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Kim Hyun Joong 김현중/金賢重/ キム・ヒョンジュン

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SS501's Leader, WGM's Shillang, BOF's Yun Jihoo, PK's Baek Seung jo, City Conquest's Baek Mir

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Opposite with the pretty baby face, HyunJoong's personality is a determinant, blunt, stubborn one, and also he also has a strong mind.

* He hates mushy things like: "Pick stars in the sky for me...", wearing couple shirts with cute icons on it like Mickey Mouse (He did wear couple shirts once in We Got Married show but they were kind of sporty shirts).

- HyunJoong had a rough and hard youth. He did not get any allowance from his parents. He has worked since 17: as a chicken/pizza delivery boy, as a waiter. He had earned about 100 million won from jobs during his younger days.

- He made a promise with his childhood friends to open a chicken restaurant. He has kept that promise and made it come true. Now he's running a chicken restaurant with his childhood friends. His restaurant's name is Jaksal Chicken, and his dog name is Jaksalie (Jaksal = to harpoon/kill) 

- His best friends in music industry (other than his members) are JaeJoong (JYJ), Micky (JYJ) XIA ,Jun SU (JYJ) and TOP (Big Bang). They will never bring anyone else if four of them are together. Lately, he became closer with Kim Bum while they are filming Boys Over Flowers. Kim Bum and HyunJoong are neighbors now too.

- He wrote a fanfic about love between men. Main characters in the fanfic are himself and JungMin (SS501). That was an intentional joke with JungMin and also because he was so bored because he has nothing to do in Japan. So he decided to write a fanfic

- He loves the guitar and he plays guitar very well. HyunJoong has a collection of guitars. He prefers to buy guitars to buying a house.

- HyunJoong hates/is scared of dragon flies, bees and most insects, but is not scared of ghosts. 

credit to: Mujoong of FB

김현중/ Kim Hyun Joong (Gim Hyeon Jung) 
In Hangul김현중
In Hanja金賢重In kanji: キム・ヒョンジュン
Profession:Actor, Singer, Model, Dancer
(age 27; korean age 28)  

Birthplace:Seoul, South Korea
Weight: 68kg
Blood type:B
Star sign:Gemini


Life is one punch.

He is the leader and eldest member of the Korean group SS501


Graduated : Jam-sill elementary school/Jam-sil mid./ Hanyang high./attending Major of Electronic Digital Music in school of Division of Interactive Multimedia Arts of Kyonggi University 

Playing the guitar, piano, dancing , playing Soccer, working out, basketball, swimming,Member of FCMen


Mom, dad, grandma, and older brother.

Guitar, piano, and dancing.
NICKNAME:Pretty boy, 4D boy; 4D prince, little groom/ kid groom, leader; 'Guljo' or Walking Sculpture/Masterpiece; Superior Raphael (you can read about the story here and here) 



Labels : DSP Media (2005–2010), KeyEast (2010–present), Warner Music Taiwan (2010–present), United Asia Management(2011–present), Delicious Deli Records/Universal Music Japan(2011–present)





https://www.facebook.com/kimhyunjoong?fref=ts   [OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE]
http://www.weibo.com/hyunjoongk  [OFFICIAL WEIBO ACCOUNT]




Address: Seoul Gangnam-gu Sanseong-dong 110-1, American Standard Building 6th Floor, Zip code: 135-090
● Contact Numbers: (Telephone) 02-3444-2002 / (Fax) 02-3444-4290

Age of Feelings/Inspiring generation
City Conquest ( JANUARY 2013)
Playful Kiss (MBC,2010)
Boys Before Flowers (KBS2, 2009)
Spotlight (MBC, 2008) cameo
Hotelier (TV Asahi, 2007) ep 7
Can Love Be Refilled? (KBS2, 2005)
Nonstop 5 (MBC, 2005) ep 208



Arena for menSeolreim ice creamEliteNongshim noodles MightymacTony Molly
Samsung Anycall Blue
Anycall amoledSamsung visa
2009 Anycall Haptic Pop
Hotsun chicken CF
Dynamic Kean
Anycall Magic Hole CF
The Face Shop
Basic House
Im David
CoupangInfinitely yoursLotte Duty Free 
Slim Beauty House
AEON FACT (Heat fact & Coolish Fact)
Centerpole Outdoor Trekking Outdoor clothes 





SS501 Seolreim CF
SS501 Mighty mac CF
SS501 Elite CF
Le coq sportif



Popularity award section TV at 45th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards
Netizen popular actor at Seoul Drama Awards 2009
Most popular at Style icon awards 2009
Asia Top Buzz Male Artist, Top Buzz Korean Artist and Netizen Chosen Top Male Artist 2009
Asia Top Buzz Group Award 2009
Yahoo! Asia Buzz Award 2009


"Best dresser" sky perfect tv awards
Most popular at Style icon awards 2010
Asia Top Buzz Male Artist, Top Buzz Korean Artist and Netizen Chosen Top Male Artist 2010
Asia Top Buzz Group Award 2010
Yahoo! Asia Buzz Award ,2010


Best Male artist in MAMA Awards
Most popular at Style icon awards 2011
Asia Top Buzz Male Artist, Top Buzz Korean Artist and Netizen Chosen Top Male Artist 2011
Asia Top Buzz Group Award 2011
Yahoo! Asia Buzz Award 2011.

The Most Popular Overseas Artist at the Miguhui Music Festival Awards 2012

YAHOO BUZZ AWARDS  Most Popularity Awards for the decade 2012

YAHOO BUZZ AWARDS  Asia Most Popularity Awards 2012

YAHOO BUZZ AWARDS  Taiwan Most Popularity Awards 2012

YAHOO BUZZ AWARDS HongKong Most Popularity Awards 2012

Kim Hyun Joong Facts :

1. HJL has one elder brother name Kim Young Joong
2. HJL is close friend with DBSK' Jaejoong and Yoochun, who he got
to know through Young Saeng .
3. Originally HJLwas in training as a rock singer but suddenly one day he
was made to go for dance classes.
4. HJL is known as the sleeping god amongst the members.
5. HJL doesn't like to speak english because of his weird pronounciation.

6. HJL chinese name is 金贤重; pinyin translation is jin xian zhong.
7. HJL was very concerned about his dark eye circles last time.
8. HJL went to a club for the first time with Lee Hyori.
9. HJL's dance is called CAMEL WAVE.
10. HJL has used to be the kind of person who would jump up and down and
act all crazy but calmed down; and imitates his words

11. HJL best Voice Imitation of : Andre Kim (a Korean fashion designer).
12. HJL ideal date is to play musical instruments together.
13. HJL 1st LIVE performance watched : Limp Bizkit
14. HJL's dream girl is Innocent/pure + Glamour (charisma) has an oval-shaped
face and long black hair, innocent and yet sexy.
15. According to SS501's past choreographer, Hyun Joong leader is the hardest
one to teach because he is too into Rock. They spent like take 3 months
to learn the basic dance step “up and down bounce" because of him.

16. In junior high school placement test, HJL was enrolled scoring the 4th
highest result in the entire school.
17. In the lower primary years, Hyun Joong already obtained the certificate 
for level 3 Hanja qualification examination
18. HJL's result was always ranked 1st in the class and often rank 1st or
2nd in whole school.
19. HJL never asked money from his family during trainee days.
20. After passing the trainee singer interview, HJL would only return home
only when he was given time off. and HJL always came back starving
by public bus and had to walk home when he has no transportation money.

21. HJL's family used to have a fashion business in Dongdaemun.
22. Because HJL stopped school, he was given only 10,000 won (USD7.90!)
pocket money every month.
23. HJL asked his family to stop their clothing business and promised to be
the pillar of the family, coz his brother was in army.
24. HJL once gave his mum a set of cosmetic to reduce wrinkle and it makes
her cry in happiness.
25. HJL didn’t know how to hold chopsticks properly until BOF, but after
BOF he forgot how to hold it properly again.

26. HJL found out he was casted for BOF by internet when he was in Japan.
27. HJL said, "If I can live once again, I want to be Tom Cruise."
28. HJL has a small mole on his left ear
29. HJL's belt unbuckles itself during one of Music Bank Love Like This
30. HJL wants to gather all of the fans from all over the world for a free

31. HJL mostly said that his ideal woman is Lee Hyori.
32. HJL gave a kiss on a little girl lips when he was awarded 2009 Style
Icon Award because he misunderstand that actually the lil girl want to
kiss him on his cheek.
33. HJL won 3 awards at 2009 Yahoo Buzz Award.
34. HJL's quote : "I feel that Triple S and SS501 are friends forever."
35. Leader favorite manga is One Piece, Naruto, Berserk.

36. HJL said if he won lotto, he would continue singing and dancing with SS501
and buy a huge bus.
37. HJL favorite athlete is Kim Yuna. She’s a figure skater.
38. HJL doesn’t set speed dial on his phone because he generally remember
the numbers he usually use.
39. HJL doesn't like coffee.
40. HJL loves to collect guitar, either buy by himself or being himself or being
by fans .

41. Hyun Joong really dislike to use couple-tees if he has a girlfriend.
He is not oh-so-romantic type of person.
42. The first thing leader do when he wakes up is to check his cellphone.
43. He saved close to 100 million won from all these jobs ($72,000).
44. HJL listens to music so loud that the neighbors are telling them (SS501)
to move out.
45. HJL named his dog, Jaksalie.

46. HJL delivered chicken since grade 7 (@2500 won per hour).
47. When he ran out fr0m home, HJ stayed at a friend's house on at a
bathing spa!
48. HJL has some guitars given by fans.
49. HJL ordered food from a restaurant, eat them all and ran away without
paying (kekekeke... ^^).
50. HJL delivered pizza, newspaper and chicken and served at restaurants.

51. HJL made his parents get called to the police station for how many times.
(aigoo... >.<)
52. Not so long ago, HJL only packs rice for lunch (with ketchup and mayo).
53. HJL opened a chicken restaurant with his friends from elementary school.
54. HJL was almost beaten to death by two drunk men.
55. Not so long ago, Kim Hyun Joong was almost starved to death because
he haven't eaten in days!

56. In 1 interview, HJL said it'll be fine to have a girlfriend 14 yrs older.
57. HJL had lasik operation because before his eyes 4 minus.
58. Instead of diamond, HJL gave snack peanut necklace to hwang buin in
We Got Married.
59. HJL had a band in highschool. He was the guitarist.
60. When Hyun Joong was still in we got married with Hwang Bo they were
called as the Lettuce Couple.

61. HJL pronounce lettuce in Hangul (SSANGCHU)in a very cute way.
62. HJL is a heavy sleeper. He can sleeps everywhere,anytime.
63. HJL was a Mathematic Genius,but he prefers music.
64. HJL said that when it comes to love, language is not a barrier.
65. HJL loves girls who wears skirts with sneakers!

66. Apart from skull, HJLg loves Elmo! He has elmo slippers,n pajamas!
67. HJL often declared his ideal girl has to be a friend and shouldn't
expect too many "couple acts" from him.
68. One of Leader's favorite music band is Metallica.
69. HJL said 'I joined SS just enter music business, but then i saw
our music meant smth to people so now i stick with it.'
70. HJL can play Chopstick on piano in a very fast speed. He claims himself
the fastest.

71. HJL used to live with his grandma, and he really adores her.
72. Many might knows that Hyun Joong sleeps *ehem*naked*ehem*(blussing)
73. HJL loves to fish!! But don't ask him to touch the slimy fishes.
74. HJL has a HOT car new Porsche Cayenne GTS.
75. HJL always step on dog poo whenever Lee Hyori noona is around.

76. HJL has a 4D personality.
77. HJL loves to play football with his neighbors.
78. HJL really love anything about skull draw.
79. HJL is not scared of ghost! He even scold them.
80. HJL believes that alien does exist and wish to perform for them outerspace

81. HJL was introduced to JaeJoong(tvxq) by Young Saeng.
82. HJL was paired with Chakra's Leader Hwang Bo in the reality show
We Got Married (episodes 9-38) from May to December 2008.
83. The funny story of HJL being drunk where he thought someone was about
to suicide and called the police.
84. HJL Lost over Baby in training a dog.
85. It's hard to wake Leader up.

86. HJL collects money and gave it to his hyung so that his hyung can continue
studying (ouw..so sweet ^^).
87. HJL has a tiny scar on his right arm.
88. HJL cant play the violin, but he can surely play the guitar.
89. HJL loves his eyes the most.
90. HJL was educated at Kyonggi University,in Department of Electronic
Digital Music.

91. HJ said in WGM that he kills mosquitoes so that he can protect his family.

92. HJL will feel awkward around unknowns, esp elders.
93. HJL...... likes to put many........ dots... in his message...... (like this)
94. HJL isn't that extrovert. He keeps thing to himself, and cry when too
epressed, only when d other members already asleep.
95. HJL once said, when he got a lot of money. He wanted to create a free
concert for his fans.

96. HJL plans to get married bfore 30y/o and have 2sons n 2 daugthers.
97. HJL was the one who came up with the L.O.V.E that they did during
their comeback for "love like this".
98. HJL didn't get any allowance and worked for ALL the money he spent
since he was young.
99. HJL made his parents pay for medical bills and settlement money.
100. HJL was rough and fierce but have learned to respect his elders.

101. HJL has a fear of elders. He gets nervous & shy.
102. HJL has given bad comments on the news of himself, and unfortunately,
many people agree with his comments.
103. HJL is proud of his big eyes.
104. When HJL was born, he was very popular among the neighbours
because of his big eyes, sharp intuition and cleverness.
105. The song Falling Slowly HJL sang for Hwangbo for her birthday in WGM,
written and performed by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová.


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Thanks to all YT uploaders: hoonfami, skypoem,yyy12,.......

credits Special Thanks To: jessicakth,crazii3me, sweetgirll, gentlecat87, black-wings, quynhn, huangsy, kuki_kuki, andie39martinez, lovewls, ars_linh, mitch74, Sparkskey

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more video on his channel, please when watching please click like botton

Kim Hyun JoongBirth : June 6, 1986;Body 182cm, 68kg;Job : Singer,actor,model, dancer; Debut : SS501 (2005);Blood Type : B;Agency Key East
  • Breaking away from the labels attached to his boy band past as SS501’s leader, singer Kim Hyun Joong, who has set out to stand on his own two feet, lives by the motto ‘You only live once.’ But this doesn’t mean that the singer expects things to happen overnight.

    “The motto I live by is ‘You only live once.’ When we say ‘You only live once,’ something like winning the lottery or the phrase ‘going out with a bang’ usually comes to mind, but that’s not what I mean. We really only have one life, and I want to live it to the fullest.”

  • 40056833.jpg[*]

A lifetime of 25 years may be long or short, depending on whom you ask, but Kim has tried to live every day diligently, and he is beginning to see the fruits of his labor as he establishes himself as a solo artist not only in Korea, but across Asia. 

Having debuted in a group, Kim isn’t satisfied with where he is currently. Although the singer has traversed Japan, China and Thailand and been well-received in numerous other countries, when Kim is asked, ‘Do you feel settled?’ he says ‘Not yet.’

There’s no sign of slowing down for Kim, who released his first solo album in June and plans to release his second mini album Lucky on October 11. 

“As a singer, I want to barrel full speed ahead because of my impending enlistment,” said Kim. “I want to make my mark as a singer before I enlist. In our country, there’s a tendency to be easily forgotten. Because I haven’t really established myself as an actor either, I’m thinking of doing a drama next year as well.”

It doesn’t take one long to realize that Kim is someone who carefully plans out his path. Following the release of his second mini album, the singer will release a winter-appropriate digital single in December, before releasing another album early next year and embarking on an Asian tour. The reason for the consecutive releases is so Kim can show fans a variety of performances during his tour.

Kim’s will is not to be taken lightly. But you can′t quite consider him a jack of all trades, since he really only wants to go ′all in′ as a singer and an actor. 

“I’ve been juggling singing and acting as well as running a business, but honestly, I’ve handed the business over to my friends and am just watching from afar,” said the singer. “I only really care about acting and music. Many people ask me if I’m only going to do two things, and I’m only going to do those two things. Young Saeng, who said he would never do a musical, did a musical a little while ago, but I don’t plan on doing any musicals.”

“I’ve been running tirelessly with the thought that I want to present the fans at home and abroad with something,” continued the singer, revealing his passion and goal-oriented work ethic. Kim is indeed living according to the motto ‘You only live once.’

“I will continue to juggle being a singer and an actor. As I flow [in and out of those roles], I want to establish my image as a singer and an actor. I’m hoping that once I complete the Asian tour, the public will recognize the image of singer Kim Hyun Joong. I’m excited for that day to come. That’s why I want to release an album as soon as I can.”

The level of Kim’s engagement musically continues to deepen as well. Not only did he pen some of the songs himself, he played an active role in the album′s production. His image transformations from album to album also highlights the many facets of his charm, and his first album Break Down, in particular, contains five tracks that showcase different sides to the singer. 

“What do I want to achieve in my 20s? I’ve already achieved it. Because I’m a singer!” said the singer. “Rather than what I want to achieve from now on, I want to live out the dream I’ve already achieved as a singer.”

Photo credit: Key East


0-4 yrs old, as long as Hyun Joong was lost in the park, it must be because he ran to the singer performance stage.

Since Hyun Joong was born, he was very popular among the neighbours because of his big eyes, sharp intuition and cleverness.
One day, in my dream, all in a sudden, I dream of a truck fully loaded with radish driving passed me. There was a huge radish which was of the size of the truck. Withing my apron on, I ran after the truck, trying to catch the big radish. The radish rolled into my apron and I fell down onto the floor. This was the largest radish I had ever seen in my entire life. I was very surprised. Just when I tried to lift up the radish to take a look, I woke up from my dream. I felt very strange: “Is this a sign that I am pregnant?” Therefore, I went to the hospital for checkup. The doctor told me: “Congratulations!”. Indeed, I was pregnant!

Hyun Joong started to walk when he was 9 month old. Before this, although he can sit alone, he couldn’t climb, the family members were worried that he might be slow to learn walking. However, he omitted the climbing stage and advanced to the walking stage. All the family members were shocked.

During his 1 year old birthday, he would offer his birthday steam rice cake for the guests to eat. During the Toljabee* event, in order to let him choose the pencil and book, the family members purposely placed both items right in front of him, instead, he chose the brush which was placed beside those items. Hyun Joong started speaking and counting very fast, but he was most interested to sing, dance and play games.

(*Note: Toljabee event is used to predict the child’s future. In this case, Hyun Joong picked the brush which symbolizes that he will become a scholar.)

Since being newly wed up to now, our family has been living nearby the SongpaGu Olympic park. Every weekend, there would be a lot of singers performing there. When bringing Hyun Joong and his elder brother who is 1 year older than him to the park for a stroll, both children would be very happy.

Hyun Joong even got lost a few times, I panicked and searched all over the park, eventually he was always found at the stage where the singers were performing.

Once, the dance group “Seo Tai-ji and boys” were singing ‘I Know’ in the park, Hyun Joong actually ran up to the stage to dance. He even played games with the other singers on stage and laughed happily. Hyun Joong was excellent in his studies, it had never come to my mind that he will become an artist. However now that I started to think, he seems to be different from other kids since childhood.

Kim Hyun Joong excelled in studies when young, had never thought of being a star

5 – 9 years old, childhood time Kim Hyun Joong

From kindergarten, Hyun Joong had shown his multiple talents. Solving math sum very fast and drew well. Also, learned to speak and recognized words very fast. His elder brother who was 1 year older than him would always sit still to learn. However, Hyun Joong was the kind of child who could play almost everything but yet could still learn well at the same time.

We were worried that both children would feel pressured from learning, therefore, we always let them get in touch with nature more often. In order to celebrate their starting of primary school life, our family went for a tour in Jeju Island. During that time Hyun Joong rode on a horse which was many times taller than him and refused to come down. Seeing this, the people around praised him for being so wonderful. During weekends, we always brought the children to fish. This is why until now, if he felt pressured from his artist work, Hyun Joong will always go fishing alone.

Starting from 2nd year of primary school, Hyun Joong became the class representative. He always handled his own things meticulously. Waking up right after his little alarm clock rang at 6am in the morning on time, completing all his home work by himself. When we visited his school, his class teacher always praised him: “Hyun Joong was very fast in learning. He would not have a problem to enroll into Seoul University.”

At that time, we thought Hyun Joong would use his learning ability to be successful in his career, we had never thought that he would be an artist.

Actually, starting from 2nd to 4th year of his Primary school, Hyun Joong participated in the Mathematic Olympic Competition and he always won the Gold medal. He also always won in art competition. His medals were so many until it could fill up an entire box. His result was always ranked 1st in the class and often rank 1st or 2nd in the whole school.

To prevent him from being singled out by his friends, we also sent him for extra tuition classes to learn calligraphy and Hanja. Even in the tuition center, he was always top in the class. When still in the lower primary years, Hyun Joong already obtained the certificate for level 3 Hanja qualification examination. His tuition center teacher praised: “Hyun Joong passed the certification examination even lower secondary students found hard to pass.” Our family members were also shocked.

Hyun Joong hide 300 millions won (approximately USD237,000) in a book as a gift for his brother

In junior high school placement test, he was enrolled scoring the 4th highest result in the entire school. It was in his 3rd year junior high school when he announced that he wanted to be an artist. As his father was worried that he was too engrossed in his studies, he bought him a guitar to ‘rest his brain’, this was the trigger point for him to be an artist.

Hyun Joong started to be engrossed in guitar. Hyun Joong guitar teacher said: “He is very talented, something needed to be learned in 3 years he could master them in 3 months. His guitar teacher once advised his father to let Hyun Joong further his talent in music, but his father was strongly against it.

There after, Hyun Joong formed a band, working part time and performing outside. There’s once, the neighbours said: “The day before, the child of that household was delivering fried chicken.” Only then the family knew that he worked part time in fried chicken restaurant. We felt that as a man one had to be independent, it is alright to go through hardships, so we didn’t stop him from working.

Hyun Joong said: “I would follow my parents’ wish to study in arts high school, but I will make every other decisions in future.” After joining the high school for 1 year, he voluntary dropped out from school. His father & I said: “Dropping out was your own choice, you have to be responsible for your own decision.” He was given only 10 thousand won (USD7.90!) pocket money every month.

Due to Asean financial crisis, our business was affected. We started a fashion business in Dongdaemun. We had to work until 11pm everyday. After getting off from work, I often went to the TGI restaurant which my son worked to secretly watch my son working for around 1 hour before returning home.

During winter, while waiting for my son to come back home, I kept looking out for him from the window. At around 1am, looking at my son making his way through the knee height snow with much difficulties, I felt pain in my heart. In spite of that, I didn’t want him to see my sorrow and always turned off the lights to pretend that everybody had fallen asleep.

After passing the trainee singer interview, my son would return home only when he was given time off. In order to be a trainee, his pocket money was always not enough. Often, he came back starving by public bus. There were many times, he didn’t even have the transportation fee and had to walk home. Despite that, Hyun Joong had never once asked for money from us.

But his love for his family members is extremely deep. When his brother who was studying in America decided to dropped off from his university due to lacking of school fees, Hyun Joong told his brother: “Brother, please read this book.” and gave him a novel as a present.

When his brother opened up the book to read, he found a 300 million won cheque hidden in the book. His brother gave his father a call mentioning that no matter how he counted he couldn’t believe the cheque amount. It was beyond our imagination that while being a trainee singer, he could still carefully save so much money. Ever since he enrolled into the university (Kyonggi University Digital Music faculty), we never worried about him.

Both of us always told him: “Pray before doing something”. Although Hyun Joong said: “Since now elder brother is serving in the army, you can rely on me. Therefore, in the future, don’t work in Dongdaemum anymore.” We hope that not only he can be a singer but also be able to form a family of his own and be responsible. With this, we have no other extravagant hopes.smile.gif smile.gif 

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Guest StylishAzNx07

Yayyy some activity in this thread. YEAYUH! lol

hyun joong oppah is SO good looking and really adorable in personality. :)

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Guest jingjuna

^ woo hoo lets celebrate lol^^

which episodes was he in

if u mean for x-man he came out in many episodes

he also came out sometimes with the youngest member of ss501 hyung joon

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Guest ..natz..

he's my favourite SS501 member too!!i got addicted to them mainly because of him hahaha..n i cnat believe he's just a year older than i am ahha..i cant wait for his new drama..i saw in Pre*Em that in the drama he kissed his girlfriend AHHHH so heart breaking ahhahha

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he's my favourite SS501 member too!!i got addicted to them mainly because of him hahaha..n i cnat believe he's just a year older than i am ahha..i cant wait for his new drama..i saw in Pre*Em that in the drama he kissed his girlfriend AHHHH so heart breaking ahhahha

yea, i saw that too. i was spazzing >_<

if only it was a different girl =X

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Guest Riezzle

Cute guy... loved watching him in X-Man, Loveletter and Happy Sunday.

When is his new drama going to air? I think I saw the photoshoot a couple of weeks ago.

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Guest jingjuna

did anybody see the first 2 episodes of Can Love Be Refilled?

Hyungjoon is so hot!!

even though i dont like that it seems like hes a player but its obvious hes gonna end up liking his new manager ~.^

cant wait for tommorow's episode

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