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  1. 김현중, 순정만화 찢고 나온 왕자님..16년째 잘생겼네 Kim Hyun-joong, the prince who came out of the pure manga... You've been handsome for 16 years. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/
  2. 2021-02-27 KHJ’s SNS updates MUSIC IN KOREA - behind IG: https://instagram.com/p/CLyKBMLnEGX/ FB: https://facebook.com/17481137924142 TW: @khj_heneciatwt
  3. [Best Scene] (ENG) Jung So-min(Oh Ha-ni)'s Secret (feat.pad) in Naughty Kiss│Official
  4. More behind-the-scene screenshots shared on 9tales.korea IG Check it out & give your to support Hyunjoong’s movie “Indian Pink”
  5. Jung Gil' Before12 O'Clock - behind the scene Cr. https://blog.naver.com/rb980/22225503
  6. Kim Hyun Joong, sledding with his dog... Still looking handsome... https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article http://pop.heraldcorp.com/view.php?ud=20
  7. 2021-02-24 KHJ’s SNS updates Everyday Joong FB: facebook.com/174811379241426/posts/ IG: https://instagram.com/p/CLqWok9HMbP/ TW: @khj_heneciatwt
  8. Kim Hyun Joong , a visual dazzling than the sun https://korepo.com/archives/897520
  9. 9tales.korea finally put out posters - English, Japanese and Korean. Let’s look forward to more news! by SP
  10. YTKiss OFFICIAL CHANNEL [Summary] (ENG) Boys Over Flowers 17ep. │ Official
  11. "Jangnong " Indian Pink Movie Kakaopage: https://page.kakao.com/main?categoryUid=21&subCategoryUid=21000 Naver: https://movie.daum.net/moviedb/crew?movieId=147234 Available only on Kakaopage or Naver with a korean number phone.. For International Fans waiting... #Kimhyunjoong
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