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Choi Daniel 최다니엘 チェダニエル |♥| Upcoming Drama : Fly High, Butterfly 날아올라라 나비 Premieres in 2021

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makeup_taeinn ibstagram update


2021 happy new year!

연말에 받았는데 이제서야

다니엘오빠의 새해 선물
편지를 써주셨어요
시작부터 끝까지 걱정내용ㅎㅎㅎ
힐링천사! 요즘 자주봐서 행복해요

새해 복 많이받으세요


2021 happy new year!

I got it at the end of the year, but now posting

Daniel's New Year's Gift You wrote a letter

The contents of your worries from start to finish

Healing Angel! I'm happy to see you often these days

Best wishes for a Happy New Year






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EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, what's in a name? I love discovering the stories behind a person's name and why their parents chose it. sometimes, these stories can be very interesting.

Choi Daniel is a South Korean actor, DJ and television anchorman. He is best known for his roles in High Kick Through the Roof, Cyrano Agency, Baby Faced Beauty, School 2013, Big Man, Jugglers &a

To the most handsome guy in South Korea, wishing you a very happy birthday! Always be happy and healthy! Good luck on your upcoming drama! ❤❤❤❤     https://www.

5 hours ago, gm4queen said:

Daniel's New Year's Gift You wrote a letter

Oppa always so cheerful. Glad to be his fan. Can't wait to see his photos in New drama. ❤


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churrokingtruck instagram update


#츄로킹 지난 서포트 현장입니다
다시 찾은 #날아올라라나비 세트장이었고요
이번에는 #최다니엘 배우님 서포트 진행했습니다
#이이경 배우님이 최다니엘 배우님을 응원하기 위해
맛있는 간식을 선물해주셨습니다
디자인도 예쁘게 도와드렸고요
점심 식사 시간에 맞춰 츄러스 커피 세트 잘 전달드렸습니다
최다니엘 배우님 오셔서 인사도 주셨고요
인증샷도 찍으시며 스텝분들과 즐거운 시간 보내고 들어가셨답니다
이이경 배우님 너무 감사드리고요
두 분 모두 응원할게요


#This is the last support site for Churroking,

It was the set of #flying butterfly that we found again This time, actor Lee Yi Kyung to support Daniel Choi

He gave me a delicious snack I helped the design beautifully

We delivered the churros coffee set well in time for lunch

Actor Daniel Choi came and said hello He took a certification shot and had a good time with the staff.

Thank you so much to actor Lee Lee-kyung

I'll support both of you



















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16 Korean Actors Who Have Birthdays in February, Birth in the 80s

1 February 2021  

Hyun Cha 


This generation of the most handsome oppas!


The month of love has arrived! It's time to write down the birthdays of the favorite actors. So interestingly, this time it will specifically raise Korean actors who were born in February, the 80s generation.


Never running out of fans, here are 16 Korean actors whose birthdays this month. Keep scrolling!


13. Choi Daniel was born on February 22, 1986. Until now, his name has always been on the most wanted lists.




View the original article here


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Can't wait til he hits the small screen in May. ❤❤❤❤


I think we should give him some time til he completes filming this month! Then I really hope we can see him more in public & makes a lots of public appearances. Desperately miss him everywhere. And I often see him in my dreams lately. Such a handsome guy even in my dreams. Please come back soon, boy!






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57 minutes ago, gm4queen said:

Gosh, I am missing him so much.

Can't help it, I am in love.

Months without him is like years without rain. :(

Miss you oppa :bawling::bawling::bawling:


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JWidecompany instagram update


HAPPY 설날! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!


신축년새 해, 설날이 찾아왔어요!
모두들 마음 따듯하고 소중한 시간 보내세요
제이와이드컴퍼니 배우들은 올해 더욱
다양한 작품과 좋은 모습으로 찾아올게요


[J Wide Company]

HAPPY New Year's Day!


Best wishes for a Happy New Year! New Year's Eve,

New Year's Day has arrived!

Everyone have a warm and precious time

JWIDE COMPANY actors will come back with various works and good looks






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37 minutes ago, Riya Varma said:

Our handsome oppa is turning 35 ❤️


Yes, can't wait for it! May be he would celebrate his birthday on the drama set. Or filming might end before his birthday?? I am so excited for him!!! ❤


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  • gm4queen changed the title to Choi Daniel 최다니엘 チェダニエル |♥| Upcoming Drama : Fly High, Butterfly 날아올라라 나비 Premieres in 2021

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