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D-Day 디 데이 





  • Drama: D-Day
  • Revised romanization: Di Dei
  • Hangul: 디 데이
  • Director: Jang Yong-Woo
  • Writer: Hwang Eun-Kyung
  • Network: JTBC
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: September 18, 2015 --
  • Runtime: Fridays & Saturdays 20:40
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea



A natural disaster strikes the city of Seoul. The whole city becomes paralyzed. Doctors and emergency personnel struggle to save the people.



  1. "D-Day" takes over the JTBC Fridays & Saturdays 20:40 time slot previously occupied by "Last".



D-Day (Korean Drama)-Kim Young-Kwang.jpgD-Day (Korean Drama)-Jung So-Min.jpgD-Day (Korean Drama)-Ha Seok-Jin.jpgD-Day (Korean Drama)-Lee Kyoung-Young.jpgD-Day (Korean Drama)-Cha In-Pyo.jpg
Kim Young-KwangJung So-MinHa Seok-JinLee Kyoung-YoungCha In-Pyo
Lee Hae-SungJung Ddol-MiHan Woo-JinPark GunGoo Ja-Hyuk
D-Day (Korean Drama)-Kim Sang-Ho.jpgD-Day (Korean Drama)-Kim Hye-Eun.jpgD-Day (Korean Drama)-Yoon Joo-Hee.jpgD-Day (Korean Drama)-Kim Jung-Hwa.jpgD-Day (Korean Drama)-Lee Sung-Yeol.jpg
Kim Sang-HoKim Hye-EunYoon Joo-HeeKim Jung-HwaLee Sung-Yeol
Choi Il-SubKang Joo-RanPark Ji-NaEun So-YoolAn Dae-Gil
D-Day (Korean Drama)-Joo Hyun-Jin.jpgD-Day (Korean Drama)-Yeo Moo-Young.jpgD-Day (Korean Drama)-Ko Kyu-Pil.jpgD-Day (Korean Drama)-Kim Jae-Hwa.jpgD-Day (Korean Drama)-Song Ji-Ho.jpg
Joo Hyun-JinYeo Moo-YoungKo Kyu-PilKim Jae-HwaSong Ji-Ho
On Jung-WonYoo Young-TakYoo Myung-HyunKim Hyun-SookLee Woo-Sung
D-Day (Korean Drama)-Kim Ki-Moo.jpg
Kim Ki-Moo
Cha Ki-Woong

Additional Cast Members:


Drama Posters:






Character Posters:






























More teasers here: 
Script Reading Pics:



Presscon Pic + Videos (see more on pages 8-9):








Official Subbing Sites:

Viki - https://www.viki.com/tv/27255c-d-day-korean-drama





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Don't quote images.

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All photos are property of JTBC.

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Guest ororomunroe

Kim Young Kwang Cast as Lead in JTBC’s Disaster Medical Drama


Actor Kim Young Kwang has been cast as the male lead of JTBC‘s upcoming disaster medical drama, “D-Day.”

The actor’s agency announced on May 22 that the actor has been cast as the main character Lee Hae Sung in JTBC’s much-anticipated drama “D-Day.”

His character, Lee Hae Sung, will be a passionate doctor who is concerned about saving lives before anything else. As Seoul is hit with a disaster, he will be shown struggling to save lives midst of chaos.

One of JTBC’s most anticipated dramas of the year, “D-Day” is set to air sometime later this year. The exact premiere date has yet to be decided.

Cr: Soompi

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Guest ororomunroe

Kim Yeong-kwang to star in JTBC "D-Day"


Actor Kim Yeong-kwang is starring in the new JTBC drama "D-Day".

He plays the role of Lee Hae-seong, a passionate doctor in this medical drama.

Lee Hae-seong is a character with a strong sense of duty.

He is handsome and from a rich family and often gets told that he looks like a playboy but actually he's a newborn when it comes to love. He loves collecting miniature figures and is into extreme sports. He also has a beetle for a friend.

Cr: hancinema

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Guest ororomunroe

Kim Young Kwang Confirmed for jTBC′s New Disaster Medical Drama ′D-Day′

Taking the lead, Kim Young Kwang has been cast in jTBC′s upcoming drama, D-Day. 

It was announced on May 22 that Kim Young Kwang will act as the male lead in jTBC′s new drama, D-Day. He will act as the character Lee Hae Sung, a general surgeon who puts priority over saving lives than numbers and regulations.

While he appears like a playboy, Lee Hae Sung is actually a novice when it comes to love, not even having a first love.

With D-Day, jTBC will be trying a new drama genre of disaster medical using large-scale computer graphics and production. 

The broadcast date and rest of the cast for D-Day has yet to be confirmed. 

Cr: mwave

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Guest ororomunroe

Ha Suk Jin could join jTBC drama ‘D-Day’



It has been reported that Ha Suk Jin could join upcoming jTBC disaster drama ‘D-Day,’ and star opposite Kim Young Kwang and Jung So Min.

Following earlier reports that Kim Young Kwang and Jung So Min were considering ‘D-Day,’ there’s news now that Ha Suk Jin could also join them as well. ‘D-Day’ is being lined up by jTBC for Friday and Saturday nights.

Kim Young Kwang was offered the role of a general surgeon, who has a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Ha Suk Jin will play Han Woo Jin, who is the sunbae to Kim Young Kwang’s character. The lead actress role meanwhile has been offered to Jung So Min.

‘D-Day’ will depict a natural disaster that hits Seoul, and tells the story of rescue workers and doctors fighting to save the lives of average citizens. The drama is expected to greet viewers sometime this Summer.

Cr: kpopfighting

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Guest ororomunroe

Jung So Min Offered A Role for JTBC D-Day

Jung So Min has been offered to play in the upcoming drama D-Day via JTBC with Kim Young Kwang [already confirmed but I can't seem to find the confirmation news, though] as the lead male cast. Twitter has full of KYK already casted in the drama. 
It is about a drama that will suffer a natural disaster  and the production team has revealed that it will be filmed in a large scale. 
SM Entertainment, Jung So Min's agency has confirmed that she was offered the role but is still considering it. No confirmation yet if she will accept.
If Jung So Min will accept the drama, she will be reuniting with Kim Young Kwang whom she had worked with in Can We Get Married where she acted opposite Sung Joon, Young Kwang's friend. Small world, yes? 


Source: http://mslee1107wanderingthoughts.blogspot.com.au/2015/05/jung-so-min-offered-role-for-jtbc-d-day.html

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@ororomunroe, what are you doing to me?! First Cheese in the Trap and now this?! I really lack time, but it's Kim Young Kwang! Can you imagine just for how long I've been waiting a leading role for him? He's no Park Hae Jin, but I've always had a soft spot for him. Hm... I wonder why... ^_^

Disaster dramas are not my thing (it's not that bad either) and Jung So Min in a disaster drama neither, but I can do it if it's for Kim Young Kwang. If Jung So Min accepts, this will be their reunion after another JTBC drama, Can We Get Married?, even though they were not paired up in that one. Ha Suk Jin doesn't sound bad either. 

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@ororomunroe thank you for starting this thread... I feel similarly to @Hannahmiriam... My plate is full, and yet some of these drama are so enticing...    :)

INFINITE’s Sungyeol Cast in JTBC’s New Drama “D-Day”

INFINITE’s Sungyeol Cast in JTBC’s New Drama “D-Day”

It is being reported that INFINITE member Sungyeol has been cast in JTBC’s upcoming drama titled “D-Day.”

A representative of Woollim Entertainment shared with Star News and TV Report on May 22, “Sungyeol will be joining ‘D-Day’ after confirming his casting today. His specific role has yet to be decided. He will challenge a brand new acting transformation through this production.”

“D-Day” is a disaster medical drama that is currently in discussion to begin airing after “My Love Eun Dong” ends its run. Model-actor Kim Young Kwangwas recently revealed to have been cast in “D-Day” as the male lead.

Meanwhile, Sungyeol showed off his acting abilities in KBS’ drama “Hi! School – Love On” last year.

Are you looking forward to his comeback on the small screen?

Source: Soompi


I suggest to respond to articles from the subbing companies - DramaFever, Soompi, and Viki. So that they can see there is a positive response to a drama, and may consider licensing it.

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@ororomunroe      Looks like she is now confirmed.

Jung So Min Cast in “D-Day,” to Star Alongside Kim Young Kwang

Jung So Min Cast in “D-Day,” to Star Alongside Kim Young Kwang

Actress Jung So Min has been cast in JTBC‘s upcoming disaster medical drama “D-Day.” Earlier, it was announced that model-turned-actor Kim Young Kwang will be also starring in the drama.

“D-Day” will be the cable channel’s first disaster medical drama, taking place in Seoul after a disaster hits the metropolitan city. Jung So Min will portray Jung Ddol Mi, an active and trustworthy doctor. It will be her first doctor role.

“D-Day” is garnering a lot of attention as its production team has promised large-scale computer graphics unlike any seen in a drama. The premiere date for the drama has yet to be announced, but it is expected to air in the later half of this year.

Source: Soompi

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Guest ororomunroe

Kim Young Kwang cast as male lead in disaster medical drama 'D-Day'

Model-turned-actor Kim Young Kwang will be starring in a new drama!

On May 22, his agency J.Wide Company revealed that he ultimately finished the talk regarding his appearance in medical drama, 'D-Day', and will be playing the male lead, passionate doctor Lee Hye Sung, who works at the best cancer specializing hospital. He focuses more on saving the lives of emergency patients rather than doing scheduled surgeries.  

Due to his great career and appearance, he comes off as a playboy, but he actually is a workaholic, never having even had a first love. When he's not working, he collects animation figures, enjoys sports, and has beetles as his friends.  

INFINITE's Sungyeol was recently confirmed as part of the cast as well, leaving us to anticipate future announced castings.

JTBC's 'D-Day' will be the first drama with a disaster medical genre, so look forward to a lot of cool CGI!

Cr: allkpop

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Guest ororomunroe

Jung So Min confirmed for new jTBC drama ‘D-Day’

62492-327509-300x300.jpg  62492-327512-300x300.jpg  62492-327513-300x300.jpg

Actress Jung So Min has today confirmed her participation in upcoming jTBC drama ‘D-Day,’ where she will act opposite Kim Young KwangHa Suk Jin, and INFINITE’s Sungyeol.

The confirmed cast list for ‘D-Day’ is slowly getting finalized, with Kim Young Kwang, Ha Suk Jin, and Sungyeol all confirming their participation earlier, and it was now revealed that Jung So Min will take on the female lead role.

Photos of Ha Suk Jin and Kim Young Kwang with a child actor for the drama, also indicated that filming will soon begin for ‘D-Day.’

‘D-Day’ will depict a natural disaster that hits Seoul, and tells the story of rescue workers and doctors fighting to save the lives of average citizens.

Jung So Min will play the role of a highly optimistic female doctor. Kim Young Kwang take on the role of a general surgeon named Lee Hae Sung, who appears to be a playboy on the outside, but in actual fact has zero experience in love. Ha Suk Jin will play Han Woo Jin, who is the sunbae to Kim Young Kwang’s character. The role for Sungyeol is still being discussed.

The drama is expected to greet viewers sometime this Summer.

Cr: kpopfighting

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So Ha Suk-Jin is actually confirmed?

I only knew he was considering the role.... as per previous article posted from Dramabeans.


JTBC’s disaster drama D-Day continues with the casting process, with Ha Suk-jin(Legendary Witches) joining the ranks of the almost-cast (by which I mean, he’s considering positively but not confirmed, nothing’s decided yet, yada yada).


Read more on Dramabeans

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Guest ororomunroe

Disaster medical drama D-Day confirms lineup, awaits scheduling


JTBC has finally set its cast in place for D-Day, and the primary leads are all names we’ve heard before, though at least we also get a couple new names in the supporting cast. Kim Young-kwang (Plus Nine Boys), Jung So-min (Big Man), Ha Suk-jin (Legendary Witches), and Lee Kyung-young (Misaeng) were all mentioned previously as contenders and have now confirmed; Kim Jung-hwa (Dating Agency Cyrano) and INFINITE idol Sungyeol (High School Love On) have also joined the bunch.

In any case, the drama centers around a team of DMAT (disaster medical assistance team) workers who rescue and treat victims at in the wake of a large-scale disaster hitting Seoul. Kim Young-kwang plays a skilled and promising general surgeon who nonetheless isn’t completely satisfied with working at a top cancer hospital, because he’s more drawn to emergency care. That’ll come in handy when he’s thrust into the center of a city-wide emergency. Ha Suk-jin plays his sunbae in the general surgery department, while Jung So-min plays an orthopedic surgeon with a lovable, determined personality.


source: http://www.dramabeans.com/2015/05/disaster-medical-drama-d-day-confirms-lineup-awaits-scheduling/

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Kim Jung Hwa Confirmed to Act Alongside Kim Young Kwang on “D-Day”


Kim Jung Hwa Confirmed to Act Alongside Kim Young Kwang on “D-Day”

Actress Kim Jung Hwa is set to make her drama comeback through JTBC’s upcoming medical drama “D-Day.”

According to her agency S.A.L.T. Entertainment, she has been cast for the role of Eun So Yool, a mental health professional. This will mark her first medical drama since her debut in 2000.

Her character is described as an emphatic and warmhearted doctor who treats traumatized victims in the aftermath of a disaster that hits Seoul. Other actors confirmed for the anticipated medical disaster drama include Kim Young Kwang, Jung So Min, and Ha Suk Jin.

“D-Day” will mark Kim Jung Hwa’s return to the small screen after a two-year hiatus. Her latest drama was “Dating Agency: Cyrano” in 2013.

Source: Soompi

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