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Jung So Min 정소민

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Jung So Min, born Kim Yoon Ji, is a South Korean actress who debuted in 2010 with the role of Hong Mo Ne
in the SBS drama Bad Guy led by Kim Nam Gil. She is best known for her portrayal of Oh Ha Ni, the leading
lady in the 2010 MBC drama Playful Kiss (Korean adaptation of the Japanese manga series Itazura na Kiss)
alongside Kim Hyun Joong (SS501). Before her acting debut, she has been featured in a number of music
videos and commercial films and played small parts in several films.

She studied ballet in elementary and middle school. In high school she studied Korean traditional dance
and has won many awards. She says that if she had continued to dance, she would like to have traveled to
other countries to spread Korean traditional dance. Aside from dancing, she also likes to take part in
sports like soccer and baseball and is good at physical fighting.

She took up acting classes to receive help for the emotional expressions for her dancing, but felt
that she'll have more fun acting than dancing during the first day of class. Rather than pursuing a
dancing major as originally planned, she took the exam to enter the acting major of the Korea National
University of Arts (K-Arts) and was accepted as a top student.
“Although Oh Hani hasn’t received assurance of love from the man she has kept in her heart, she is a girl that is always smiling and happy. Therefore, her smiling face is very important. When I saw Jung So Min’s big smile, I was certain that she was the one.”
- PD Hwang In Roe, Playful Kiss

“She (Jung So Min) is an actress who is making her debut through our drama. She is a junior at Korea National University of Arts, a great dancer and has a little experience in movies. I thought the part of Mone should be played by someone who has a clean, innocent feeling and energy, and I like Jung So Min's pure face. There are many actors who undergo plastic surgery these days but I like her face, which doesn't look like it had surgery and has a certain young vibe”PD Lee Hyung Min, Bad Guy



* Name: 정소민 / Jung ("Jeong") So Min / 郑素敏 / チョン・ソミン  
* Real name: 김윤지 / Kim Yoon Ji / 金允智
* Nickname/s: Um-Chin-Nyu ("the girl mother likes") 
* What Fans Call Her: So Min, MinMin, MM 
* Profession: Actress/Model
* Birth Date: 1989-Mar-16
* Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
* Birth Sign: Pisces
* Height/ Weight: 163 cm./44kg
* Blood Type: A & Rh+ 
* Hobbies: reading, watching movies, listening to music 
* Family: parents and younger brother
* University: Korea National University of Arts, (Major in Acting) 
* High School: Neulpureun (Evergreen) High School 
* Instagram: http://instagram.com/somin_jj
* Weibo: http://www.weibo.com/jungsomin0316 
* Agency: PRESENT: Jelly Fish Entertainment - Official Site | Naver               
      PAST:  SM C&C | Bloom Entertainment  

“I’d like to be the kind of actor who is remembered for my character. You know how there are cases where even when you watch all the way through the end of a drama, you remember the actor’s name, not the character’s. I want my character’s name to be more remembered than mine.” - Jung So Min



Daddy You, Daughter Me  아빠는 , [2017] as Do Yeon

Daum Movie | Soompi Thread


Do-Yeon  is a high school student. She doesn't have a good relationship with her father who is constantly nagging to her to study. Do-Yeon’s dream is to go on a date and her first date is approaching. Meanwhile, Do-Yeon’s father has worked as a chief section for years and never had a promotion. His chance for a promotion is finally approaching. Both father and daughter have important moments arriving, but they suddenly change bodies.


Alice: The Girl From Wonderland 앨리스:원더랜드에서 소년,  [2015] as Hye Joong

Daum Movie | Naver Movie Soompi Thread

Hye-joong is a girl who suffers from deadly nightmares, finds Wonderland Pension to search for the cause and meets a mysterious man who runs the pension, Hwan (Hong Jong Hyun).


Twenty 스물,   [2014] as So Min
Daum Movie | Soompi Thread 

Smart and easy-going, So Min receives attention from all three friends since her school days and will continue to be at the center of their love and friendship even in their adulthood.







BECAUSE THIS IS MY FIRST LIFE (이번 생은 처음이라), [tvN, 2017] as Yoon Ji Ho

tvN Official Site |  Soompi Thread | 


Nam Se Hee is a single man in his early 30's. He has chosen to not marry. He owns his home, but he owes a lot on his mortgage.

Yoon Ji Ho is a single woman in her early 30's. She does not own a home and envies those that do. She has given up on dating due to her financial struggles. Yoon Ji Ho begins to live at Nam Se Hee’s house. They become housemates.


FATHER IS STRANGE (아버지가 이상해), [KBS, 2017] as Byun/Lee Mi Young

KBS2 Official Site | Soompi Thread | Watch on Viu


Miyeong is the second daughter in the family. After being out of work for many years, she finally earns a job. Poor Miyeong... Her boss is one of her classmates who used to bully her at school. Could she complete the internship successfully?


SOUND OF YOUR HEART (마음의 소리), [KBS, 2016] as Choi Aebong

KBS2 Official Site | Soompi Thread


Ae Bongi, with short hair, thick eyebrows and clear eyes, is Seok's girlfriend. Similar to her boyfriend, she doesn't know anything about having a relationship with someone. Starting from their unordinary first encounter, every time they go on a date, something happens. What would the end of their relationship be like? 


THE RED TEACHER (빨간 선생님),[KBS2 Drama Special, 2016] as Jang Soon Duk


In 1985, Tae-Nam (Lee Dong-Hwi) works as a teacher at an all- girls high school in the country. The students there do not like Tae-Nam, because he keeps shouting at them. In fact, Tae-Nam has never had a date in his life. One day, Tae-Nam finds banned erotic book at the book store. The banned book spreads among the girls at the high school. The novel ends with "to be continued." The students become curious about the second volume. Soon-Duk (Jung So-Min) decides to write the second volume for her friends.


D-Day (디데이), [JTBC, 2015] as Jung Ddol Mi

JTBC Official Site | Soompi Thread


A natural disaster strikes the city of Seoul. The whole city becomes paralyzed. Doctors and emergency personnel struggle to save the people. D-Day will follow a group of emergency workers in the aftermath of a massive earthquake that devastates Seoul. Jung So Min plays a strong-willed resident in the orthopedic surgery department.



BIG MAN (빅맨), [KBS2, 2014] as Kang Jin Ah

KBS2 Official Site  | Soompi Thread | Watch on Dramafever


Kang Dong Seok's (Daniel Choi) younger sister. Kang Jin-Ah can do whatever she wants and her room is always full of the best things in the world. Therefore, she finds the world boring. She meets Ji Hyuk (Kang Ji Hwan) who is driving drunk drivers home and begins to wonder who this man is. One day, the driver shows up again, who was hard to find. People say that he is her eldest brother. Jin Ah who cannot accept him as her brother, tries to run away from home. 


CAME TO ME AND BECAME A STAR (나에게로 와서 별이 되었다),  [KBS2 (Drama Special), 2013] as Ha Jin

KBS2 Official Site  


Hajin works at a company that's going through financial difficulties and hasn't been able to pay her for months. Gangseok (Kim Ji Suk) has a well paying tuition job but his student and family debt and the fact that his mother is in a coma means that he's always short on money. They are both struggling to make it in this cold and difficult reality we call life. One day they end up at a blind date service meeting party and find that they are 98% compatible with each other. Certain random happenings makes Gangseok want to believe that Hajin is the one. But there's one secret that they can't share which is that they're both so poor that they're living at a cheap student hostel. Will they be able to overcome their current situation of hidden poverty and realize true love? Or will the harshness of reality split them apart? A touching and yet coldly realistic love story...


CAN WE GET MARRIED? (우리가 결혼할 있을까), [JTBC, 2012] as Hye Yoon

JTBC Official Site | Watch on VikiSoompi Thread


This generation's best bride to be, a teacher. Master of organization. While organizing household items well, keeping relationship with people has always been hard. With a persistent personality, a question of doubt is not let go of until settled. Wanting love like a father gives to a daughter, Hye Yoon calculates her actions but cannot stand men who do so to women as her father passed away at a young age. Believing that nothing comes free, she believes that her educational background is higher compared to her home life but rules them out to be the same in marriage. From the outside, HyeYoon's character is tidy and has a personality that can snap but to people close to her she shows her tears and affections which can be taken advantage of by others.

PLAYFUL KISS (장난스런 키스), [MBC, 2010] as Oh Ha Ni 
 Official Sites - MBC | Cinemart | MNET | Fuji TV | Watch on Viki | Youtube Channel | Soompi Thread



Member of the “Class 7”, comprised of the students with the worst grades in the entire school. Although she is far from intelligent, to her, happiness isn’t all about grades or looks. Even if she falls hundreds of times, like a roly-poly, she gets back up every time. Embarrassing is not part of her vocabulary. She falls in love with the handsome, genius, perfect Baek Seung Jo. She confesses her feelings through a love letter but was coldly rejected. To make matters worse, Ha Ni and her father soon find themselves with no place to stay due to some unfortunate happenings. HaNi’s father, who has agreed to stay with a friend for the time being, takes Ha Ni to their house. However that place . . . is none other than Seung Jo’s house!

BAD GUY (나쁜 남자), [SBS, 2010] as Hong Mo Ne

SBS Official Site | Watch on Viki | Soompi Thread


She is the second daughter of the Hong family who owns the Haeshin Group. A spoiled brat, she does whatever she wants, but has a kind heart. She falls in love with Shin Gun Wook at first sight. Despite her family being against her feelings for Gun Wook, she insists on pursuing him and starts to rebel against them to get to Gun Wook. However she later discovers that he was only using her to get back to her family.



STANDBY (스탠바이) [MBC, 2012] as So Min

Official Site | Soompi Thread | Facebook


So Min is a young woman who grew up in a remote mountain village. She finds herself working a number of odd jobs once she makes the big move to Seoul, determined to make her way in the world and work at a successful career. She is a little behind the fashions and tends to say weird things that puzzle people, but she's got a warm heart and a generous personality. But it's her trusting nature that also makes her a target for opportunists.





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(2016) Best Couple Award (with Lee Kwang Soo for Sound of Your Heart) -  KBS Entertainment Awards

 (2012) Rookie of the Year for Comedy-Sitcom (Standby) - MBC Entertainment Awards, link

(2011) Model Special Rookie Award - 6th Asia Model Festival Awards, link

(2010) Actress Newcomer Award (Playful Kiss) - 18th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards, link

 (2010) Topaz Award - Korea Jewelry Awards


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Guest mijoo-pearl

Jung So Min: The Second Coming of Yoon Eun Hye?


Jung So Min, who plays the role of Hong Mo Ne in SBS drama Bad Guy, is receiving attention from the viewers with her acting skills. Her voice and her looks are also similar to Yoon Eun Hye, and she has earned the nickname of the “2nd Coming of Yoon Eun Hye.”

Regarding her natural acting, the viewers commented, “Is she really a new actress?”, “She doesn’t seem like she’s had any plastic surgery done.”, “Perhaps it’s because she is from the Korea School of Arts. but her vocalization and face expression acting skills are superb.” and etc.

The viewers continued that Jung So Min’s natural, non plastic surgery face reminded them of Yoon Eun Hye and showed their interest in her by calling her the “2nd Coming of Yoon Eun Hye.”

(Credit: yooneunhye.net)

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Guest mijoo-pearl

”Bad Guy’s Jung So Min receives interests as a new rising star in the CF industry.


New actress Jung So Min (21 yrs old) is receiving attention as a new star in the CF industry. She first gained interest from people with her girlish and innocent act, and now she’s even earned the nickname of the 2nd Coming of Yoon Eun Hye.

Jung So Min’s stock is skyrocketing in the CF industry because of her natural beauty and innocent appearance. She was recently chosen as the model for the casual brand, NII and is receiving offers from the cosmetics, soft drinks, and electronics advertisements.

(Credit: yooneunhye.net)

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Guest mijoo-pearl

Bad Guy's Jung So Min apologizes to Yoon Eun Hye


According to the Sports Seoul article released on 6/15, Jung So Min stated, "I'm happy with the nickname of the 2nd coming of Yoon Eun Hye." She further stated, "Before my debut, I had heard that my mouth area was similar to Ms. Yoon Eun Hye, but now people are saying that my entire aura is similar to her. I'm grateful to be compared to such a good actress."

Actress Jung So Min apologized for the words that she is similar to Yoon Eun Hye Sunbae.

Jung So Min first appeared in the SBS Wednesday & Thursday drama, 'Bad Guy' as the youngest daughter of the Hae Shin Group’s Mo Ne. When the first episode aired, the viewers stated that the new actress, Jung So Min’s facial features and voice was similar to Yoon Eun Hye.

On the 14th, 'Bad Guy' opened it's shooting location to the public at a house in Kyung Gi Do. At this location, Jung So Min stated, ”I feel that I need to apologize to Yoon Eun Hye SunBaeNym.”

In regards to the surprising reactions of the viewers, Jung So Min said ”Im sorry because SunBaeNym (YEH)’s name has been talked about (in this manner) against my intentions. ”Before the debut, I had been told a few times that I looked similar to her around the mouth area, but this is the first time that people have told me that I was completely similar to her.”

Jung So Min then apologized to Yoon Eun Hye by stating ”I feel grateful and sorry to Yoon Eun Hye SunBaeNym.”

(Credit: yooneunhye.net)

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reposting from News Thread :

June 22, 2010

[iNTERVIEW] Actress Jung So-min

Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun Photographer : Chae ki-won Editor : Jang Kyung-Jin Editor : Lucia Hong


Korean actress Jung So-min [Chae Ki-won/10Asia]

My name is Jung So-min. My friends and I had a contest to pick out my stage name but I myself chose the name. I was born on March 16, 1989. I am a junior at the Korea National University of Arts majoring in acting but I'm currently taking a semester off.

My family consists of my mom, dad and my little brother who is a senior in high school. I get into fights with my brother but they don't last for more than five minutes. We hang out a lot because I really like him and I'm glad he doesn't think I'm annoying. (laugh)

I learned ballet from elementary school until middle school. I had to quit because my parents were against it and I started to learn Korean traditional dance when I was in high school. If I continued to dance I probably would have done work relating to visiting other countries to spread the Korean traditional dance.

When I was a senior in high school, my dad didn't know that when I took my college entrance exam I changed my major to acting. I told him after I was accepted and he was furious. I think my dad began to change his mind when he received the tuition bill for my college and saw that it was zero won because of my scholarship. (laugh) I think that was when he began to trust me.

However, my grades after entering school were...We have a saying in our school 'Don't think about graduating if you haven't been on academic probation at least twice.' It's because we are assigned a lot of work and the schedule is tight. It was hard to maintain my grades while working really hard and sleeping only three or four hours a day.

This year for the school play, I was cast to play the role of Hermia for Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and it was quite sad because I had to take a semester off to shoot "Bad Boy." There aren't that many opportunities to be in a traditional play.

When I was still in school I really liked physical education. I remember that I won an award in the long run against other students at school and I'm also good at physical fighting.

I actually like to take part in sports rather than watch them. I was the only girl who took part in the soccer match during the "Bad Boy" rally. I'm better in baseball than other girls and actor Kim Jae-wook told that my pose is similar to that of a major league baseball player. (laugh)

I've only seen actor Kim Nam-gil on television and it was hard to approach him at first because he seemed so serious but after getting to know him, we joked around a lot. The yacht scene during the first half of "Bad Boy" was shot during March. So it was really cold and after the cameras went off I was shaking because I was wearing just a dress.

There are people who say I look younger than my age and others say that I'm very grown-up like. Veteran actress Kim Hae-ok, who plays my mom in "Bad Boy," said I'm like a high school student wearing regular clothes and kept saying "You're like a 15-year-old!" (laugh)

My first paid gig was a commercial for SK Telecom (a telecommunication company in Korea). I gave the entire paycheck to my mom but she accepted it without even blinking an eye. She said "Don't think that you can make things up to me with this. You don't know how much money I spent on you!" (laugh) Of course I still get an allowance.

When I get my allowance all I do is eat. (laugh) I also like to buy things for others. When I have the money I spend it and buy things thinking "So and so will like this!"

I try to watch a play at least once a week or every other week. My managers and I bawled after we watched the play "The Most Beautiful Goodbye" which was originally written by writer Noh Hee-kyung. Afterwards when I went home, I told my mom that I would do my best. (laugh)

I am also interested in musicals. I began to learn to sing after my college entrance exam but unfortunately I'm not gifted in it. I thought if I practiced I would get better but if I had to evaluate myself objectively? I don't see it happening. (laugh)

My favorite movie genre is thrillers and reasoning movies where you have to use your brain. I became interested in thrillers because of the movie "Identity." I also enjoyed watching "Our Town." I don't really like action movies but I like films that have action and create tension like "Taken."

The thing that I want to do the most is to get a florist license. I don't have any skills in art but I like flowers and matching them with different colors. When I act or dance my actions are shown directly but I really want to learn how to create a different feeling with these pieces. However, the tuition fee is a bit too expensive...

Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun five@ Photographer : Chae ki-won ten@ Editor : Jang Kyung-Jin three@, Lucia Hong luciahong@ <ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved> 10.asiae.co.kr



Actress Jung So-min, currently appearing in SBS TV series "Bad Boy," poses during an interview with 10Asia.



Photographer : Chae ki-won ten@ Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim@ <ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved> 10Asia 1 l 2

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Guest lamperouge

I like this girl. She's one of my new favorite actresses. She's cute and talented. I love her so much in Bad Guy. She's also the same age as me. 8)

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Guest mijoo-pearl

Jung So-mins marine girl shoot for In Style


I like this marine-themed shoot of Jung So-min in In Style, because not only is it pretty to look at, it could pretty much be taken from the set of her current drama Bad Guy. (If Bad Guy were a happy drama, that is, rather than a mystery thriller.) The first time we meet her character Mo-nae, in fact, is on a yacht that her rich character has been given as a birthday present.

Through the drama, Jung So-min has essentially become famous overnight; its her first drama role. She says that her role was the one that PD Lee Hyung-min took the longest time to deliberate over. He told her, Mo-nae does everything she wants and doesnt stay discouraged, so when youre acting dont lose any of your confidence.

This spread and accompanying interview will be in Julyls issue of In Style Korea. Bad Guy resumes airing this week after a two-week hiatus due to World Cup coverage.




Source: Dramabeans

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Guest mijoo-pearl

Jung So Min to romance Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss


Days earlier, we revealed that Park Eun Bin and Jung So Min had emerged as the final candidates for the opportunity to be cast in the upcoming drama, Playful Kiss.

Well, the result has finally been revealed by Group Eight on July 16th who have decided to cast Jung So Min, who will now move on from Bad Guy and romance Kim Hyun Joong in Playful Kiss.

PD Hwang In Roe who had personally chosen her, expressed,

“Although Oh Hani (female character name) hasn’t received assurance of love from the man she has kept in her heart, she is a girl that is always smiling and happy. Therefore, her smiling face is very important. When I saw Jung So Min’s big smile, I was certain that she was the one.”

This will also be Jung So Min’s second drama after debuting in Bad Guy. She had edged out 100 others who had auditioned which included Park Bo Young, Park Shin Hye, f(x)’s Sulli, KARA’s Seungyeon, Park Eun Bin, etc.

Filming will begin soon and it will air from September 1st through MBC.

Credit: Allkpop


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