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^^happy Birthday Top!

Guest jemnise

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생일축하해요 TOP 오빠 ♥

i love you and i truely wish you all the best

thank you for being so good looking and talented and dorky and lovable and funny and nice~

i can stare at you all day and listen to your voice all day you are so hot and sexy afhfl;aksfj

i hope you continue to be an amazing rapper/singer/actor and stay healthy and beautiful!

i hope to one day meet you and look into your eyes and shake your hand and watch you perform live

thank you for making me so happy all the time just thinking about you

well enjoy being 21 hehe ~i hope you have a wonderful birthday with all your loved ones

i will always be supporting you and i love you forever and ever <3

- 혜린 ♥

11.04.08 1:22 AM




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Guest jemnise

^^oh yea. so i think he would be SOOOO happy cause he'll spend

his birthday with his family and friends [especially his mom :D]

ooh and the voting in YGBB was extended.

jess is having a vacation of some sort til the 3rd so she extended the


keep voting guys! and spread the word!


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