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[Drama 2008] Land Of Wind / Kingdom Of The Winds 바람의 나라

Guest huangsy

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Guest huangsy

[KBS] Song Il Gook, Choi Jung Won, Park Gun Hyung, Oh Yoon Ah
36-episode period drama debut 10 Sept 2008 9:55 pm as as Wed & Thur drama. Anime turn drama.

Filiming started in China on 16 June for about 1.5 months.

Director : Kang Il Soo 강일수


Scriptwriters : Choi Wan Gyu 최완규, Jung Jin Ok 정진옥, Park Jin Woo 박진우

Author : Kim Jin

Cast : Song Il Gook, Choi Jung Won, Jung Jin Yung, Jang Tae Sung 장태성, Kim Sang Woo, Oh Yoon Ah 오윤아, Park Gun Hyung, Kim Won Hyo, Kim Hye Sung, Park Sang Wook, Kim Jae Wook, Kim Hye Ri, Lim Jung Eun, Lee Shi Young, Kim Jung Hwa

Official site : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/baram/index.html

Official English site : (already up at KBS World but URL not ready yet)

Daum Drama Site : http://movie.daum.net/tv/detail/main.do?tvProgramId=50795

Episodic preview : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/baram/view/preview/index.html

Link to watch (incl special) : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/baram/view/view...4414_27378.html

Link to other VODs : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/baram/view/clip/index.html

Link to making-of VODs : http://www.kbs.co.kr/drama/baram/media/making/index.html

Streaming (raw) : http://drama.pandora.tv/wind/



Photo gallery :



In this drama, SIG plays the role of Jumong's grandson !

Choi Jung Won plays SIG's love interest.

Park Gun Hyung as SIG's rival.










The awards scooped up by this drama at 2008 KBS Drama Awards:

최우수 연기상 남자 Top Excellence - Actor

Song Il-Kook

우수 연기상 미니시리즈 수목 남자 Excellence in a Mini-Drama (Mon-Tues or Wed-Thurs drama) - Actor

Jung Jin-Young

우수 연기상 미니시리즈 수목 여자 Excellence in a Mini-Drama (Mon-Tues or Wed-Thurs drama) - Actress

Choi Jung-Won

PLUS Best Couple : SIG & CJW

OST Album :
























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Guest kdramafanusa

This drama will reunite the writing/directing team of "Emperor Of The Sea / Haesin".

[Details from DC]

KBS 2TV sageuk "The Kingdom Of The Winds 바람의 나라"

Original Comic: Kim Jin 김진

PD: Kang Il-soo 강일수 (Haesin / Emperor Of The Sea)


Jung Jin-ok 정진옥 (Haesin / Emperor Of The Sea)

Park Jin-woo 박진우 (Hansungbyulgok / Seoul's Sad Song)

Choi Wan-gyoo 최완규 (Jumong) {MovieWeek article doesn't mention him as one of the writers.}

Cartoon: Land of the Wind of Kim Jin

by Kim So-Young

March, 2000

It has been eight years since this work was first shown. In September of 1999, the 16th volume was released and Part 3 is in progress. (Part 1 is the story of princess Moohyul and King Yuri, Part 2 of Moohyul who became King, and Part 3 of Moohyul and Hodong, along with a princess character, who grows up and becomes a man. In the 17th volume, Hodong and Nakrang Princess Sabi may meet.)

The genre of Land of the Wind is fantasy. Its background is Korean history. Boy-meets-girl stories, history and fantasy are all shown in this work. The story unfolds, centering on the third king of Kogooryeo, "Daemooshin," who intended to expand his country beyond the Booyeo, Nakrang and Chinese Han Empire, and for his son Hodong.

The story may develop through wars with neighboring countries and in its characters' adventures. But Land of the Wind shows their sadness and agony in epic proportions, as well.

King Yuri, compared to the previous king, Dongmyoungseong of Kogooryo, lived in perpetual fear that he might not be recognized as a king and killed both of his sons when he felt threatened. King Daemooshin, pledged not to be such a man, but when he becomes king he grows to be like his father. Hodong, the son of king Daemooshin, observes his father's change to a hard, cold person. So, the main theme of this work is the growing solitude of a king who may have the world but loses love and his family, and the agony of others who see the changing king. We are moved by the harmony of the characters in this narration expressed so poetically and by the thick lines that may not easily be shown in boy-meets-girl stories.

The writer, Kim Jin, creates a new country called Kogooryeo, known only through history books, with her own imagination. Of course, this work is entirely accurate. It concentrates on the inner life of the people who lived then rather than striving for historical truth.

Land of the Wind created a sensation as an online game, and the writer Kim Jin performed characterizations in the game Genesis Jin, who debuted with A Bird to the Sea in 1983 won the Great Prize for Korea Cartoon Publishing in 1997 with The Name of the Forest deals with The Keumjeong Cave Accident during the Korean War. She is now a professor in the Social Education School of Myoungji University, and says her hope is that her readers view her works with sensitivity rather than logic.

*Booyeo: The country founded by Haemosoo who landed on a wagon drawn by five dragons sent from the heavens about 3200 years ago.

*Kogooryeo: The country founded by Joomong who was fathered by the king of Booyeo and born to the daughter of Habaek (the god of water) in Manchuria in the middle of the 1st century before Christ. Most of the current northeastern Chinese area belonged to Kogooryeo.

Original Article: http://www.koreapop.com/culture/news/culture_news_17.shtml

Kim Jin

(b. 6/4/1960, Korea)

Kim Jin is a female comic artist from Korea. She made her debut in Yeogo Shidae magazine in 1983. Kim Jin created several feminine comics like 'The Gods and the Twilight', 'Certain Birds Fly Towards the South Before the Winter comes', The Name of the Forest'. Her historical fantasy comic 'Barameui Nara' ('The Land of the Wind'), appeared for a long time as a serial.

Source: http://lambiek.net/artists/k/kim-jin.htm

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Guest huangsy
Guest kdramafanusa

MBC drama "Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi / Legend" (2007) was accused of plagiarizing this comic series (known as "Barameui Nara").

Let me try to find the article again.

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Guest agasshiseben

wah, really looking forward to SIG's new drama...can't wait to see him back in action!

komawo huangsy & kdramafanusa for the info...

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Guest kdramafanusa

According to Movieweek article, this drama will feature <Haesin / Emperor Of The Sea> PD Kang Il-soo and writer Jung Jin-ok. <Hansungbyulgok / Seoul's Sad Song> writer Park Jin-woo will be one of the writers as well.

<꽃보다 남자> & <바람의 나라>


인기 만화 <꽃보다 남자>와 <바람의 나라>가 드라마로 제작된다...


김진의 동명 만화를 원작으로 한 <바람의 나라>는 고구려 대무신왕 무휼의 성장기와 그의 아들인 호동왕자의 이야기를 다룬다. <해신>의 강일수 PD와 정진옥 작가가 다시 만났고, 여기에 <한성별곡-正>의 박진우 작가가 합류해 대본 작업이 진행되고 있다. 올해 말에서 내년 초 KBS에서 방영될 예정이다.

Source: Movieweek 2008-05-13

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Guest karosa

im looking forward to this series im happy for SIG, after half year of vacation and honeymoon at last he comeback for good...

thnx for all the updates..huangsy and kdramafanusa

Really? SIG finally accepted the project??? Oh, this must be sooner than i thought... Did SIG releases an official statement regarding this? Sorry, im really excited about SIG comeback project...

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Guest huangsy

hmm why did he choose this drama? he is typed cast.....he should choose something different...

Perhaps..but especially today, lots of news out about who is cast in what drama and there are at least 3 press conferences going on this afternoon for 3 different drama, so if he doesn't decide and pick one drama, then the roles for the remaining drama scheduled to air in 2nd half of this year may all be taken up already.

Also Lobbyist was a break between period drama.

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Guest karosa

hmm why did he choose this drama? he is typed cast.....he should choose something different...

Typed cast? i don't think so... SIG has done different drama roles in the past, and if you're a SIG fan, i believe you already know about it.... if the project has a good script, a good director, and of course a good role for SIG(he's so good doing historical drama, what can we do?!@)LOL :lol: , for sure fans wouldn't mind him accepting this kind of role again!

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Guest Hanjae

hmm why did he choose this drama? he is typed cast.....he should choose something different...

He's not typecast, it's just he's currently best remembered for his Jumong role. If you look at his list of previous series, he's done WAY more modern than period dramas (this will be his fourth). It depends what he's given, anyway, the current choices for series in the 2nd half of the year may not be that full of variety.

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Guest kdramafanusa

Really? SIG finally accepted the project??? Oh, this must be sooner than i thought... Did SIG releases an official statement regarding this? Sorry, im really excited about SIG comeback project...

I see 2 articles about this today, but I'm still unsure whether he has accepted the offer. I think he's still unconfirmed, maybe there will be further announcements (and statement from him). Hopefully soon.. :)



This drama's been talked about for quite some time now, I'm glad that it'll start filming soon.

hmm why did he choose this drama? he is typed cast.....he should choose something different...

He's actually the candidate of 2 dramas, the other one is non-sageuk (also based on comic books). It was reported a few days ago that he said that he hasn't decided on both of these projects yet.


Maybe he has chosen this one.....

As mentioned in the article about this comic book series, the genre is fantasy.

I can forsee Legend fans accusing this drama of copying soon. The truth is that this comic series came way before Legend. Legend was actually accused of plagiarism before its broadcast, but the verdict was that plagiarism couldn't be determined (I can't remember the exact details now).

I am not worried about him being typed cast for now. :)

I believe that many fans consider Emperor Of The Sea & Jumong his best works.

I personally don't mind seeing him in another sageuk. :) Choi Soo-jong successfully starred in many of them.

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Guest camella

Thanks for this site Huamgsy and Kdramafanusa. i am sure to visi t this site and SIG thread while abroad on vacation. My hostesses have computers. Alhough I will not abuse their hospitality and visit only occasionally.

Keep the fires burning my comrades. My heart will be with you and SIG nonetheless.

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Guest meyyale

Thanks huangsy and kdramafanusa so so so much!!!

He's wonderful, gorgeous so that he will make what he want...

I'm so so so impatient...I miss SIG so so so so muchhhh..

Yeah, SIG's coming backkkkkk ^_^^_^^_^

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