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[reality] Junjin's High School Girls 4

Guest robotic

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Guest lilswtazndevil


im really curious about this...

those are 4 lucky girls!

i wish i am one of them! XD

well, looking forward to it!

jun jin! <33

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Guest VINTAGE'art: moderne

Idk... seems a tad bit like conduct zero and looks staged. What was with the preview? (I skimmed) They're all freaking out when the camera's appear telling them to leave and Junjin asks them if they're hungry at the end? Weird.

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Guest naomz

man it'll be hard for those gurls not to flirt with jinnie! i would have even if he was supposed to be my dad! lol!

for some reasons i want to see hwang bo guest! :D

i guess that's why there was a poll regarding jinnie being the #1 choice for being the best guy to be a dad!

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Guest JanenY

This show's looks so interesting~

ewww the four girls so lucky!!

i absolutely want to watch it ><

and i think third girl so pretty ♥♥♥

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Guest lilo_azn_gurl


hope junjin can take care of all of them!!

but mostly himself!!!!

wonder wat jobs hes gonna get!!!

Im curious on how he shows gonna look like!!!

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Guest miss lakwon

I'm not looking forward to this at all.

Those girls have been chosen because they skip school 24/7 and are known to be "bad" girls.

I don't want JunJin to be treated in that horrible manner.

Many SHCJ fans in Korea are extremely upset and to the point in calling in MNET to bring JunJin out.

JunJin's image is really going to break down in this show.

I don't know if it's going to be a good thing for him or bad.

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Guest mansanasnam

oh my!

he is really gonna be a dad here!

oohhh! wishhim luck!

hope he'd do well!

ask help from Hwang Bo!

she's umma material!

junjin fighting!!

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Guest honeybeeshrimp

maybe it gonna end up touching or soemthing. i personally think seems like a good father figure but this is just too weird. @__@

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I'm really happy that Jinnie is getting his own show...but I don't know how I feel it being this show :sweatingbullets:

It's is a bizarre concept, and sometimes the previews are misleading...so I guess I'll have to wait for it to air.

I have a feeling Junjin will be more of a 'oppa' than an 'appa' :)

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