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  1. sooooo cuteeeemade by me lolehhh i also mk or junpei hehehe sooooo cute
  2. 2117 pages wow so long never come sorrymiss u girlsbut i stilll get his updates in fcbk and weibo so i am not so behind of his thing but still thank for updstes here miss him
  3. AHHHH I MISS CUTIEEEEE sorry girls now i too obsessed by junpei so less come here i feel bad towards cutie actuallybut he s still my number one actor who impressed me by his acting and personallity but for junpei i am like having a crush on him as he is really my ideal type in term of lookand more playful type cutie s a very cute guy and nice guy but my love for him is pure and innocentbur to junpei he really make me feel shy when i look at his picture sometime i really surprised why i have heart beat feeling towards an actor somemore he s so much younger than me i must be crazy but i dont k
  4. sorry off topic just wAnna share a drama which i think it is really worth watching at first i watch it because of junpei but after watching ep 2 i think it has made me think alot of thgsactually i dont like main characters but after ep 2 i start to think everyone including me has bad side too as we do have bad thought tooso suddenly i understand what this drama is trying to convey as we are too use to watch the good and beautiful things in dramas but this drama somehow it shows dark side of ppl which make ppl think we are actually like the main characters sometimes as i treat you all as fre
  5. So miss his acting Hope I can watch catch me soon and fashion king
  6. So miss his acting Hope I can watch catch me soon and fashion king
  7. Hi all thanks for all the updates sry I have not been active nowadays because of rl and bZ searching info on another idol as his info all in Japanese So a really big question mark above my head when I searching his thgs But no choice have to try to figure out myself But lucky all cutie s info and updates are in here and smmr in eng So I m reAlly thankful tt cutie has such a great fan base and has a Channel like here For the ppl who like him to know him more and get all the latest updates Thank you Ahhh cutie s so gorgeous
  8. sooo tired busy till now how are you all sorry busy with rl thing and another idol thing i just watched a song for u and i almost cry when i see his fan msg to himthat girl s so brave and she has said wat is in my heart too thanks and stay healthy and thank fo all cuties even now i m not as active but i still come here everyday to glance through his updates and news as he s still my angel and the advices he gave to his fans in as4u to me i m not alone or feel lonely because i have him and you girls thanks for updates my heart feel warm again after seeing as4u he is still my smiley angel
  9. goshhhh he ll take up cest si bon movie yehhhhthis year gt alot of goodies looking forwards to
  10. happy new year all cuties sorry nowadays focus on another idol so come here less often as his update esp vids vvv hard to find as he doesnt haVE fan base like cutie international even baidu also not much so i need to dig jap webs myself even see his variety show live as there is no vids can be found online but i m having fun in digging out his vids so now i rly thank those who dig out cutie s infos and vids as i now know how hard it s to dig out idols updates thanks all n no matter how often i come here cutie s still my angel to mk me smileand he s still no. 1 actor in my heart this no one
  11. i dont know why i m crying now cutie rly deserves excellent award i m so happy
  12. http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjU1MjM4MDUy.htmlmbc interview Jw cut http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjU1MjU0MjIw.html mbc award jw cut Cr Baidu bar
  13. Ahhhh so happy he got mbc excellenT award hope tml kbs can get more
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