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The Jade and the Pearl (翡翠明珠)


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Raymond Lam, Charlene Choi, Joey Yung, Wong Cho-Lam

The Jade and the Pearl (翡翠明珠)



Raymond Lam as Ching Hin 程騫 (General)

Charlene Choi as Princess Yin 嫣公主 (Princess)

Joey Yung as Chuk Sam Leung 祝三娘 (Cottage Thief king)

Wong Cho-lam as Ling Kam Hoi 凌感開 (Storyteller)

and many others. For more of the cast: Wikipedia

Synopsis credits to

The Honeypot

Princess Yan (Charlene) is appointed to be the consort of the Fan state. During her journey to the Fan state, she and her military escort General Cheng (Raymond), are constantly getting each other in trouble. Gradually, they fall in love.

(spoiler alert, if you dont mind reading spoilers before watching the movie then read on :D)

Despite their forbidden love, Princess Yan and General Cheng exchange love tokens - a pearl from Yan's dowry and an emerald of Cheng's family heritage. When they are attacked by a lady brigand, Princess Yan falls down from a cliff. Although she survives, she loses her memory and not knowing she is a princess, from that day she lives her life as a commoner. General Cheng is kidnapped by the lady brigand and taken prisoner. Thus the lovers lose contact with each other and there starts their adventure.

General Cheng is taken to the brigand fortress by the lady brigand chieftain, Zhu Sanniang (Joey). With Cheng's knowledge and expertise the brigand fortress thrives. Zhu admires Cheng and begins to feel affection for him.

When Cheng leaves the brigand fortress in search of Yan, Zhu's strong affection for Cheng compels her to follow him.

When Yan fell from the cliff and lost her memory, she was saved by storyteller Ling Gankai (Wong Cholam). Yan is devoted to Ling and follows him everywhere.

When Cheng finds Yan living as a commoner, he discovers that not only she has lost her memory but that she has fallen in love with Ling...

Raymond lam looks so cute in here<3 i have to watch it even though i know its going to be super cheesy since its HK movie + EEG based!!! I cant believe Kenny Kwan is in this too (even though as a cameo), i havent seen him in the media for agesssssssss!

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Guest strawberrii_tastic

Hi! I watched it too lol. The main reason I watched it was because of Raymond Lam lol. I agree it was cheesy but I still liked it :P

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Guest hunterheart

I saw a preview of this! I miss joey yung and I've always liked raymond lam's acting. I'll have to watch this after I finish no regrets but argh, it's exam time for us in canada.

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