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[reality] Junjin's High School Girls 4

Guest robotic

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Guest anecia

I look at those girls and i can only think of one word


But i think its's gonna be interesting seeing an idol becoming a father

Translation for video(starting from the part when Junjin speaks):

(Junjin) My father said before,if one wants a peaceful family,compared to having a boy,a

girl is better.

(MC) Not far off...straw jihye is spotted

(Straw Jihye) They're gone,its a little uncomfortable...because there's camera around thats

why they're uncomfortable.Firing them(camera crew) for not helping is ---

[didn't finish her sentence]I feel like going to the toilet

(Junjin) If the child would to be similar to me,in terms of exercising,it would be better if

its a boy.If its a girl,it would be better if she's bubbly.

(Jihye's friend) Jihye's here

( Jihye) why is it like this.I feel like sh*ting!!

( Jihye's friend)Why?You feel like sh*ting this time?

*skip junjin's part*

( Jihye)Isit itchy?Don't scare me

(junjin)It would be good if she has alot of friends

(MC) Don't worry about the "friend" part

(Junjin) perservere

(MC)Jihye who sits comfortably on the motorbike,junjin looks like he found the right


(Jihye)I like smiling

(Crew)What is that thing hanging on your neck?

(Jihye) A probation card [no idea what card is that]

(Crew)Why do you hang it there?

Jihye)because I'm still under probation,I've been to youngster's home.

(Crew)Why did you get in?

Jihye)Me?I got into trouble with some friends...just.. we stole money

(crew)What is that on your leg?

Jihye)Mahura,To cover a wound

(crew)How did you get the wound?

Jihye)I got it when i was riding the motorbike.I like to ride the motorbike

jihye)I'm going crazy.Why is it like that?I'm going off!I'm really going crazy

Jihye's friend)I told you not to laugh

crew)what is jihye's nickname?

jihye) [sth sth genius]

crew)what would people say when they see jihye

jihye)Me?They say I'm very cute

crew)which part of you?



Junjin)How is it?Very deep impression.Its not living together that kind of thing right?

Crew)You guys have to live together.Cook,wash clothes

MC)Junjin feels kinda shocked

crew)because you're the father

PD)is that ok?

MC)Because of the last minute notice from the crew,there is no choice but to listen

to them.

junjin)But where are they(daughters)where?

Crew)Bring then over and its settled

Junjin)Me?Isit me?


Junjin)Its not the crew that is bringing them over?I'm bringing them over personally?

From now on I'm becoming a father?

Crew)We have prepared a house.


Crew)just bring them here

Junjin)No,where are the kids?They don't know me.After i got there,i tell them I'm

their father and I just bring them over?

Crew)It seems good if you do it that naturally for the first time

Junjin) naturally...

(A few days later)

Junjin)Jihye!jihye!jihye!Stop!You!Stopthere!Stop!Come here.Do you know who am i?

I'm your father from now onwards.Where are you going?Come here!Don't

run away.Come here.Understand?Come here quickly.Come here.Climb on.

You have to wear the helmet if this is the case.Dangerous.Dangerous.You have

to listen to your father from now on.Dangerous.Because the motorbike is dangerous

you can only sit on the motorbike when Dad(referring himself) is riding.Really.

MC) Just one word" Dangerous" Junjin have already said it 6 times

(2nd daughter)

(Dahye)What?Who are you with?She wants to stab?Because of being caught by the polive

thats why there's a fine.

Crew)Is it playtime for you during school?Or are you studying hard?

[not sure what she's saying]

Crew)Where do you play most often?

[no idea what place she's saying sth like a pond or a stream]

Junjin)although I'm like this,not being good with studies but being this way there is

still a side when I'm learning sth seriously.It will be good if my child is like


crew)why are you not playing with ur friend now

Dahye)I'm different from the secondary sch friends,only caring about studies

Crew)What do you think about Junjin


crew)What is the biggest trouble you have got yourself into?

Dahye)Beating up someone?If I'm not satified then I'll just beat that person

Crew)What do people say when they see dahye?

Dahye)I'm born because of my face(pretty)

(here is where dahye work as a fitting model)

junjin)It should be the most important thing...I..have a big dream.If my daughter

is like that...it will be good

Store manager)Did you smoke?

dahye)I did not!

Skip conversation part

junjin)Yea.I'm going because of my kids

(here is where pretty face dahye is schooling)

crew)To find her,go to grade one class 5.

junjin)Suddenly I'm a father..Hello(politely)I'm here to find dahye.I'm dahye's father

Dahye ah.Only 2 years difference(referring to the teacher)Kids,please

take care of dahye for me.Bye.


Junjin)Why? x3

Dahye)I just feel embarrassing

Junjin)The teacher doesn't know that our(teacher and him) age is different by 2

years old right?

Dahye-He says both of u are the same age

Junjin)Same age?*laugh*

Teacher)who says that there's a difference by 2 years old

Junjin)I'm a father suddenly

(Enxi who is shopping)

*skip junjin's part*

Crew)How much is your monthly allowance?


Enxi)Looks very cheap

Employee)Its not a cheap material

Enxi)It looks like a 10000 won bag

Employee)2570000 and then minus 30%,I'll charge you for 2390000won

Enxi)For the card I can use around 1500000 won,for last month,it exceeded till 2500000

and it got cancelled

Junjin)The kids no need to know about anything else,they just have to grow up


Crew)How do you fight?

Enxi)Using my fist.Like this,grab the head and do it like this

Crew)What is the biggest trouble u got into?

enxi)Run away from home.3 months?I fought(verbally) with my father .My father

chase me wearing only shorts and T-shirt.During winter,and it was a snowing

day. He nearly got frozen.

Crew)Who is your ideal guy?

Enxi)Lee Seung Gi

Junjin)Very very cute(basically the crew is asking what is his ideal kids)

Crew)what do u think of junjin

Enxi)His head is too big

Crew)Junjin is going to see this in future

(The 3rd daughter is caught at the place where she's spending money)


Enxi) *cold towards him)

MC)Junjin doesn't know what to do.


junjin)She's my daughter


Junjin)She's my daughter,My daughter*telling the crowd*What?There's no reaction.

Run x3.

(4th daughter)

Crew)Which country have you been at?

Xin)Canada,because I don't feel like studying.M parents want to make m feel like

studying and thats why they sent me there.And because I want to play,I came

back to korea.Korean doesn't seem to know english.Grab any by-passer and act

like a mix blood,talking in English..acting very frightened

Crew)Did anything big happen overseas?

xin)because I didn't know how to speak English,the kids scare me.And because I'm angry

i beat up a kid and the situation became big.

Crew)How do you play when you're in korea with ur friends

xin)Its good when i'm with overseas friends.american style

junjin)Its good if she(daughter) is bubbly and sociable

MC)Like what junjin sees,xin is very sociable.

*skip junjin part*

Club employee)What year are you

Xin) 88

Club employee)You can't go in with No ID

Xin)I can't go in if I don't have ID?

Junjin)I wana teach my daughter some manners

Crew)Do you like * not sure what*

Xin)I like.Chosing what types of boy is kinda difficult.I want to use my ow standard.

junjin)Mr...sorry...I'm this child's father.Hi!Father.father.I'm sorry i have to take xin

with me.

(A day just pass by like that with the kids)

Junjin)What do you think of the house?Satisfied?

dahye) Are we going to live here?

Junjin)It looks like it

xin)Did you got it wrong?

Junjin)Nope,this is the right one.I'll go in first and look around.

Enxi)How do we get in?

(Kids got scared after seeing a dead(no idea what is that))

Junjin)What happen ?What happen ?what happen?

xin)My lagguage is heavy

Junjin)How are we gonna live here?There's not even a fire here

Enxi)Are we gonna eat and sleep here?

Xin)There's no shoe cabinat,I wana put my shoes

Junjin)You can place your shoe on the floor

Xin)Are you joking?What of the ants get in?

Junjin) *thinks* ah...if thats the case,you can't place it on the ground

Junjin)Lets go in and check things out

1 of the daughters) I wana go back

Junjin)But there's soil in our house

dahye)The celing has fallen off


Xin)I'm not going in.I'm not going in.

Dahye)Me too

Junjin)This is where we are living.

*tweet sound*

Junjin looks like he just scolded some bad words

Dahye)What happens if dad scolded bad words?

Junjin)When did i scold bad words?Me?It just came out naturally

junjin)Come on over,be careful.Hurry up kids.The probelm here is that there is no fire

tomorrow...you're(enyi) going to buy lamps or TV

Enxi)Why me?

Junjin)Tomorrow you're going to clean up the kitchen

Enxi)Then what are you gonna do dad?

Junjin)Wait.You're gonna clean the toilet.100% understand?

Enxi)I'm asking you what are you gonna do dad

2 of the daughter)You're sweating x2

1 of the daughters)Are we really gonna clean up tomorrow?

Xin)Are we really gonna do all that tomorrow x2.I really hate it.My mood is really bad

Junjin)You...you think dad is'nt feeling annoyed too?

Xin)I really hate this

Junjin)Dad was sick yesterday

Xin)I was sick yesterday too.

Junjin) *stutter* I have 4 daughters...dad is sick *stutter*

Xin) *Tweet* *said some bad words*

(rest of the daughters start teasing Xin)

Junjin)*english*Hey.Stop Come on.


Junjin)*english* Stop x2

Enxi)Like a babo(stupid) saying "what" *refering to Xin*

Junjin)AhhWhat am I going to do.

Xin)Your pronounciation is not good

Junjin)Hi.Come and eat x2.Sit down,please

Xin) Cheh

Junjin)Cheh?!?! sit on this

xin)I hate sitting on this

junjin)Then you can just stand

rest of the daughters)I don't wana sit on this too x2

junjin)what am i going to do with you?

enxi)I miss my mom

jihye)There's a bug

Junjin)what am i going to do about this place?

Enxi)This place can't be fixed

Junjin)What should we do.You can give any ideas.

Jihye)I don't know.

Junjin)You don't know?Just try and give any idea

jihye)I really don't know anything

Junjin)Stop it!! *flare up*

Junjin)We can use this room to play a game.(not sure what game he's saying)

Junjin)starting from 2


Enxi)I'm hungry..lets order something

Junjin)what can we order form here

Xin)I'm vexed..i hate this

Junjin)Why are you pouring your temper on me?

Jihye) *says sth

Junjin)you are doing this...what am i going to do if you pour your temper on dad(me)

I can't hit you.Stop it.

Jihye)I like this

Enxi)what are we going to do?Rice!

dahye)Give me rice

Junjin)Then I'll go buy rice.What do you guys wana eat

All 4 daughters) Lets go together

*junjin who wants to get out of this alone*

Junjin)I'll be back soon.OK..we're a family,understand.Lets shout"fighting" together

Enxi)No...be back soon

Enxi)Upwards or downwards?

Junjin)lets do it once.Whoever wants upwards do it upwards,whoever wants

downwards do it downwards.I'm not sure what the outcome will be.


Xin)I said it before(meaning that she said she's going to go downwards)

Junjin)No..but Xin's attitude towrds dad(junjin)...

xin)I'm very stright forward...really

Junjin) "I'm going downwards!~" It scary (refering to xin)

Xin)Dad's eyes is even more scary

Junjin)Whats wrong with me?When?

Xin)Dad's eyes is even more scary

junjin)I said thats enough(telling them to stop throwing that styrofoam).Everything is

good now?are you guys satisfied with this family?Why are you laughing?

stop it!Are you guys not tired?

Enxi)how are we going to sleep if we're hungry

enxi)look it this (playing with junjin)

jihye)unnie move over

Junjin)Dad will go buy rice..i'll come back after i buy rice

enxi)What?Lets go together.How can you leave your girls here!!

Junjin)Are you a girl?You are more like a guy

Enxi)Forget it..there's no use..thats why mom will run away

Junjin)she(mom) ran away because of you.

Enxi)forget it

junjin)forget it...I'm going off

Dahye)Jihye you look like a ghost

junjin)Lets not care about the house.Lets go out and buy chicken

Enxi)Aren't we buying back or are we eating it there?

Junjin)No..because we need to get use to our house

Enxi)How are we gonna eat here

junjin)lets go.Hold hands

*eveyone starts grabing his hands*

*first time his popularity is full marks in this family*

junjin)What should you guys do?

Jihye) *tweet* *said some bad words*

junjin)What did you guys say?If you say bad words there will be a beeee sound

junjin)*start saying sth that was censored*

credits: me

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Guest squallie

Awwww I'm so excited! It's kind of like Conduct Zero where there were about 6 delinquents and Kim Jae Dong had to shape them up in order to be good again. BTW, the boys on that show were mighty good looking. I'm excited for this because I love Junjin and these girls are really pretty.

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Guest ultaeja

Awww, this is cute :]

I can't wait to see it ^^;;

For some reason, this show sounds different than others and I'm looking forward to it :D

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oh! lols...i cant wait to see this!!

i think JunJin would be a wonderful father/guardian to these girls!

i'm excited for this now ;)

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Guest da_thao

maybe Shinhwa can make an appearance,lol.i'm really excited to watch how this work out.JunJin is in a lot of shows,this is a great year for him.

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Guest chinese tears <3

LOL, this seems interesting!!! :o Can't wait to see JunJin in it, haha. The girls look kind of too old to be high schoolers though!

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