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  1. I think some reason happened, that's why the Daniel drama been postponed to the current scheduled other things, maybe they really still filming the drama so, they not yet released any poster or the final scheduled yet. Miss him too.. So muchh
  2. I really enjoy this Daniel and Jin Hee cameo in My fellow citizen. Plus, Si Won tell the tittle of "Jugglers" one of my favorite also. https://www.instagram.com/tv/COCg7MSgSwtjhHWPnwF-UykxqkXKPic1vAafOk0/?igshid=3vxy8vyjcj2x
  3. I'm done to my latest photo edit of our lovely Daniel. I hope you guys will love it too. I'm trying to find, some of his new photos. But for now we don't have. So we will stay to our throwback Daniel Oppa old photos. Miss you Daniel.
  4. My final cover revelead. This would be the cover of my new Novel Codename: Hades and of course the main character here is our beloved oppa Daniel as Ryker Brown the sexy Hacker Hades. this will be the fourth part of my book.
  5. And finally i'm done now to my new Hades cover... My 4th novel. This is my new cover now... I hope you guys love this... HADES is one of Inspirational Daniel characters i almost love
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