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Kyouran Kazoku Nikki


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Anybody here's watching it?

I just started watching it a couple of hours ago and am totally in love with the Anime. Never have I seen an anime this eccentric and crazy yet totally entertaining! Never have I seen a family so dysfunctional either! Hahaha! Never have I laughed like this in an Anime in so long!!
It starts of kind of eccentric but it grows on you(well, after you've fully digested Kyouka-sama's very autocratic and self-obsessive ways). Best thing is that it actually teaches some morals at each episode.

So what's the story about?
A guy is destined to save the world. How? By marrying an autocratic and never-at-loss-for-words catgirl who happens to be the child of Genka; the monster who wanted to destroy the world a thousand years ago and before his total defeat, swore to come back a thousand years later with his/her kids to get revenge. One of those children happens to be Kyouka-sama; a catgirl who looks nothing older than a 10 year old but is actually a fully legal adult at 20. The two are then assigned to form a family to make the other children of Genka feel the warmth of humanity and family love for them to not have thoughts of putting the world into an apocalypse.

Yeah, basically, its about this dysfunctional family and how they are dealing their everyday chaotic life with their liable and totally guilty mother, Kyouka-sama. Well, if you have a brother of a lion, another brother that's a biological weapon created to destroy everything, a sister for a jellyfish, a brother whose a song of the third generation of a yakuza gang who happens to be gay and a sister from a clan responsible for many crimes, what chaos would not happen?!

Volumes: 4 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=35945Anime Episodes: 26




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Guest daisyy

it's got to be the worst anime i've watched all year.

lolicon tsundere girls? puh-lease.

overall, i found it boring, and a horrible attempt at comedy. the storyline wasn't that great, and the characters weren't that original and 'out there' as the creators intended them to be - just lame. terribly, terribly lame. sure, the idea can be original and all, but different doesn't equal to 'good'.

all in all, it sucked.

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