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[tele-cinema 2009]Love is Blind aka My Love, Ugly Duckling 얼굴과 마&#51020


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Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Ji Ah
Debuts Nov.06, 2009

Joint Korean-Japanese tele-cinema, 1 out of 9-10 episodes / 120 min duration each to be aired on TV.

Director : Lee Jang Soo (Stairway to Heaven, Love Story In Harvard)

Screenwriter: Ooishi Shizuka

Cast : Kang Ji Hwan, Lee Ji Ah

Official Site :

Related Site: http://movie.daum.net/tv/detail/main.do?tvProgramId=53611

Synopsis :

Wang So Jung is an ugly duckling who works in a wildlife magazine department. She meets a pretty boy, however, the man is so visually impaired that he believes that So Jung is a beauty.


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Guest babymarzy07

is this confirmed?? omg. kang ji hwan. enough said.

im not sure if lee ji ah can act well next to him but i like her enough.

ji hwan is enough. i wonder what this is about.

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thanks for starting this thread huangsy

happy to learn that Ji Hwan has a new project... I am happy that he will be acting opposite LJA

According to huskydawg ( of ji hwan thread) , Ji Hwan will be playing the role of a near perfect guy who had an accident and developed visual distortion where he sees ugly things as beautiful... also per huskydawg, they are going to start filming this month.

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Guest baqinardo

Is it drama or movie?

coz i read in Lee Ji Ah's thread, that her next project is a movie.. :unsure:

Ok. u edited already.

wow.. 2 hours per episode, huh?? :wacko:

hope it will turn out well..

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Give me Kang Ji Hwan anytime...I'm in! :P

He's really working his butt off these few years huh? He just wrapped up with Seventh Grade, and now he's onto another one..

The part of him seeing ugly things as beautiful reminds me of Shallow Hal the movie..

I think it's gonna be a cute movie..hehehe..

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shoving here what blackhear021 shared on lja thead. :) thanks so much!

the plot seems interesting.

Lee Ji Ah and Kim Ha Neul To Take On Telemovies Too!

Remember my previous posts on the joint Korea-Japan television movie series? Aside from the four previously announced titles, today, the remaining two of the six part telemovies/dramas were announced, with Lee Ji Ah and Kim Ha Neul taking one each.

Lee Ji Ah, who lasted acted in MBC “Beethoven Virus“, will be collaborating with Director Lee Jang Soo in the telemovie titled My Love, Ugly Duckling” as the female lead. She will be playing as Wang So Chung, an office worker in a wildlife magazine department, who is hideous but optimistic and possesses a vibrant charm. Even though she enjoys a high popularity within her department through her friendly personality, she isn’t liked by any man in terms of a love relationship. One day, she meets a “pretty boy”, and due to that man being visually impaired, he thinks of her as a beauty. Hence, Lee Ji Ah will play both the ugly and beautiful role.

deleted part about kim ha neul


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Defitnely looking forward to this. Glad to see KJH again on-screen. The story plot sounds intresting!

Thanks for starting the thread, huangsy

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Guest run_lola_run

Looks like I gotta add this one to my watch list hehehe....too many good dramas coming up and it's still early 2009. :sweatingbullets: Gonna make time for them all though. ;)

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