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Guest a/-/6!E

WOW! eun hye and Jung Hoon look so compatible!! i also noticed they've been having quite a few public appearances together.....cute pair!

a/\/6!E, do you by any chance know what that show those pics are from?


this one???

it's from old eP. of x-man ...

if ur askin' about eunhye and jung hoon ... it's for some computer software game or sumthing like dat ... i think i dl the clip,too

more new Pics




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WARNING: Super long post ahead!   Warriors, Neris, Amazings, & Grapes (Chinese fans),   Hi all. Long time no see. How is everyone doing? Just want to say a really big thank you to

Hello everyone, I'm feeling so proud of YEH this episode and that's why I decide to share with everyone the good feeling. Here is the rough translation I did for YEH's part. I'm putting out a disclaim

cr:YEH Vietnam/weibo


if anybody has a trans for this show, mind posting it? or if a kind soul could give a trans on what she said on the show that would be really cool. thank u.

she looked so pretty on the show and it was so nice 2 c EunHye and MC Yoo side by side again. 2 sweet.

P.S. the show is Come to Play; Episode 77 and dated 12-02-05 & if anybody wants it, it's on maysia's CB in HQ.

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Guest arina_shinh

just make some caps.... when she still a baby vox....love her dancing skill....

i think one of the best dancer among them....





i love her outfit...and her hair....and the way she pose.....so freakin' sexy!!

and i'm a girl...hehe

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Guest minshoo

she was so underrated before xman. i heard that before she was chubby people treated her differently. i wouldnt say bad cuz i just read it from a forum. like reporters pay more attention to her other group members. im glad a lot of ppl like her cuz she is just down to earth kind of girl.

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just like shin ji from koyote, yoon eun hye was also "picked on" and made fun of by other stars about her being "fat" which made her stronger and by doing something about it. i admire her for her classy and her being real. it brings out the true character of her. [:

-S0LLY <3

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Guest minshoo

i just saw her on mbc gayo ceremony and she was dressed in white..........shes so pretty in it........its a new year and i want to wish her best luck with this year and best luck to her new drama. unni Eunhae AJA AJA HWAITING!!!

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Guest lenakeem

shes my role model XD

i love how tough she is. and shes not the "OMG I CANT DO THAT ITS DISCUSTING" kinda girl.

&& she doesnt really care what other ppl think of her. and she knows how to deal with things. shes beautiful. funny. smart. talented. what more is there to say?

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