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Jo In Sung | Zo In Sung 조인성 | 2018 Movie: The Great Battle

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Thinking about it, JIS really is my favorite (one of few) actor.

Every drama he has been in, his characters has been so different.

He is such a versatile actor. That's the number 1 reason (well, and he's cute hehe :P ) why I like him.

In NonStop, he was just such a cutie pie. A lot of well known actors have started from sitcoms.

Piano, I think, was his first drama while doing or after NewNonStop and it was such a different role for him that I was so intrigued. For those who have seen it, remember the near ending ("father" and the "crying")? Oh goodness. I was crying with them.

Star Shooting was with another cutie pie JIS ^_^ His devotion to JunDoYun was one of the best things about his character.

What Happended in Bali. Yes. A very different side of JIS. He had some "issues" he needed to work out, but his love for HJW was very true....he just didn't know the right way to love.

In Spring Day....he was the cutest doctor/musician. Enough said. Keke :P

I cannot wait to see him in this new movie everyone is talking about. From reading about it, looks like JIS is going to give us another reason why he is a versatile actor.

By the way, does anyone know any CLUBBOXS where I can DL HQ-Piano and Shooting Star?

Thank You~!

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Translated by CindyW88 via our forum (soompi)

10/24/05 – The filming of Jo In Sung’s new movie “Mean Streets (비열한 거리)” was started on 10/2 at a police station located at Choongmooro (충무로). JIS plays the role Byung Doo (병두) who is a hoodlum having to make a living to support his mother and two younger brothers. He grasps the lifetime opportunity when Chairman Hwang asks him to get rid of the prosecutor who has been harassing Chairman Hwang. However, he accidentally makes a mistake that brings him huge crises. The director Yoo Ha (유하) would like to truly present the mean reality of human being’s desires as well as the relationship between society and gang organizations. Yoo Ha’s previous work was “Spirit of Jeet Keun Do (말죽거리 잔혹사)” of 2004. “Mean Streets” is scheduled to be debuted in the spring of 2006.




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omg! he is jux too GORGEOUS!!! :lol: but wow...it seems like he is goin 2 protray an evil character. n tats new 4 me. since i hab neva seen JIS evil b4e. but te movie looks gud. :D looks like JIS will get plenty of awards next yr. YAY!!!

Playing a villian is so hot. :lol:

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Lovely pictures all around......*swoons*

Here are a few caps that I made from the Sad Movie premiere In Sung apparently attended though the quality might not be too good cus of the clip I originally capped from so bear with me.




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These news were translated from Chinese, but I think it must be an accurate news therefore I'm posting it. If you find it to be of an error, please PM me ^^ thank you.

October 30, 2005

Jo In Sung fears love confession

Translated by Erwinia (if you take this news anywhere, PLEASE credit Erwinia, thank you).

Pretty boy actor Jo In Sungs candid response to love confession

The lead actors in SBS drama Spring Day, Jo In Sung and Ji Jin Hee held a fan meeting session with 400 Japanese fans on 30 Oct. It was held in Seoul, Walkerhill Hotel at 3pm. When he was asked if he would confess his love like his character in the drama, Jo In Sung replied, it would be hard to confess. He added you have the right to love any woman before you confess but the right is lost after the confession is made.

He continued, Maybe it is better to love someone in secret, and dont I get to love more women if I do not confess? (This statement made the fans laughed)

Jo In Sung gave the sweater and the sunglasses that he wore to his fans as a token of his gratitude to them.

Although Jo In Sung was not well on that day, he stayed till the end of the event. (Everyone was concerned about him) Jo In Sung hurt his thigh while filming Mean Streets and thus it costs some inconvenience in his movements. Jo In Sung stated that he has only pulled his muscle, there is no fracture and will recover soon.






Translated by Fern

(Please credit to Fern if you take this news elsewhere, thank you very much).

Although Jo In Sung was not feeling well, he still attended at the fan meeting and everyone cheered him on warmly. Jo In Sung held a fan meeting with Ji Jin Hee on 30 in Seoul, Walkerhill Hotel at 3 pm. The event, exclusive for 400 Japanese fans, was held by Hallyu stars Jo In Sung and Ji Jin Hee, the actors in SBS drama Spring Day.

Japanese fans were shocked while seeing him. They expected Jo In Sung would look extremely good, but he was limping instead. When his fans saw him like that, they were surprised and their eye expression showed they felt so bad for him.

However, Jo In Sung was still shining. He moved to the stage center and talked to the Japanese fans who were worried about him, Lets start from greeting! said Insung. He greeted them in Korean first and then he used Japanese, Nice to meet you! Im Jo In Sung! And he continued Im currently filming Mean Streets. I was accidentally injured due to filming action moves. I was supposed to show you the best of me, but it turns out to be this way. Im so sorry. Jo In Sung explained what resulted in his injuries.

Im hoping everyone here is going to have wonderful memories when you leave. said Insung. He expressed his gratitude to all the fans. Even if he didnt feel well, Jo In Sung was still there the whole time through out the program and he friendly answered all the fans questions.

His fans were worried about his injured thigh. Jo In Sung didnt want them to worry him, so he explained I didnt hurt my bone structurejust my muscle. Its nothing serious!

On the day, In Sung gave his own collections to his fans, and shook hands with every fan there to provide the highest standard service.

Jo In Sungs injures were caused accidentally while filming "Mean Streets. The movie portrays the role Byung-doo who is in a low rated gangster organization and needs to feed his widow mom and two siblings. Its a project about peoples desire and the mean world. Jo In Sung plays as Byung-doo who swears and speaks with accent. His successful transformation in acting skill has become a hot topic.





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