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Joo Won 주원 [Upcoming Movie "Carter" 2021]


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seiryu82 said: ellasam81 said: Waaaa According to Nielson Korea’s October 9 ratings, “Medical Top Team” took 7.3% of the viewers, while SBS’s new drama “The Heirs” took 11.6% of the viewership. KBS’s “Secret Love” led the rankings by taking in 12.4% of the viewership. Mtt third place not even the 2 digit and the actor still said the drama can't hit 30 can't be called a drama then now look at his I just check His rating because I Waht to see his drama can be called a drama or not This really shows that ppl must be humble like cutie if not it will embarrass yourself only Just my thoughts

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class="cb b15"Joo Won Learned A Lot From Park Shi On14ff.jpg

Although Joo Won misses the character that he played in "Good Doctor," it was not easy to bring Park Shi On to life.

That's because Park Shi On was no ordinary character. As a character with autism spectrum disorder, he represented people with autism, who are not often portrayed on television and in the movies. Joo Won worried that he would not be able to accurately and respectfully play someone with the disorder.

Autism is called autism spectrum disorder because it includes a wide range of coping abilities. Some people with autism are unable to communicate at all. Yet others may be highly functional. They may even be geniuses in one particular area but still have difficulty with social interactions.

Joo Won played a medical genius who has difficulty relating to others socially. His social difficulties complicate his ability to make friends, succeed in the work place and experience love.

"For the four months that I spent on 'Good Doctor,' which includes preparation time and shooting it in the hottest weather, I was always on my toes," said Joo Won. "But while many aspects of the drama were exciting, Park Shi On was not an easy character."

To create the character, Joo Won visited the Center for Autism and met with the director. He heard stories about people with autism and met a few people affected by it. They defied his expectations.

"I was surprised at how well they spoke," he said. "It was difficult to piece together what the general public understands, what I learned and what I needed to show in the drama."

His interactions at the center also gave him some insight into how people affected by autism might feel. As a result, Joo Won did a great job of portraying the character's fear and discomfort in a social environment. And yet for the first few episodes he continued to worry that viewers might take his portrayal the wrong way.

 "I was afraid how my portrayal would affect those with autism and their families if I didn't express or portray the character properly," said Joo Won.

Fortunately, his fans let him know he was doing a great job. He received letters of praise, including one from the director of the center he visited. The director wrote to say his acting was more than he ever expected. He thanked him for getting into the role so well.

"I received letters and messages of support from people saying that they were really encouraged because of Park Shi On and that I had given them hope. Because of such support, I, as well as Park Shi On, was able to successfully finish out the drama."

He thanked the fans and the cast and crew of "Good Doctor." But he also thanked his character for increasing his understanding of the condition.

 "Park Shi On," said Joo Won. "Thank you. I learned so much from you."


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I just realized I haven't watched the latest 1n2d ep and the recent ep uploaded at kbs youtube site! Yay! I have something to do instead of refreshing this page (and GD thread) and looking at GD gifs! ㅋㅋㅋ

Oh and somebody got links to the recent 1n2d ep? Thanks in advance! ^^

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@coolreborn weekly addict aside, one thing that made me sad of Joowon's departure from 1N2D is due to the change in new director. since the new pd they're bringing in is from season 1, i'm hoping he would bring out a lot from the casts, possibly better than what Bird PD used to do. i love Bird PD's style, but i wont mind if the change is for the better. i want to see more people upset over food and sleeping arrangements, and taehyun's bad luck is hilarious! and our Joowon's pout over food and his occasional betrayal is so amusing to watch. i hope Joowon can re-join 1N2D once Ghost ends. i want to see his interaction with the new pd.
Only You will be released in December, and people are assuming he would appear in Running Man to promote his movie. but i doubt Joowon would agree to appear in the show. he's very loyal to his hyungs.

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Hi ladies...I have been silent lurker since this thread was made.I registered in soompi since may 2012 :)

I'm not confident to write cause first my bad english,second i think i'm to old to join this forum haha :\"> .But i try to write cause i really adore this man I like joowon since BK era. He's a great, kind man and sensitive person.

I would like to thank to all of you.

You're all so great to giving a big suppport for him. who really care and love joowon verymuch

:x . and thanks for giving us pictures, articles and all information about joowon.

@mrdimples I knew you since "OB cadence" I'm glad that you still support joowon,nice to see you in here :)

Thank you very much to all of you, love you all :x .

Sorry for my bad grammar :P

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