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Jung Ji Hoon * 정지훈 * 鄭智薰 * (aka Rain/Bi / 비 / ピ)

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*** TONIGHT September 24 is the last broadcast of "Welcome2Life". :P Time flies so fast that it seems the drama had just begun........ 







Jung Ji-hoon in "'Welcome 2 Life' shines for acting






Singer and actor Jung Ji-hoon (Bi) led the drama's popularity with stable performance.


MBC 'Welcome 2 Life' starring Jung Ji Hoon will end on September 24. 'Welcome 2 Life' is a romantic comedy investigative drama about a skilled lawyer Lee Jae Sang (played by Jung Ji Hoon) who enters a parallel world after getting into an unfortunate accident.  


His passion and hard work, which he continually pondered and poured out, earnestly seen by viewers.


In the first episode, Jung Ji-hoon has attractively portrayed two different world characters, a vicious lawyer, an adoring prosecutor, a daughter's father and a husband, with a wide range of acting skills that add to the genre. In the process, comic and tearful acts that change the atmosphere of 'good and evil' at once attracted viewers with the delicate emotional acting of Jung Ji Hoon who changed his facial expression and mood in every scene.


Earlier, 'Welcome 2 Life' writer Hee-kyung Yoo expressed her infinite trust in actor Ji-hoon, writing a script with Ji-hoon in mind. Kim Geun-hong lavishly praised Jung Ji-hoon's acting and effort, saying, "It's been a long time since I've been surprised by an actor for 20 years."


Fellow actors also showed deep affection for Jung Ji-hoon. Han Sang-jin and Choi Phillipe said, “We were impressed by Jung Ji-hoon's passion and energy,” and praised his being considerate for not only his acting but also leading the atmosphere of the entire scenes.




Reporter Kim Ji-yeon

credit : https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/404/0000252956?cluid=enter_201909240700_00000017
[Copyright ⓒ Asia No.1 Entertainment News enews24.net All rights reserved.
The section information in this article follows the classification of the media concerned.







'웰컴2라이프' 정지훈, 연기향한 진심 빛났다


[enews24 김지연 기자] 가수 겸 배우 정지훈(비)이 안정된 연기로 시청자들의 호평을 이끌었다.

정지훈이 주연한 MBC '웰컴2라이프'가 24일 막을 내린다. '웰컴2라이프'는 자신의 이득만 쫓던 악질 변호사 이재상(정지훈 분)이 의문의 사고로 평행 세계에 빨려 들어가 강직한 검사로 개과천선해 펼치는 로맨틱 코미디 수사 물이다.

정지훈은 법꾸라지들을 돕는 대형 로펌 변호사였다가, 정의로운 검사로 변화해가는 이재상의 두 가지 인생을 완벽히 그려내 호평 받았다. 아울러 월화극 시청률 1위 왕좌의 자리를 굳건히 지켜내며 화제성까지 입증했다.

쉼 없이 고민을 하며 진심을 쏟아 부은 그의 열정과 노력이 시청자들에게도 통한 것이다. 이에 종영을 아쉬워하는 목소리가 커지고 있다.

정지훈은 첫 회부터 장르의 묘미를 더하는 폭넓은 연기력으로 악랄한 변호사와 열혈 검사, 딸바보 아빠이자 남편 등 서로 다른 두 세계 속 캐릭터를 매력적으로 소화했다. 이 과정에서 펼쳐진 코믹 연기와 눈물 연기는 물론, '선과 악'의 분위기를 단숨에 바꾸는 반전 연기까지 매 장면 시시각각 눈빛과 분위기를 변화시키는 정지훈의 섬세한 감정 연기가 시청자를 매료시켰다.

특히 이재상에 몰입한 정지훈은 웃길 때에는 확실히 망가지고, 억장이 무너지듯 구슬프게 오열하고, 또 날카로운 수사 촉을 번뜩이며 싸늘하게 돌변하는 세밀한 완급 조절로 극을 이끌었다. '이재상'이 정지훈일 수밖에 없는 이유, '대체불가' 타이틀의 위엄을 증명해 보였다.

종영을 앞둔 마지막까지도 정지훈을 향한 호평은 끊이질 않고 있다. 앞서 '웰컴2라이프' 유희경 작가는 정지훈을 염두하고 대본을 썼을 만큼, 배우 정지훈에 대한 무한 신뢰를 드러낸 바 있다. 김근홍 감독은 "20년간 연출하면서 배우에게 놀란 것도 오랜만이다"라는 말을 전할 정도로 정지훈의 연기과 노력에 대한 아낌없는 칭찬을 했다.

동료 배우들 역시 정지훈에 대한 깊은 애정을 드러냈다. 한상진, 최필립 등은 입을 모아 "정지훈 씨의 열정과 에너지에 감동했다"고 말하며, 연기뿐 아니라 현장 전체의 분위기를 화기애애하게 리드하는 그의 배려심을 극찬했다.

김지연 기자

[Copyright ⓒ Asia No.1 연예뉴스 enews24.net 무단전재 및 재배포 금지]
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Rain updated his IG  

Mentholatum ad   https://www.instagram.com/p/BXpNKArFbsY  

*** Last group photo before the last EP tonight September 24. Rain said: "I learned a lot as an actor from this drama. Personally,  this drama will remain in my memory for a long time. I have mixed emotions about this work.
Thank you to all of you who loved Lee Jae Sang. My sincere thanks also to all the staff who worked hard in the hot summer, and to Director Kim and Writer Yoo who created Lee Jae Sang. I will do my best to greet you all again in future with a better me.
Sincere thanks to all of you who showed your love to "Welcome2Life" during this period."






credit : Raincloud10

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*** It's a good drama. :P





“Welcome 2 Life” Main Cast Share Final Thoughts Following Drama’s Conclusion




Rain, Lim Ji Yeon, and Kwak Si Yang have revealed their thoughts on the end of their drama “Welcome 2 Life.”


MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Welcome 2 Life” aired its finale on September 24 after delivering endless tears, laughs, and nerves to their viewers during its run.


A photo of the cast from the final shoot displays the actors’ lasting chemistry and features Rain, Lim Ji Yeon, Kwak Si Yang, Park Won Sang, Jang So Yeon, Park Shin Ah, Im Sung Jae, and Hong Jin Ki. Various behind-the-scenes photos were revealed as well, including child actress Lee Soo Ah and bright smiles from story villains Son Byung Ho and Shin Jae Ha.




In Rain’s final comments, he shared, “This is a project that allowed me to feel and learn a lot as an actor. I think it’ll last in my memory for a long time, and I’m sad, yet refreshed. Thank you to the viewers who adored Lee Jae Sang. Also, thank you to the staff who endured the hot set all summer and to the writer and director for creating Lee Jae Sang. I will work harder so I can greet you all with a better image. Thank you so much for loving ‘Welcome 2 Life.'”


Lim Ji Yeon, who portrayed both a tough detective and loving wife, commented, “I have worked my hardest for this drama to the point where I don’t even know how the last four months went by. Thank you to the director and my fellow actors who stayed with me even though I am lacking so much. I was so happy to have filmed while receiving so much love. Thank you to everyone who watched


‘Welcome 2 Life.’ I will work harder to greet everyone with a good project and a more mature side of myself.”


Kwak Si Yang shared, “It was my first time in awhile greeting viewers through television, but I had such a good time filming from start to finish. To the director, writer, staff, and my fellow actors, it was so fun meeting such good people, and I learned a lot. It’s regretful and sad that I have to leave ‘Welcome 2 Life’ and Goo Dong Taek behind. Thank you to the viewers who stayed with us in both universes.”


Watch the finale of “Welcome 2 Life” below!



Watch Now





Source (1) / soompi news

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Update 3rd Week l 10 Most Talked About Actors & Dramas On September 2019


Good Data Corporation releases weekly rankings of the most talked about dramas and actors/actresses of the airing dramas. The data are collected from the netizen’s reactions to online news, community, social media and videos.


1st Week of September (Release on Sept. 9)


1- “At Eighteen

2- “Hell is Other People

3- “Arthdal Chronicles

4- “Doctor John”

5- “Be Melodramatic

6- “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

7- “Class of Lies

8– “Mother of Mine”

9- “Welcome 2 Life

10- “The Great Show”


most talked about actors, most talked dramas, kdramas most talked

Good Data Corporation



1- Ong SeongWu – “At Eighteen

2- Ji Sung –  “Doctor John”

3- Kim HyangGi – “At Eighteen

4- Lee DongWook – “Hell is Other People

5- Lee SeYoung –  “Doctor John”

6- Song JoongKi – “Arthdal Chronicles

7- Rain – “Welcome 2 Life

8- Im SiWan – “Hell is Other People

9- Song SeungHeon – “The Great Show”

10- Shin SeKyung – “Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung


most talked about actors, most talked dramas, kdramas most talked

Good Data Corporation


2nd Week of September (Release on Sept. 16)


1- “At Eighteen

2- “Arthdal Chronicles

3- “Be Melodramatic

4- “Hell is Other People

5- “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency

6– “Mother of Mine”

7- “Vagabond

8- “The Great Show”

9- “Welcome 2 Life

10- “Let Me Hear Your Song


most talked about actors, most talked dramas, kdramas most talked

Good Data Corporation



1- Ong SeongWu – “At Eighteen

2- Park JiHoon – “Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency

3- Song JoongKi – “Arthdal Chronicles

4- Jang DongGun – “Arthdal Chronicles

5- Kim HyangGi – “At Eighteen

6- Song SeungHeon – “The Great Show”

7- Suzy – “Vagabond

8- Lee SeungGi – “Vagabond

9- Rain – “Welcome 2 Life

10- Kim JiWon – “Arthdal Chronicles


most talked about actors, most talked dramas, kdramas most talked

Good Data Corporation



source : https://www.kpopmap.com/10-most-talked-about-actors-dramas-on-september-2019/

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*** “Welcome 2 Life” ended and increased in ratings. :P





Monday-Tuesday Korean Drama Ratings | 4th Week Of September




Monday-Tuesday K-Dramas’ ratings are back! Which drama came first in the ratings this week?

“Let Me Hear Your Song” ended and from next week “Tale of Nokdu” with Kim SoHyun, Jang DongYoon, 5urprise’s Kang TaeOh and more will premiere on the same time slot of KBS.

“Welcome 2 Life” ended.


Sept. 23 (Monday)
Welcome 2 Life Ep.30 MBC 6.1%
Welcome 2 Life Ep.29 MBC 4.5%
Let Me Hear Your Song Ep.30 KBS 3.5%
Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency JTBC 3.4%
Let Me Hear Your Song Ep.29 KBS 3.0%
The Great Show tvN 2.2%


Sept. 24 (Tuesday)
Welcome 2 Life Ep.32 MBC 6.0%
Welcome 2 Life Ep.31 MBC 4.2%
Let Me Hear Your Song Ep.32 KBS 4.0%
Let Me Hear Your Song Ep.31 KBS 3.6%
Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency JTBC 3.5%
The Great Show tvN 2.1%




source : https://www.kpopmap.com/monday-tuesday-korean-drama-ratings-4th-week-of-september/

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*** Han Sang Jin posted on his Instagram group photos at the wrap up party and the gift World Cloud prepared for him. He thanked all his co-actors and a special mention thanks to Rain: "who's silently leading the team to the end, you are the best!" He also thanked the World Cloud for the gift.  :P









credit : Raincloud10

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*** This fan joined the last EP of the drama. She said that she shivered every time she's near RAIN. She was really nervous! She's embarrassed, too. She was happy that after 16 years of being a fan she finds it so amazing that they were caught in the same angle together with RAIN. :P








credit : Raincloud10

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