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My Little Brother Sings Along To Dbsk

Guest wicked_

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My little sis is 4 yrs old and she sings along to Balloons, complete with all the kor. words xD

so adorable

awww, as adorable as yunnie's vici. ;):lol: heehee. show me a pic/vid when we see each other in tokyo.


little bro singing to db/or an idol group is cute, i think. at least it's not as haunting as seeing/hearing your dad messily singing screwed up lyrics to "you got wrong number. yeh yeh yeh. sorry, you got wrong number. dont call me no more... yeh yeh yeh"~ :crazy:

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Guest she leanss

aww so cute! i wish i had a little brother who would sing along too! haha. i have a nephew, and when he grows a bit older, i will brainwash him~ mwahhahaha

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Awww. Cute.

My 11 year old brother sings along to Big Bang, DBSK, Utada Hikaru, etc.

He says he doesn't like their music, but I always catch him singing along to their songs.


my 11 y/o brother too! and whenever I play Mirotic, my brother tries to do the Changmin's yeaaaaaah~ and the "come on come on! come on come on!" it's amusing XDDD

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