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  1. I really want to see oppa in a drama asap!!!!!!! Im just really holding on to my patience. Im not sure what is going on with the studio but I really wish they could keep the fans updated >:(
  2. I think that’s how they roll. They hardly promote any of their serires. We need to get some something, but there’s not even a poster out. Are you sure they’re even done filming? With all the issues that happen with the other actor?
  3. This is the best news I have heard in quiet some time!! I’m sure we all would be flooding his comment section hehe. I wonder what type of content will our shy oppa post there? I agree with @L Leung work without pay sounds harsh and very unlike oppa. Editing video is a very time consuming and difficult work. I hope that he changes his mind.
  4. Definitely going to watch cyrano agency!! Oppa looked the best in the ghost detective. His cheekbones were so prominent *Drool* I can’t wait to see oppa in the new drama. He’s going to look sooooo good <3
  5. It looks amazing!!! You should do more <3 Oppa definitely needs a netflix original. He has so much potential and definitely deserves more fans. Although we all know oppa is a shy guy he still has strong camera presence and can drive the audience. I hope Fly high butterfly comes on Netflix. I can’t wait for the new drama.
  6. I absolutely love all the posters. But my favourite is the first one. Jugglers was the first show I saw so I have a soft spot to see oppa like that. He looks so handsome in that. <3
  7. Omggggg oppa is so frickn cute here!! He’s so adorable!! Well done unni!!
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