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Thai Drama Recommendations =]

Guest MizzprEEETy

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Guest MizzprEEETy


I'm in love=]

My sister got me addicted to THAI drama, so please...if anyone know any good Thai Drama, post it=] I am watching "Kaew Tah Pee" and it's pretty good, you can find the whole drama on youtube=]





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Guest xxmiss_maixx


they seem more realistic to me than those other dramas.

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Guest ltb263

I have already watched some of Thai dramas , they were okie , not impressive to me , but I felt the storylines are seemly realistic than Taiwanese idol dramas . I cant recommend u the titles of these dramas coz they were all translated in my mother language . Just remember one of them named Poor girl or so ...it was pretty good drama ( not just about love but also about real tough life of a poor girl called May ....hope that my memory doesnt betray me :P )

Another one was about a blind man falling in love with a poor girl , but actually I never got a chance to finish this one though I heard it was very touching plot and interesting and funny at the same time

I am more inetrested in Thai movies , esp horror films , oh man , Thai is really master in scaring people ....so impressive

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Guest MizzprEEETy

^ yeah my sis keep telling me about that one.

thanks everyone=] i really appreciate it=] keep posting if you guys find anymore=]

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Guest ThinkBig

If you liked Tik Jasadaporn in Kaew Tah Pe and don't mind period dramas, I recommend Luerd Kattiya. You can find it on crunchyroll, along with other Thai dramas. Search word: thdrama.

I'm a big Aom Piyada fan. If you are too, I recommend Ruk Ter Took Wang - which you can find subbed on YouTube. It has Ken Theeradeth in it, so that's a big bonus. He's utterly charming.

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Guest o__0

good thing i stumbled on this today..

from your recommendations i decided to watch SAWAN BIANG...

it's really good so far!!

ann is sooo pretty in there!

and ken is hot / handsome!

it's a great watch... i recommend!

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Guest lakorns

If you enjoyed Coffee Prince, Sompng Nong Somchai [Paul and Janie] is a great one to watch. It is currently being subbed in English, can be found on YT. It was aired in Thailand in 2004.

Buang Bunjathorn [Krit and Marsha] a good drama.

Oum Ruk [Ken and Ann] it is a must see lakorn.

Kaew Tah Pee [Tik and Cherry]

Luerd Kattiya [Tik and Aom] Wishbone dropped the project in the middle of the lakorn.

Jan Euy Jan Jao [Kong and Rita] recommended if you want to get chilled.

Wai Rai High School a teen drama

Hua Jai Chocolate [Mos and Aom]

Sawan Bieng [Ken and Ann version] no need for me to explain why it must be watched.

Ruk Tur Took Wun [Ken and Aom] a good romance.

Busaba Reh Ruk [Vee and Kob] Don't like it as much but currently being subbed.

Ruk Nee Hua Jai Rao Jung [Ken and Janie] a good laugh.

Duang Jai Patiharn [Num and Kob] not really one of my favorite but I give it an o.k

Klin Kaew Klang Jai [Rome and Rita] very good romance.

Jam Loey Ruk [Aum and Aff] watch for the hot pra nangs.

Ruhut Rissaya [Paul and Noon] a good revenge drama.

Dang Duang Herutai [Wier and Kwan] a good plot.

Leh Pummared [Pong and Pim] 3 sister falling for the same guy-> just watch it.

King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng [Oil and Kwan] Sharp and smart tongue

Leh Ratree [Pepper and Alicia] a recommend drama.

Likit Gammathep [Mart and Ann] a good drama.

King Kaew Kar Fark [Por and Pat] not one of my favorite but love the pair.

Bark Ruk Talay Fun [Por and Pat] one of my favorite drama.

Tae Pang Khon [Num and Ann] a love story that I can't be forgotten.

Fah Mee Tawan Hua Jai Chun Mee Tur [Num and Jui]

Khun Por Rub Jang [Num and Kob] not one of my favorite and this has also been dropped by Wishbone.

Okay those are the ones that have been subbed and the one I listed below are good enough drama to watch without sub if you don't mind the language:

Ruk Praka Sit

Kaen Leum Khong

Benja Keta Kwam Ruk

Okay there are still a bunch more but I am going to stop here.

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Guest sheeny33

Actually, I love thai Lakorn even I don't understand one word of thai and don't find any complete drama and with subs at internet . Now, We really have chance that there are people subbing those dramas. I am now watching Sawang Biang, I watched episode 1 to 10 in 2 days, I'm now addicted. Must watch drama with some crying part. :tears:

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Guest animenoura

I HAVETO ADMITE!! I'm addicted to Thai Drama (Lakorn)... I've never been addicted this much since (My Girl) and now, I think I wont be able to stop watching untile I can't find anymore to watch...

I just started this week .. I watched "Jam Loey Rak" in TWO days!!! couldn't stop only for bathroom/ lunch...

and started now watching "Sawang Biang"...........................................................................

......................... I don't know what to say... I'm going crazy....... I have alot of exams this week but I can't stop thinking about it!!!! The sister is .........

I don't want to spoil anything.... just watch it... watch it.. watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks lakorns for your list of recommendations... I'll try to watch them in the summer vacation ... (still month to come :tears: )

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Guest jamieguo28

I've been starting to really enjoy thai dramas also!!!

My favorites have been Chain of Love starring Ken and Ann and their new drama Sawan Bieng, in which Ken surpasses his previous level of hotness by infinite degrees.

Right now I'm catching up on Klin Kaew Klang Jai about a girl who's switched at birth with a prostitute's daughter by the woman who would raise her as her daughter, Ruhut Rissaya about a woman who marries a man for revenge, and King Gor Rah Kah Gor Raeng which features a couple who keep arguing. I'm still waiting for subs for the last two, otherwise, I might have finished those.

By the way, a great site for keeping tabs on all the english subbed thai dramas is http://lakorns.wordpress.com.

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Guest Je_sais

OOO...yay maybe you guys can help me look for or tell me the title of this thai drama. I saw this drama like a really really long time ago but now I want to see it again and don't know the title so yeah...

Anyways its about this girl who goes away to the city with her guy friend and she ends up living with him. One day they end up drunk and they end up sleeping together and she ends up pregnant. He wants to abort but she's like no and he dumps her. She ends up trying to go back home but meets a couple. The wife is pregnant and is around the same month as she is. The wife lets her try on her ring and then there is a train accident where the couple is killed. She's mistaken by the husband's family for the wife cuz the family's never meet the wife before. She gives birth and they take her home where she meets his identical twin brother. They kinda have their fights but end up falling for one another. At the end she tries to run away cuz everythings found out but the family accepts her and she ends up with the brother.

I don't really remember the in between stuff cuz I watched like the beginning, the end and alittle of the middle only... :sweatingbullets: Can someone help? And no it not Magic Ring cuz this is way old. Well, at least I think it was... :unsure:

Some of the drama's you guys named seem kinda interesting...I'll check those out too... Lots of love to you guys

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