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Please do not forward or share in social media platform IG, facebk etc, unless permission granted. Thank you. KNOWING MORE ABOUT LEE YO WON Part 1 After reading this, i like her even more (


Repost from Night Light thread (well, it's my own post anyway). Subs for teasers (2nd trailer slightly incomplete):

Posted Images

@ninimi: LYW song is like "acoustic ballad" to me, piano as the only BGM make me shudder, the feeling is so strong. Oh, I really hope MBC will release QSD OST 2, there's still some BGM that left. And I want all QSD casts to do some promo in countries where QSD being aired & sing their chara songs :D But of course it's impossible giving their busy schedules.

Oh, and of course LYA still looked young in DJG, that's almost 7 years ago haha.... You don't know SYR? She is ex FinKL band member, & popular with dramas Hong Gil Dong & Snow Queen.

yeeeaaa.... Accoustic Ballad.. coz it's so soft n smooth.

i also hope it, a concert for all singers, especially those chara songs, i really wanna see LYW sings a song on stage, n together with KNG... hahaahah... Must be veery Sweeetttt.... :lol::lol:

yeee,, must be not easy to make them gathered, sine LYW now in Philipines, KNG in Las Vegas, n wherever other cast.

Yeaaa... i thouht LYA is about 30s, but actually she's 40s..

But when i saw her pics in her thred, i Can see....she shows the ages, she's not as young as i saw in DJG :) :)

If only Lee Young-ae were chosen as QSD, i thought we had no "fresh" face there, since the female cast were all "senior"

n There wouldn't be LOVE STORY among QSD n Bidam (if Bidam was still KNG n QSD was LYA) :P :P :P :P

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I just wanna add something to what smarties24 translated:

there's a similar article but it mentions that when KNG was asked to pick btwn GHJ and LYW, he immediately picked the latter. And he said that he saw how LYW was taking care of her child and he thought to himself that "it'd be perfect if I could have a wife like her..."


<3 I like this coupling..but yeah too mad she's taken. haha.

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Actually they're nice couple too! i like their costumes, they match! :rolleyes:


n what is she doing with Alcheon??? :P :P


nah, this picture, i like her hairdo, STRONG but PREETTY... :)


What did Pheya n Kunjunim do? they eat ice jolly?? :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Too much to catch up :(

One thing, guys. If JJM took the role of Yushin in QSD, I am not sure that DM-BD would be that hot. BD would still be very actractive, but I can't root for him more than DM-YS *JJM. No, JJM-LYW that's perfect pairing.

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Guest fatlouie85


【2010-01-19】金南佶戀上同戲李瑤媛 無奈嘆對方已是人妻



The gist of the above is that KNG accepted an interview today and said that if she was single and not married then he would like to date her. He said that she was his ideal type and that it would be great to have a wife like her.

fyi - hes mentioned this before, but the reporters must have asked him this types of questions again :D

The article oso said LYW replied saying she will help to intro a gal to him, making KNG really excited haha

I guess reporters can nv get bored by asking dis type of qns...@ the same time u really feel sad 4 KNG, coz his situation is rather the same as bidam :huh:

I like LYW since SBDH too! The poison really spread i guess coz I start to really find & watch everything tt has her in it...I seldom have dis syndrome (exclude YEH & KHN) hahaha

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Guest fatlouie85

@butterfly07: Can you post the interview vid you mentioned above? Maybe I've already seen it but forget. Thx.

I think dis is the clip butterfly07 was talking abt :) its @ the end....


This part is very funny. I am also living in a very cold place & it's even snowing right now. I can understand LYW's feelings. Thank you very much fatlouie for the translation. Hope there's also someone who could provide us translations of her Zoom In video where she was also interviewed.

Nikachan, is this the Zoom In interview you are talking abt?

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I think LYW is really cute here.


It's always fun to watch her with her co-stars having a good time.


Good to see the photo with the King. LYW's always with the nangdo guys so we seldom see photos of her with other cast. Do you have photos of her with the Queen & with Chunchu? Love them too.

phetbeo thanks again for these bunch of photos. I enjoyed them.

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Yes, the reason why MBC finally chose LYW after sortied some actress like GHJ, Lee Young-ae (Jang Geum), Sung Yu-ri, Myung Se-bin (Queen in Goong S), is because of her tomboyish characters in some of her movies & earlier dramas. Because I love sageuk especially about 3 Kingdoms & Koryo (I hate Joseon), I already anticipated QSD since last 2008 when MBC announced it. I really didn't think that LYW would be chosen, her name didn't popped out as one of candidates & she still not as senior as the other candidates yet. So I reaaally happy & surprised when she being chosen. That folded my interest & anticipation in watched QSD a few times :P

About low budget, yeah, I'm sure it's 'coz of MBC drought in 2009. Except QSD & QoH, all MBC dramas failed in ratings. No matter how success QSD as monster ratings national drama, compared to all other failed dramas, I think MBC still suffered loss. So maybe they didn't want to expense too much money.

Yes Cahya, I guess so too. I think it's because of her tomboyish characters in some of her movies & earlier dramas. I have only seen Lee Young-ae in Jang Geum so I can't imagine her acting as a tomboy, she seems to be very feminine. I've seen Sung Yu-ri in Hong Gil Dong but I'd prefer LYW over her in terms of acting. Never seen GHJ & Myung Se-bin's movies & dramas so I don't know about them. Anyway, just happy that MBC chose LYW, I think she was perfect & did a wonderful job.

Thanks for making us understand about the low budget. The world is suffering right now because of economic recession anything can happen even to big companies, recent example to this is our JAL.

Yes, I've read it somewhere that she had that hairstyle purposely for Dr. Bong's image. She admitted it herself that it was a terrible hairstyle, lol!

I was re-watching this video & once again got so curious what Jukbang was saying. Can someone tell me what he said? Thanks.


Nikachan, is this the Zoom In interview you are talking abt?

fatlouie, I am talking about this video. Thanks.


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Guest lynn_9344

My goodness, I don't know where to start. So much has been going on in this thread lately. Thanks phetbeo for the pics.

Too bad she's taken :)KNG and LYW would have been a striking couple however I am glad she is happily married. Also I respect her husband for trusting and understanding his wife which I think is hard to do.

Thanks everybody for all the goodies. Keep it coming! hahahaha. I really love reading this thread.


I agree with you, that pic is so sexy.


Yeah I like JJM too.

She's still pretty even without any make-up on. Her pics when she was in Vietnam helping that boy shows her natural beauty.

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Whoaa.... yea too much to response, this thread running fast... :D :D

Speaking about FACEBOOK, yea i think it was made by Indonesian Fans, since QSD is now airing in Indonesia, today is episode 50.. one of peak episodes :P

but the Station , namely "INDOSIAR" since 2 weeks ago does'n show the full whole episode, they CUT some scene for commercial break,, arrrggg... so suck!! <_< <_< <_<

n from last four episodes, they devide the episode in two n reduce the timeline... no wonder, the station got many protest from the viewers... everybody complain, but the situation still the same, QSD used to be perform 1,5 hours, but now just 1 hour (plus commercial breaks approximately half an hour) so the drama actually just 0,5 hour... yeaa,,, So Saaad in my country... :huh: :huh:

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Guest fatlouie85

As promised.... B)










really very sweet :) she really didn't change much haha more family pics to come...


Pic of her attending the talent competition which kick start her career in showbiz ;) She was still in high school & was persuaded by her friends to sign up, & she won the 1st prize in the model category...

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Thx fatlouie, wow she looked very young, like teenager, not 22 years old woman.

I keep admire her again & again about her courage to married at young age with her peak popularity, when many ordinary women in this modern era don't want to get marry early. You can tell her uniqueness just from this 1 trait.

Fatlouie, I love the pic when she attended talent contest, so her hair short that time, how adorable :D

@ninimi: I heard that in Philly, they also cut some parts of QSD, many protests too.

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