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Hyungdon & Taeyeon: Official Dota Couple Thread

Guest Soy

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from We Got Married
I was a bit hesitant about posting this thread but here it is since apparently they are an official couple for 'We Got Married' now. To be honest I think the main reason why I enjoy this pairing on the show because of how different they are and the fact that I treat them ... more of an entertainment pairing then actually a real-life couple for WGM, which in my opinion should be how the show is viewed, since well it is a .. show none the less and despite how much everyone wants the pairings to come true, a majority of the show is scripted and people have to realize that.

If you really don't like this pairing then don't post I guess, there's really no need for negatively, from either parties as it just makes their idols look bad, so I hope negative comments can be excluded from this thread and we can get some objective views about these episodes of WGM. I find what we've seen of the couple so far to be very funny and although obviously extremely scripted, I like the fact that they're trying to get Taeyeon to tame HD. I hope a good outcome will come from these two and more good episodes.

Do(Hyungdon)Ta(Taeyeon) Pairing Thread

Not really your regular good looking pairing. But still as entertaining ^^

I don't know something about them really intrigues me.... and makes me want to see how their relationship will continue to play off.

Subbed Episodes Thus far:

Episode 42




Episode 43





This is interesting I thought that HD and Taeyeon would be apart for his birthday but looks like he's coming to Thailand for the SMTown Concert with the girls.

[05.02.09] Taeyeon and Hyungdon's Honeymoon in Thailand?


MBC 'Sunday Sunday Night- We Got Married' newly added couple, SNSD's Taeyeon and Jung Hyungdon, left for a trip to Thailand.

One official on the 5th said, 'For a concert in Thailand, SNSD will leave the country for the next 6 days and 'We Got Married's' Jung Hyungdon have joined them.' During the afternoon of the 7th, SNSD will be part of 'SM Town Live '08 in Bangkok' Concert, taking place in Thailand's Bangkok Rajamangkala National Stadium. In this concert along with SNSD, DBSK, Super Junior, SHINee and artists under SM Entertainment will be meeting with their fans from Thailand.

It has been announced, 'We Got Married's Taeyeon's partner Jung Hyundon decided to choose the trip to Thailand to cheer and give strength to SNSD's member, Taeyeon, who is performing for the first time on a Thailand stage.

translations by juhyun @ soshified.com/forums

credits to Reporter Choi Seungyup


and cartoon pictures of the DoTa couple:



c; as tagged, sosi.egloos.com & soshified.com

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Guest Lishathestain

well now i'm not at the point of liking them, yet. but at least i'm getting used to the idea lol.

the cartoons are adorable! haha i like the first one xP

whoa he is actually going to Thailand too? hahah how awesome. i think it's nice of him of going there to support his wife & his wife's friends lol.

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Guest TaiTsuki


I knew he was going to be better with TaeYeon hahha.

He is actually really nice to those he idolize or likes hahah.

I can't wait to watch more. Esp SM concert~

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Guest yienyienyien

I have to admit that this couple is actually growing on me. -___- I was one of the ppl who said "OMFG NO!!!". Don Don is actually being very NICE to Taeng. Haha, i like the cartoon pics. And they're filming at Thailand..like..today/tomorrow? That's cool. :D

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i dont know how to say it but im kinda liking this couple...i dont want them to be 'together' but seeing them together theres just that weird thing that i feel (do you guys get what im saying?)... and

Hyundon is actually changing for the better lol or his just afraid of the anti-fans :P

hahahahahahah the GATE LOCK and the QUEEN ^-^

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atleast that's what happening to me hahaha XD

i dont hate hyungdon but i dont like his character in WGM

and him being nicer look scripted the changes just too drastic like in only 1 ep he change lol (eventho him being annoying also scripted lol) makes me think back of what he did in the past 40 eps XD

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Personally I don't mind to say that SNSD helps makes things more entertaining for me. But personally since I've been watching WGM, I've started to like this pairing. I guess maybe it's because it's kind of hard to predict what they're going to do next ... plus Taeyeon isn't even my favorite member, so I'm not watching this solely for her, but her personality and HD's are very interesting together.

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Guest yukinOrave

At first when i heard the news i was sooo disappointed but really~ I can't find anything so far that can make me curse him. lol

Infact, most of the time he makes me laugh and the most important thing is he can make Taeng laugh.~ ^__^

The episode 43 Hyungdon really impressed me~ ATLEAST~ he did something for Taengoo. ^_^ and it made Taeng happy. ^^

I was really touched by what Hyungdon did cause' he's like so afraid of the fish and plus it's winter so it's really cold.. but he had the courage to go into the cold water and catch a fish for taeng..

i think he's not really that bad.. ^^ well, i can't say this until Taeng and hyungdon WGM ended.. LOL

i'm looking forward to the next episodes.. ^__________^

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Guest plumblossoms

Soy~ Thanks for making the thread! Dota??? XD I was wondering when it would pop up ^^ I like this pairing on WGM, they're very amusing and I can't wait to watch more episodes of them! Thanks for the links, I haven't seen episode #43 yet <3

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Guest zahieyjunki

thnx Soy for making the official one!!

I love the cartoons pic!!

I still don't accept that guy coz before this I hate his personality!

But I only watch WGM coz of Taeyeon only!!

If it was not her, no way I'm gonna watch it!~

But do he have to fly to Bangkok too? Loll~ wth was that!

Maybe she so miss his "wifey" and afraid that Taeng is going out with someone else!!


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Guest dEviLLisH_aNgeL

at first i reaaaaaallllyy2 hate this idea.. LoL..

after watching the first ep starting, i got a bit cool down after hearing TaeYeon said she think of Hyundon and her as siblings. LoL

truth is why i can't accept this idea is thinking about the romantic scene of previous couple..really hope that WGM production wouldn't consider this for them. coz TaeYeon...although she is 21 (am i correct?)

i still think of her as an underage innocent girl. LoL

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dota , that's such a cool name

at first, I thought it referred to the game (defense of the ancients)

lol yeah... i was thinking the same thing after reading the title ^^

I am against this pairing from the start but I guess, I will learn to love the show. And yeah, it's like scripted ^^

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