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Son Ye Jin 손예진

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Oh oh...now everybody is back to square 1. We have a chance to race ahead for our angel Ye Jin in term of pages!!!

Go go!!

Yes, we have to start all over again. :rolleyes: Luckily, I'm still using Ye-jin unni's character name in "Summer Scent" (from Hae-Won to Hae_Won!). Hehehe! :D

GO GO GO!!! ;)

Ye Jin in photo shoot for AMTR





Very pretty indeed! Ye-jin unni is STILL one of the prettiest faces in S.Korea! B) Thanks for the pics!

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Hey there tracy.. Welcome back all.. hmm 2 posts only for me :( I'll spam abit this weekend then :P

yeah, it's great to have the gang back...:D i guess have to infest this thread with all the Yejin madness... :P

^ it does suck..

i used to have almost 3000 posts and now im at 16 lol and i was an old school member bahh!!!

but i dont think i compare with the ones that had like over 10,000 posts haha

yeah...it breaks my heart to think my 2000+ post down the drain...i gotta do some major spamming! B)

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A wonderful idea!

Problem is that I may be too lazy to update the first post...hehe...

Hmm...is there anyway I can sell my first page. Why don't I give the password and account to you, SaNine? Then I just start another userID again.

What ya think, mate?

Lol.. nah.. im kinda busy as well.. esp with finals coming up soon :P i dont think u need to update it often.. at least the basic stuff like profile and maybe some download links.. :P

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I loved her when I saw Delicious proposal, but I have just seen Arpil Snow, oh, so bad, I can't belive

Me too

I love Delicious Proposal

It was the first of SYJ's drama i watched

Now, im re-wacthing it again

Any1 know where i can buy this drama?

yeah.. i want to see her in drama

mm.. i just logged in to soompi

so i dont know what is going on here

what happened to old forum?

i love new SYJ looks

she looks fresh n mature


even i missed her long hair

i'd cry i cut my hair that short hhehehee

it took long time for me to let my hair grew long

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