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Choi Shiwon And Bae Seul Gi

Guest AddiCOFFEE

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Guest luluchan

hahayeh...both realli hot people~

haha but anwyayz..i think BSG looks good with anyone....hahah

i love brian and seulgi....

yeh...Brian chose BSG over Gwak Minji girl..that GLARE girl...

haha but they were soo funni!!!

cute pix!!!

i love that game where the couples have to run to each n hug, but with that elastic donut thing around them!!!

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Guest lynnshim

I think Sungmin and Seulgi couple is cuter ^^ Is it just me?? Lol its because.. Bae Seul Gi is my role model and Sungmin (from Suju) is my love<333

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Guest gerlie777

choi shiwons dimples are to die for ... and BSG is so lucky .. haha

i heart choi shiwon .. and choi shiwon hearts me .. and evryone else ^___^

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Guest Mishxmish

he must have gotten those dimples done or osmething c ause they are aboslutely way too perfect lol~ i seriously melt when i see him lol~ he seems like such a sweet guy lol

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Guest bubblyhyunghee

I think they were a cute couple. The other Super Juniors members seem to like her to like Sungmin.

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Guest `starry.night

I also love seeing the two together.. I get disappointed when I don't see them paired (which is lately).

I blame SeulGi for them 'seperating' though. He has always come to her until she chose Brian (for the piggy back thing) over him.

It's also probably because BSG's not going to be on LL anymore so they had to seperate the cute couple so other couples could form.

But they're my favorite couple.

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