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Love Attack (junai Tokko Taicho)

Guest Autumn1430263885

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Guest Autumn1430263885

really cute manga =)Love Attack...It's a really nice cute manga that'll cheer you up when reading it. It's not too known but i think it's really cute :3
Chiemi Yusa's high-school record is far from perfect. She's already been suspended twice for fighting, and she's not even half-way through her first year! In danger of getting expelled for starting yet another brawl, her teacher approaches her with an unexpected offer: get her classmate Akifumi Deranged Devil Hirata, the nastiest fighter in the whole school, to clean up his act, and her record will officially be cleared. Reluctantly she accepts, and immediately goes on the attack. But as she's waiting for him to retaliate, she discovers that he has more in store for her than just a fight! From the creator of Girl Got Game and Heaven!! comes a rollicking brawl of a good time as the roughest guy and girl in school get themselves into trouble--and find themselves in love.
Volumes: 13 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=1776Published by: Tokyopop (up to 6 vol)

Genre: comedy, romance, slice of life

It's avaliable on mangafox.com =)

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Guest ~fantasygurl~

i really love this manga so much! it's really funny and plus i recommend this manga to a college person and she told me that she loved it right away! i am in love with this manga and i was hoping this can also be an anime!

now that i think about it tan guys are kinda hot too..............

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Guys~ so yea, ive got the money to purchase this series and omg IT`S HELLA AWESOME.

im loving every single thing.

i`ll write up the summary for vol 6:

The volume picked up the last chapter from the volume 5 where the couple is trying to match make yukari and ohno. chiemi thought of the "fireworks festival" to get them together. yukari in the end is still unable to tell her feelings to ohno but she thought its fine that way. she was happy too that she got the necklace back she threw out of frustration from the last volume.

the next chapter is about hirata planning to ask chiemi to stay at his home since his grandma and younger brother won't be at home. yukari overheard this dicussion from hirata and his friends and so she tells chiemi about it. chiemi was a little ecstatic after hearing that but not until yukari told her that her father won't definitely allow her to stay at someone else's house, even her girlfriend's. so yea~ the following morning, hirata was like overthinking the words he could use to ask chiemi but chiemi came and was like "oh hirata, i heard from yukari that no one's gonna be in your house over the weekend" :lol: so chiemi said she can't stay over at his house but she definitely would be glad to come over and cook dinner for him which of course made hirata so happy and contented. that night, chiemi found out that her dad will be out of the town due to business meeting. she then got an approval to stay over at her girlfriend's house from her mom. weekend came and chiemi was getting all flustered because yukari told her stuff she hasn't thought of before going to hirata's house: that they could end up doing it.

chiemi then came over at hirata's house. both were at first so uncomfortable with each other but then they eventually starting making out and chiemi said that she`s ready and happy to do it with hirata. :wub: and yea~ just when hirata touched chiemi's thigh, the doorbell rang. LOL. of course, we should have seen this coming. LMAO. yukari and them were there to interrupt their night. frustrated, chiemi drank beers again. AUGH~ will they ever get the chance to sleep together??????!!!

last chapter opens up with a new character. this guy looks like chiemi's cousin from behind. thinking he`s getting bullied again by the guys who approached him, she knocked them all down and ran away with him. only then she found out that it was different man, moreover he`s a bishounen. the guy said he lost his contacts when chiemi pulled him. chiemi tried to help him search for it. lunch came by and they were still looking for it. she heard the guy's stomach grumbling and gave him the obento. the guy was like "but isnt this your obento? won't you get hungry?" to which chiemi replied, no that`s her boyfriend`s. she got another one for herself. the guy gave the obento back to her saying he wouldnt like to take an obento that's made for a boyfriend. then they left off after giving out each other's name. chiemi went to meet up with hirata and they had some lovey dovey moments. following that, the guy appeared in chiemi's class, giving her a present as a thanks for helping him out. chiemi introduced hirata to him and just after they part ways, hirata saw him smirking in such weird way. at home, chiemi opened the the gift. it was a ring that worths 78K Yen. she brought it back to him and the guy confessed that she actually tricked her because he knew once she found out the price of the ring, she`ll definitely bring it back. he said he`s so low for thinking that would be the best way to get her to talk to him again. he confessed his liking to chiemi and said he got abit sad to know she`s got a boyfriend and so he's fine with being just friends with her. chiemi said hirata wouldn't mind if she becomes friends with him since they're "just friends" anyway and so forgives him for the trick. at the end of the scene, we saw this guy around with two other guys. one of the guys said "hey, are you sure it's fine? this girl is hirata's girlfriend after all, you might get your head blow off, yknow." to which he reply "chiemi is so easy to decieve. she believes whatever she hears. this is going to be a good game". so yea, in the end he`s someone with hidden agenda.

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Guest kissybabalu

At first, I wasn't that interested

because I'm not used to the tan guys.

But I gave it a shot because I fell in

'like' with the main girl. And I'm a girl

too by the way. Chiemi is really tough

and you don't find many girl characters

like her. After a while, I started to fall in

LOVE with Hirata because of the way he

takes care of Chiemi and loves her is

absolutely adorable.

I love how they're both violent as well.


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^its prolly because the manga is already licensed and no one's actually releasing it online that's why nobody talks about it anymore :(

I would love to scan my own copy for you guys but I`m a bit busy as of now. plus im scanning Saruyama at the moment so i can just share summaries of the volumes if anyone is interested (even if no one is interested, i`ll still share it, LOL. sharing is love) :D so far, there are only 6 volumes released by Tokyopop.

This is really is an awesome manga. it's so funny. well, not really as funny as Girl Got Game (similar mangaka) but this manga's love story totally beats Girl Got Game's love story. You just can't help but fall in love with Hirata. Chiemi always has doubted Hirata's feelings for her yet he, as adorable as he is, never fails to express how much he loves and wants her :wub: so sweet.

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Guest em<3

Thank you for the offer :) but if you go on mangafox.com they actually have up to volume 6 scanned. ppl are just waiting for 7 to come out haha.

And I agree Jun'ai is FUNNY. i LOLed so many times reading it :D For some reason though, I read Power!! (aka. Girl Got Game) before this and I didn't find it that interesting/funny ^^;;;

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^AH! so the scans are on mangafox. I SEE I SEE. tee-hee, i only depend on mangaupdates that's why :sweatingbullets:

thanks for the heads up. that saves me writing up summaries then ^_^.... i really hope we can get more people to like this manga. its just amazing. and to actually think this is still ongoing in japan.

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Guest myluckyself

i liked girl got game. so most probably i will like this manga! thanks for the heads up! ^.^

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Guest kandi

thanks for reminding me of this manga. i loved this manga but then since it wasn't being updated fast enough , i kinda lost track of it.

After reading this thread i ended up reading vol 6. it was hilarious! can't wait for the next instalment.

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Guest asahina

does anyone know where i can read vol 11 online?

I've read until vol 10 and i just curious about the next chapter xD

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