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[reality] Junjin's High School Girls 4

Guest robotic

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Guest robotic

EPISODE 1 080806 credit:sogoodla


just finished watching this myself..

i must say i find the girls incredibly obnoxious T___T

poor junjin..

jin's confrontation with the english jabbering 'daughter' is too cute.

*points to self* 'father, father..'

'i'm serious..'

*stands in front of taxi*

overall, it's an interesting concept

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Guest Love-Formula

OMG I loooooooooooove these girls! They're so incredibly funny! Seriously, they're not afraid of anything. Finally some REAL rebellious girls. It will be very hard for Jun Jin to handle them, but that's supposed to be the point of the show. If they were gentle and obediant, there would be no fun. And too bad for the negative comments on this show, those who are enjoying it (me) will keep watch it anyway.

JUN JIN FIGHTING <3 (because you really need it XD)

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Guest bellado

Just wondering... is anybody going to make subs for this?

I really want to see this, but too bad I don't understand Korean. =\

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Guest ninasaurus

lawlz xD ! I love his reaction when he first sees the girls. it's like "omg what did I

just get myself into...help?" haha wow interesting.

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Guest Cherry-

i'm really curious about this show.. i mean in real life wouldnt 4 high school girls be really really sweet and helpful to junjin? hahah. since hes a celebrity and all. but we'll see, i hope someone subs it *___* ^^

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Guest dehoot

Oh that was hard to bear. Seriously I despise punk children and these girls seem just like that.

I'm with shcj that this is a terrible show. I feel bad for Junjin...

Not to mention, it's set up so awkwardly.

They're just randomly plucked and have to start calling him "appa" all of a sudden?

And that means they're suddenly sisters...

And what's with the DARKNESS.

The camera is on NIGHT VISION the whole frikin show.

It's really confusing and makes you dizzy because of how much the camera swings around.

I don't get why the house they live in is so crummy.

It really doesn't make sense to me.


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Guest yooniceland

omg i watched it

and that girl who went abroad to canada is really pissing me off.

yeah shes pretty but she's such a pinkberry... <-grr i hate the soompi swear filter. D<

speaking in another language just to make them look pathetic or confused is really low.

if i was the mother of that show, i would slap all those girls until their faces turn red.

if they try to beat me, i guess i'll use a shovel or a kitchen knife (NOT TO STAB) to warn them.

i got pretty pissed when they started acting up.

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Guest aaclove

wow, these are like seriously rebellious girls.

that chick from canada sounds like a major handful though - the most snobbish attitude.

i really wanted to smack her.

sheesh. i would NOT want to be in jun jin's shoes.

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Guest Atmosphere.

No offense that sort of reminded me of Michael Jackson and the little kids sleeping with him.

Because of his own lonely childhood, Junjin has always dreamed of having a warm family of his own

But I love Junjin oppa! That's so cool he has his own reality show!! ^___________^

and I love Michael Jackson too, but just the story of lonely childhood reminded me of that.

But 4 pretty daughters? uhh? *jealous*

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Guest kriza_09

I've watched the show... and I have to say the girls are not as bad (at least not yet) as I expected... They might be rebellious, but they still have manners and they're naughty in a somewhat cute way because they don't know any better and they need someone to guide/teach them... They might be a little hard to handle, but I think deep down they will still care about others (Junjin and their 'sisters' in this case) and we can expect some emotional moments from this show... of course, by 'girls' I don't include Kang Byul (the one from Canada).. she gets on my nerve, like the kind of selfish richard simmons we find a lot in chick films, basically the kind of girls I hate the most... it might be too early to judge, but she seems to look down on other people and doesn't care about others at all...

Anyway, i'm looking forward to next week epi.. I actually kind of 'like' the girls for being more daring (instead of the usual shy fangirls) and not really caring about junjin's background as a celeb... and I think Junjin is the most suitable celeb to take this role, since he used to be delinquent too when he was younger... he has experience of running away from home, being held in police station, sneaking into school at night, etc.. basically he grew up on the street.. So he should be able to understand those girls better than people who were good students at school or 'mama's boys' at home (i can't imagine if hyesung/dongwan/andy took this role.. lol)

Oh well, all I can say is: Junjin, fighting!!!

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i'll keep watching this.

the first episode was a little...odd. but i'll see a couple more episodes to see if i like it or not.

but i will say, that miss canada really made me mad. her random english is lame, and it seems like she

thinks shes SOOO kewl.

also, i noticed these girls cuss so much XD!

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Guest sreese

The girls are a bunch of crackheads and psychos, esp the one from Canada who can speak English so eloquently. seriously, they look like they grew up in the streets. what made JunJin do this?

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