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[reality] Junjin's High School Girls 4

Guest robotic

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Guest Rachel Lee.

it pains me to say that this show sounds like the dumbest show ever.

i expected this thread to reveal jin's 4 hidden daughters, LOL. i was like - dang, when did he have the time to have a daughter, let alone FOUR of them?

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Guest jasmine_korea

LOL XD he is not so old and those girls aren't so young either !!!!

The concept looks pretty weird to me if you ask..but sure we'll wait and see XD

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Guest tiffyisashinhwafreak!


i want to watch this!


i'm totally EXCITED about this :)




are UNCLES, then?


but anywaies, thanks for

sharing the news & pics with us :)

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Guest ninasaurus

haha what? hm the premise sounds interesting? lol I don't know, it seems pretty

funny. I want to see it because it sounds like it's going to be hilarious.

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Guest xXsmilesXx

Awwww I'm so excited! It's kind of like Conduct Zero where there were about 6 delinquents and Kim Jae Dong had to shape them up in order to be good again. BTW, the boys on that show were mighty good looking. I'm excited for this because I love Junjin and these girls are really pretty.

lol this is the girl version of conduct zero..haha..

no but i'm pretty sure it'll be scripted..well at least i think so.

this is very interesting, can't wait for it.

btw the guys on conduct zero were mighty fione.

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