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Korean Comic " Audition "

Guest kyuyoung20

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Guest kyuyoung20

Chun K young
I love this comic so much .....


Anybody read this ????

The Title are " Audition " ..... It's about 4 guys in " Re-cycle " Band




Each members has amazing talent !!!!!

They have to race with other band .... To get make their dream come true !!!!!!!!

There are 4 charactors in this comics

ohh !!!!! I forgot ... This comics are make as Animation !!!!!!!!!! But I can't find where to download T^T

(anybody who know where to download .. Tell me please !!!!!! T^T

Pics from Animation..













First ....Hwang Bo Rae Yoong ( He's so cute ... and little abnormal haha )


2nd .... Miki


3rd ..... Gook chum


4th .... Dam Bong


Hope you like this ..... It's cool

PS ... I have more pics of them !!!! ^O^

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Guest erure

omfg i LOVE this manhwa. i have the entire 10 volumes of it and i never knew they made it in animation! i have to go find it now ugh=_=

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Guest -mikki-

This was my first manhwa!

I love it~!

Even though I didnt understand much of it at that time (it has been a while since I read it), but I thought it was funny and very good. ^^

Unfortunately I dont have them myself.

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Guest fullmoon8

wow did they make this to an anime? :] looks good

u got some of the names wrong.

its goog chul not chum and dal bong

the animation is coming out in 2009 but not sure of wat month.

there are some short videos from the book like their performances on the internet.

but they dont have it on youtube.i found some on naver though.

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Guest darae

i love love love this manhwa! i only have the first 4 volumes though :( so i had to go to manhwa bang to borrow the rest so i could finish it :P

i cannot believe they made it into a cartoon??? insane!! i want to watch it!!

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