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[Anime/Manga] Dengeki Daisy

Guest soominie

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Guest soominie

manga by motomi kyousukeDengeki Daisy
Genre: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Artist/Author: MOTOMI Kyousuke


Summary: “No matter what happens, I’ll protect you.”

Teru, who lost her only remaining relative, her older brother, is cheered on by a mail from an enigmatic person, DAISY, 
who she can contact via the cellphone her brother gave her. One day, through an unexpected incident, 
Teru ends up working as a servant for the delinquent school janitor, Kurosaki. But this scoundrel, Kurosaki is really…!?

This is such a good manga, the drawings are beautiful!
I only read the first chapter, but wowww~

Volumes: 16 (Complete) http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=13582

Published by: Viz
info credits: http://www.mangatraders.com







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Guest LittleShine

Woow, looks pretty good.

I'm going to read it =D

Finished reading the first Chapter.

Its really good. Loved it <3

Drawing and story line is great!

Daisy <3

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Guest irezumi

It's really interesting DD. I really hope the scanlators will continue scanlating...it's got nice artwork as well and a slightly different storyline.

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hey i just read this today. =) it's cuteee. i love how daisy gets this sexsi crazy look in his eye when he gets maaaad<33 and when he hug teru.. his arms.. heh heh heh

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Guest PecanPie02


oo really?! yay now ill try the series. ^___^


Omg.! im really liking the series so far.. i hope they update soon so i dnt forget half the plot before the next chapter..

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OKAY! i managed to read all four of them


i really like it. its full of mysterious and it involves computer and programs.

sigh. i thought it had like an "Orange Planet" plotline in it (which i absolutely hated the manga not long after i read the ending) but this one gives you the feel of "I SHOULD STALK THIS MANGA"

so yea i`ll keep on reading more to see how Daisy saves her. awwwww. seriously, the latest release was such a cliff hanger.. aaaahhh

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I've read 2 chapters so far (wow every chapter is so long!)

I'm starting to really like it. Some parts are a little cliche (

ie the slave thing and the getting sick thing and the living along and being poor thing

) but there were a lot of moments that made my heart go bump bump!!! :D And the art is beautiful! I want to see what happens. =) But hopefully it won't drag on forever!

When the guy gave her a kiss on the cheek it was soo cute!



Read all 4 chapters! It gets sooo sweet!!!!! And the ending of volume 1 was so sad. The story seems a little painful at times... =(

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Guest <enter name here>

hmm. right when i'm bored as well! going to read this!, well at least... try to find it. hehe! thanks for introducing it! :)

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Zomg just read volume 1.

Haha it's cute xD.

DAISY is a pro xP.

I can so see Teru falling in love with him (As Kurosaki), and then maybe feeling conflicted because of Daisy. They're one and the same, anyway ^__^


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