, had fallen in love with Jung Hye instead.

01.jpg - Jang Chul Hwan (Jeon Gwang Ryul)

01.jpg - Jo Myung Guk (Lee Jong Won)

01.jpg - Shin Jung Goo (Sung Ji Roo)


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Subbing group




Ratings - Credit d-addicts

Chi-subs vids

Watch online as it airs LIVE in korea (Raw) - Must download plug-in first

Nate news

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Guest antinh85

I love Nam Sang Mi and AJW but it sucks that it's not a rom-com. AJW is great in those... I love Dam Bi too but as a singer. I don't think she have that range for an actress yet and she has so little experience. I hate it when they cast idols for such a big role.

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Guest singapore0950

Thanks for created this drama threat :wub::w00t:

oh new drama by Ahn Jae Wook!!!!

ooops! seemed long time nvr have drama by him..........am I right? ooops!

And also Nam Sang Mi........ Is it after the drama with Kim Rae Won?........ooops!

However, am looking forward this drama.

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Guest jobogae

New production pictures. I hope the costumes get improved ... drama series Giant did a great job with their fashion and capturing the decades.



credit: newsen

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Guest tuongvanpham

The Role descriptions of "Light And Shadow" drama

Kang Ki Tae (played by Ahn Jae Wook)

People call him the "Emperor of the Night" or the "Godfather of Entertainment"

As the biggest name in the entertainment world, he has never played the role of a villain, yet has the respect of all the criminals in the country. Thus he acts as the guardian for glamorous A-list celebrities

Although his life appears to be successful from the outside, he has not achieved success in his personal life

All because of his failure to satisfy his sincerest desire for true love.

Lee Jung Hye (played by Nam Sang Mi)

Became an overnight celebrity after setting audience records in her first leading movie role.

That success, however, marked the start of her tragic life.

Although she received the love of two men, it is a cruel love that causes friends to abandon her.

The brighter the lights of glamour shine upon her, the deeper her pain becomes.

Cha Soo Hyuk (played by Kim Min Jong)

Would Saleri's life have being any different if there was no Mozart?

Soo Hyuk often wonders if people would remember Mozart's music if the jealous Saleri had not existed.

What would my life being like if there was no Ki Tae?

He always believed that he was just as good as Ki Tai. Yet, Ki Tai was always better.

Yoo Chae-yeong (played by Son Dambi)

Extremely jealous of Cinderlla-like rise of Jung Hye, who used to wash Chae Yeong's stage costumes.

Her suspicion and jealousy reach their apex after she learns of Ki Tae's love for Jung Hye.

She will stop at nothing to capture Ki Tae's heart.

Thanks to sondambifan for the translation

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Guest yeohweping

Praying ceremony




MBC releases 1st preview of Lights & Shadows on their official site

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Guest yeohweping


Official posters





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Guest yeohweping




Playboy Ki Tae takes Gisaengs to family owned theater but ran away when he was caught by his father



Two foxes fights with their wits at each other during their meeting.

Jang Chul Hwan : Do you know that your living will end as well when the boss that you follow meet his end? You must know how to live for yourself, do you understand what I mean?




Jung Hye : What do you mean that I am a cheater as well?! How can you just accuse me of being a con-man just because I happen to know that man?

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