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  1. For the week of 20190911 - 20190915 “This is Love” is : No.1 on Oricon rock singles weekly chart https://oricon.co.jp/rank/rs/w/2019-09-23/ No. 7 on combined weekly singles chart https://oricon.co.jp/rank/cos/w/2019-09-23/ No.8 on weekly singles chart https://oricon.co.jp/rank/js/w/2019 by lovingkimhyunjoong
  2. ORICON WEEKLY ROCK SINGLE RANKING (Sep 9 - 15, 2019) ORICON NEWS Kim Hyun Joong “THIS IS LOVE” No. 1 oricon.co.jp/rank/rs/w/2019…
  3. New update on Hyunjoong’s ameblo account 「THIS IS LOVE」はまだまだ続く #THISISLOVE continues... the MV will be broadcast on TBS Kaiun Music Hall on 21Sep (Sat) 4:15 am ameblo.jp/heneciamusic/ trans by Mich Lui
  4. [ENGL PARTIAL] translated the part HJ talked abt THIS IS LOVE and BEYOND CRAZY during HJ’s niconico interview [abt 12 min into the clip] [Thank you very much for the clip] trans by sunny
  5. やっぱりイケメンは映える #キムヒョンジュン 緊急レッスン cr oikuanw ^ㅠ^....ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  6. キム・ヒョンジュンさんのニューシングル『THIS IS LOVE』の発売を記念特番でございました。ファンの方と生電話を繋いじゃう激熱企画などとても盛り上がった生放送でした!カムサハムニダ! cr 星野卓也*\(^o^)/*
  7. [2019.09.14] Kim Hyun Joong mini talk and Handshake at Sunrise Blgd, Tokyo ses#3 HJ asked the fans who didn’t attend the band concert 2 days&Yokohama to stand up. There’re 8 fans. Said he would memorize those fans’ faces. If they claim it would be the last for them during handshake, he would do it twice w/right and left hand. To the fans who didn’t came last 2 band events and coming Yokohama... HJ: [During handshake] Usually I say “Thank you” or “See u”, but to them, I’ll say, “Today all is over. LOL Just Joking!” 3 questions HJ won’t answer during handshake: 1. When is the hug event? 2. Pls hold the orchestra concert in Tokyo 3. “Too bad about Hong Kong” HJ: “HK was just postponed, it will be held in the future so...” HJ:I think I won’t hold any hug event in the future. When I did it before, it was extremely tough. I got so much foundation [T-shirts]. If everyone has courage to come w/o wearing make up. I will hold it. At that time my staff will check ur make up!” HJ: “If you want to hold a hug event without makeup, please take care of your skin condition!” HJ’s request for everyone: 1.When he sings”THIS IS LOVE’, make ‘L’ w/fingers 2.Sing in chorus the beginning part, ”Ah~Ah~Ah~Ah~” HJ suggested to practice. We sang along&HJ sang 1phrase, suddenly stopped&said, “The rest is in Yokohama!” THIS IS LOVE MV Concept: [Great nature-universe, sea, etc.] - w/band members =for the first time -Shooting for 2 days -In the last scene (stand-up motion) = You can stand up by power of love There’re some fans w/disabilities. They told HJ that thanks to HJ’s songs, they could overcome the difficult times. HJ: “When I heard these things, I realize my singing can give them energy to live and I thought that I had to do my best too.” HJ himself feels he is getting matured as a musician, and stepping forward. When you’re making songs, you would be mentally against a big wall. At such time, break out of your shell and move forward. It can be applied to your life. too. ses#4 In the beginning of the 4th event, a fan came in late running. HJ noticed she participated in this event for the first time that day. HJ: Why were you late? She overslept HJ: You drank too much last night? OK, enough! KR is in Chuseok now. Normally families get together. They’ve custom of giving gift of money to children. HJ has a nephew to give, but as HJ is in JP, he can’t get it. HJ:”It might be good as my nephew would realize uncle is necessary. THIS IS LOVE!” After the band event. HJ started to feel like holding a 50-100ppl capacity small acoustic lives w/HJ playing guitar. Fans said”No”as it’d be so hard to get ticket. HJ gave up the idea. HJ:The lives that won’t make everyone happy, I will cancel immediately As an alternative, HJ suggested to hold an acoustic live in this kind of handshake event. HJ:”I feel burdened. Do it now? Don’t have a guitar. Can everyone become my guitar?” Then HJ started vocal perception by himself, and sang 1 phrase of SO WHAT. HJ: The rest is in Yokohama! After singing SO WHAT HJ: “One more song? You have to do guitar part.” Again HJ started humming. Sounded like Because I’m stupid, everyone followed but it was kinda chaos... HJ: It was not quite...but...better than I imagined... HJ:”Shall we try Bark Matic?Is it difficult?” Then HJ divided into 3 groups&assigned each part: 1: Wow wow wow 2. Jum Jum Jum pa 3. Bow-wow HJ conducted like a conductor. Nice try but big disaster HJ:”Now I know how important the GEMINI Band is.” This is a real acoustic Beyond Crazy HJ wants all to sing the chorus part w/Ziggy HJ asked if anyone knows it. A fan brings up hand HJ asked her to sing but she refused it as her voice was shaggy as she shouted hard at the band event. HJ: You sound closer to him! She sang & as the reward, she got a hug from HJ I’m a Million HJ wants everyone to sing the shouting part in the beginning HJ: Ahhhhhhhhhh (crescendo) Did you know where it is? No? Didn’t you guys buy my CD? Get ready to scream out loud! trans by Kika
  8. 1回目の『THIS ISL OVE』 トーク&握手会参加して今、 新幹線に乗りました。 リダの握手の企画には驚きましたがCDの売り方のアイディア募集してました! cr ジュライ(줄라이)
  9. New update on Hyunjoong’s ameblo account - KIM HYUN JOONG meets! とBARKS公開インタビュー生配信! Tonite at #THISISLOVE Support Community, there will be a live delivery of BARKS public interview! Don’t forget to check in to watch ! ameblo.jp/heneciamusic/e by Mich Lui
  10. オリコンデイリー シングルランキング 2019年09月13日付 キム・ヒョンジュン 「THIS IS LOVE」 第 16 位 oricon.co.jp/rank/js/d/2019-09-13/p/2/ by iku
  11. The legend arranged’Paradise’, included HJ’s name&place in lyrics &sang in the beginning, grabbed our hearts. When HJ’s turn came, he said,”I wonder why such an idea never crossed my mind even once!” Then he sang legend’s ver.of acoustic Paradise Acoustic version of ‘Paradise arranged by Yohito-san, the legend, was fantastic! HJ: “It seems this [legend’s ver] is better than my original.” HJ promised to perform this version in the next concert. As the stage started w/I’m a million&went wild, Jun-Hyung’s string broke. While waiting for him tuning up, HJ put pressure on him by assigning him to introduce next song in Japanese w/a mischievous boy smile. He did great&fans screamed HJ: LOL HJ said Eun-Chong-ssi is studying JP very hard in KR& told him to say something in JP. Could be the words from Naruto/One Piece. Eun-Chong:”My dream is become a hikage.” That’s manga Naruto’s line! HJ:That’s not a dream. [said dispassionately] HJ told us about the new song “THIS IS LOVE”, but can’t remember what he exactly said. Anyways everything like sun, air, nature, GEMINI, everyone...all exist for all. It was amazing to see everyone made L w/fingers and put it up high HJ sang two songs, Beyond Crazy and Bark Matic for encore It was so cute that at the very end of Bark Matic, he said “Bow“ in a small voice Ah, I remembered! HJ also assigned Eun-Chong-ssi to introduce the next song wildly and passionately in Japanese. He shouted like a heavy metal “Tsugino kyoku wa SO WHAT daaa?? Ikuzooo [Next song is SO WHAT! Let’s go!!] HJ&GEMINI: LOL HJ:I’m growing step by step as a musician& I think I’m becoming a singer who matches the live stage like this, and it is all possible because everyone is here. Final greeting: HJ&GEMINI:Arigatogozaimasu! (Thank U) All:THIS IS LOVE (L w/fingers) trans by Kika
  12. 190913 KHJ meets... [Preview] Today is really a happy Mid-Autumn! 여러분 추석 잘 보내세요 cr imqueenqueen
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