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Click here for the August.17,2012 Rating Summary.
w2bv3r.jpgTOP 10 TV SHOWS PER NETWORK (NATIONWIDE)(Channel Rank - Show - HH Rating - Timeslot Share)
1. I'll give you the moon and stars - 27.0 (41)2. KBS News 9 - 23.6 (35)3. KBS News Plaza Part 2 - 13.7 (34)4. Human Theater - 13.1 (26)5. Consumer Report/소비자 고발 - 12.2 (21)6. KBS News 7 - 10.0 (19)7. Hometown Report - 9.9 (23)8. Morning Plaza - 9.9 (20)9. We live in this world - TV Audiences' Column/시청자칼럼 우리사는세상- 9.7 (20)10. Lecture 100 °C/강연 100 °C - 9.5 (15)
1. VJs on the Scene/VJ특공대 - 15.3(25)2. TV Novel - Dear Love - 12.2 (27)3. Sponge ZERO - 10.7 (16)4. Couple's Clinic : Love War Season 2/부부클리닉 사랑과 전쟁 2  - 7.5 (15)5. Shut-up Family *New Sitcom* - 6.4 (11)6. KBS 8 Morning News Time - 6.4 (13)7. KBS Music Bank -  5.9 (12)8. 여유만만 - 4.8 (13)9. Good Morning Korea Part 2/굿모닝 대한민국 - 4.6 (11)10. Star Life Theater/스타 인생극장 - 4.2 (7)
1. An Angel's Choice - 16.9 (34)2. Can't live without you - 9.6 (15)3. Live Broadcast This Morning - 9.0 (18)4. The Thousandth Man*New Series*/천 번째 남자- 7.1 (11)5. MBC News Desk - 7.1 (10)6. MBC News Today Part 2 - 5.1 (15)7. Stand By - 5.0 (8)8. MBC Special Docu : Tears of the Antarctic/MBC 특집 다큐 '남극의 눈물' 에필로그 : 1000일의 남극 - 4.5 (9)9. Live Broadcast Friday Wide/생방송 금요와이드  - 4.0 (8)10. Feel Good Day/기분 좋은 날 - 3.8 (10)
1. Still You - 12.4 (22)2. SBS Eight News - 11.2 (18)3. Welcome rain to my life - 10.1 (21)4. GO! Show!/GO쇼 - 9.8 (20)5. Let's Go! Morning Wide Part 3 - 5.9 (12)6. SBS Sports News - 5.3 (8)7. Let's Go! Morning Wide Part 2 - 4.8 (15)8. 우리 아이가 달라졌어요 - 3.9 (8)9. TV Animal Farm Replay/TV 동물농장 - 3.7 (12)10. 특집 SBS 시사토론 새누리당 대선후보 초청토론(생방송) - 3.3 (5)

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SATURDAY RATINGS : KBS2 Tops Nationwide ratings, KBS1 fell to fourth place.

KBS2 had again emerged as a ratings leader last Saturday According to TNmS Korea, it  got a 7.7 Household rating (16% Share from 06:00-25:00). Its weekend drama "My husband got a family" topped its program line-up with a solid 39.4% and a 57% share. It helped the channel's entertainment show "Entertainment Relay" to maintain a 13.6% HH Rating (20% Share) vs MBC's "God of war" (10.3 HH Rating/15% Share) and SBS' "Tasty Life" (8.8 HH Rating/13% Share).
Though KBS may be celebrating for KBS2's victroy, its sister channel KBS1 had suffered a huge blow in the ratings as it fell to fourth place last Saturday. Without any Drama and entertainment offerings on weekends, KBS1 had managed to get 5.8 HH Rating/11% Share. KBS News Nine was its highest rating program that night, getting 16.2 HH Rating (23% Share)
Meanwhile, SBS' new Drama Series "Five Fingers" won its timeslot with an average rating of 12.1 (20% Share) against "May Queen", another new series from MBC, with 11.3% (18% Share)
General Cable Ratings: Panda and Hedgehog ratings lower than expected.
MBN is still the ratings leader among all the General Cable channels. It got a wholeday rating of 0.793 (1.6% Share) vs Channel A's 0.687 HH Rating ( 1.4% Share), JTBC's 0.623 HH rating (1.3% Share) and TV Chosun's 0.468 HH Rating (1.0% Share). MBN Won with the afternoon editions of  MBN News Wide (Part 1 with 1.043 HH Rating/2.4% Share, Part 2 with 1.174 HH Rating/2.6% Share), repeats of "Cultural Concert" (1.097 HH Rating/2.2% Share), and "끝장대결" (1.184 HH Rating/2.2% Share).
Channel A's new drama series "Panda and Hedgehog" had a very poor start. The handsomely-produced drama, starring Super Junior's Lee Dong Hae and Yoon Seung Ah managed to get a dismal 0.208 HH Rating (0.3% Share), despite the numerous promotions, and a very high anticipation from Korean and international netizens. To give you a clue on how dismal Panda and Hedgehog's rating is, the channel's current affairs repeats like PD Lee Young Don's Food X Files (1.088 HH Rating/3.1 Share) and PD Lee Young Don's Logical Solutions/이영돈 PD 논리로 풀다 (0.763 HH Rating/1.1% Share) rated higher than the series. 
A repeat of "Extreme Jobs/극한직업" is the only program on JTBC to rate 1% (1.158 HH Rating/2.1% Share). Lee Soo Geun and Kim Byeong Man's High Society rated 0.923/1.3% Share, While Shinhwa Broadcast rated 0.842/1.7% Share
No 1% ratings for TV Chosun that night. Its cultural program "Asia Hunter" got a decent 0.968 HH Rating/1.6% Share. 
Themed Cable Ratings : MBC Dramanet ruled Cable, SBS ESPN Scored with Premier Golf coverage.
MBC Dramanet was the overall leader among all Themed Cable channels. An afternoon repeat of Arang and the Magistrate (1.965 HH Rating from 17:00-18:10) and a morning repeat of it Daily Drama Can't live without you (1.877 HH Rating from 08:56-09:31) helped the channel to get an average wholeday rating of 0.932. SBS ESPN's live coverage of Premiere Golf Tournament had an average rating of 3.095 from 22:54 to 01:01.
Meanwhile, tvN's Comedy Big League gets a 1.973 HH Rating. A Morning repeat of "I'll give to the stars and the Moon" was KBSN Drama's highest with 1.690. Superstar K4 repeat gave MNet a 1.616 HH Rating.
Click here for the August.18,2012 Free-to-air Rating Summary. Click here for the August.18,2012 General Cable Rating Summary. Click here for the August.18,2012 Themed Cable Rating Summary.
TOP 10 TV SHOWS PER NETWORK (NATIONWIDE)(Channel Rank - Show - HH Rating - Timeslot Share)
1. KBS News Nine Weekend - 16.3 (23)2. 2012 Golden Bell Production : Super Fish/2012 글로벌 대기획 슈퍼피쉬 - 13.6 (21)3. Morning Plaza - 10.5 (23)4. 남북의 창 - 9.9 (25)5. KBS News Plaza Part 2 - 9.6 (30)6. KBS News 9:35 - 9.3 (19)7. Golden Bell's Era of Success/글로벌 성공시대 - 7.8 (12)8. 걸어서 세계속으로 - 7.6 (16)9. Correspondents' Report/특파원 현장보고 - 7.3 (12)10. KBS News 12:00 - 7.1 (16)
1. My Husband got a Family - 39.4 (57)2. Entertainment Relay - 13.6 (20)3. 불후의 명곡 전설을 노래하다 - 10.6 (18)4. Gag Concert Replay - 6.8 (15)5. 이야기쇼 두드림 - 6.8 (11)6. My Husband got a Family Episode 50 Replay - 6.3 (14)7. 세대공감 토요일 - 6.0 (12)8. I Love Movies/영화가 좋다 - 5.7 (13)9. Haeundae Lovers Episode 2 Replay - 5.4 (13)10. Invincible Youth 2/청춘불패 2 - 5.3 (11)
1. Infinite Challenge - 16.3 (27)2. May Queen *New Series* - 11.3 (18)3. Quiz that changed the world - 11.2 (24)4. God of War - 10.3 (15)5. Arang and the Magistrate Episode 2 Replay - 8.5 (19)6. We've got Married! - 7.3 (14)7. Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1 Replay - 7.1 (15)8. 시추에이션 휴먼다큐 그날  - 5.8 (12)9. MBC News 15:50 - 5.4 (12)10. Show! Music Core/쇼! 음악중심 - 5.3 (12)
1. Five Fingers *New Series* - 12.1 (20)2. 스타 주니어쇼 붕어빵 - 10.9 (21)3. A Gentleman's Dignity Final Episode Replay - 9.0 (20)4. Tasty Life - 8.8 (13)5. Star King - 8.3 (14)6. The Best of "Life Master"/생활의 달인 베스트 - 7.4 (15)7. SBS Eight News Weekend - 7.3 (11)8. Connect! Movie World/접속! 무비월드 - 7.3 (16)9. Let's Go Morning Wide Part 3 - 6.9 (17)10. 그것이 알고싶다 -야만의 새벽 - 6.7 (14)

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SUNDAY RATINGS : My Husband got a family broke ratings records, gets more than 60% share
KBS2 wins Sunday with its weekend drama "My Husband got a family" as it got a nationwide Household Rating (HH Rating) of 45.9 (62% Share). That makes the series the Highest rating drama for this year as it broke the peak rating of MBC's "The Moon embracing the sun" (42.3 HH Rating). It also helped "Gag Concert" to maintain a massive 26.1 HH Rating (36% Share), the comedy show's highest rating this year. It placed first on its timeslot, winning against SBS' "Tasty Life" (7.8 HH Rating/10% Share) , "Five Fingers" (13.4 HH Rating/20% Share) and MBC's "God of War" (13.6 HH Rating/18% Share) and "May Queen" (11.6 HH Rating/17% Share)
Meanwhile, "Beautiful Sunday" was the highest for SBS, with 19.5 HH Rating (31% share). It was the No.1 show on its slot, beating KBS2's Happy Sunday (14.7 HH Rating/23% Share), MBC's Sunday Night (Part 1 - 3.2 HH Rating/6% Share, Part 2 - 5.9 HH Rating/9% Share) and KBS1's Global Documentaries Repeat (3.4 HH Rating/6% Share) and Open Concert (4.5 HH Rating/7% Share).
The National Singing Contest led the program line-up of KBS1 with 15.1 HH Rating/29% Share. Its Sunday Drama "Hometown over the Hill Series 2" got an impressive 9.0 HH Rating (18% Share).
Repeats of KBS2's "Bridal Mask" had a 6.5 HH Rating/14% Share, and 7.6 HH Rating/16% Share for its 21st and 22nd episodes respectively. Repeats of MBC's "Golden Time" got 5.8 HH Rating/12% Share and 6.9 HH Rating/15% Share for its 10th and 11th episodes. Repeats of the pilot week of SBS' "To the beautiful you" got 5.2 HH Rating/10% Share and 6.0 HH Rating/13% Share.
KBS News Nine Weekend top the nightly newscast competition with 14.8 HH Rating/20% Share, ahead of its rivals SBS Eight News Weekend (9.0 HH Rating/12% Share) and MBC News Desk Weekend (4.1 HH Rating/6% Share)
General Cable Ratings: Panda and Hedgehog ratings up, but still under 1%.
Channel A's weekend drama "Panda and Hedgehog" continues to have dismal ratings, as it received 0.228 HH Rating/0.3% Share. Though it was up from its first episode, the ratings is still unfavorable for the cable network as cable programs should get at least 1% to be considered successful. The afternoon repeats of PD Lee Young Don's Food X Files (14:30 Repeat - 1.451 HH Rating/2.9 Share, 15:30 Repeat - 2.057 HH Rating/4.3% Share) and a special of That woman, That man (1.118 HH Rating/2.0% Share) had better ratings than the series. 
MBN had its fair Sunday with its Current Affairs Line-up. Repeats of "현장르포 특종세상" (1.314 HH Rating/2.7% Share) and " 끝장대결" (1.232 HH Rating/2.4% Share). 2-Part afternoon editions of MBN News Wide got 1.285 HH Rating/2.7% Share and 0.910 HH Rating/1.8% Share.
JTBC had its afternoon repeats of Doctor's Penalty/닥터의 승부 (1.154 HH Rating/2.3% Share) and Entertainment Scoop (1.029 HH Rating/2.2% Share). Back to Back repeats of Queen Insoo had a 0.326 HH Rating/0.6% Share at 09:40 and 0.156 HH Rating/0.3% Share at 10:50.
Again, no 1% rating for TV Chosun last Sunday. The morning repeat of their popular show "Asia Hunter" managed to get a 0.963 HH Rating/2.0%Share.
Channel A won with 0.770 HH Rating/1.5% Share, followed by MBN (0.760 HH Rating/1.5% Share), JTBC (0.672 HH Rating/1.3% Share) and TV Chosun (0.486 HH Rating/0.9% Share)
Themed Cable Ratings : YTN wins Sunday ratings.
YTN emerged as the no.1 themed cable channel last Sunday, getting a wholeday rating of 0.642. The 8:00 Edition of YTN 24 led the network's program line-up with 1.705 HH Rating. An "Arang" repeat on MBN Dramanet placed first among all drama and entertainment programs on themed cable channels. It got a 1.564 HH Rating. Live Premiere League coverage had a 1.497 on SBS ESPN. tvN aired repeats of Superstar K4 (1.133 HH Rating) and Comedy Big League (1.034)
Click here for the August.19,2012 Free-to-air Rating Summary.Click here for the August.19,2012 General Cable Rating Summary.Click here for the August.19,2012 Themed Cable Rating Summary.
TOP 5 TV SHOWS PER NETWORK (NATIONWIDE)(Channel Rank - Show - HH Rating - Timeslot Share)
1. National Singing Contest - 15.1 (29)2. KBS News Nine Weekend - 14.8 (20)3. KBS News 12:00 - 10.9 (23)4. 2012 Golden Bell Production : Super Fish/2012 글로벌 대기획 슈퍼피쉬 - 10.0 (14)5. Hometown over the Hill Series 2 - 9.0 (18)
1. My Husband got a family - 45.9 (62)2. Gag Concert - 26.1 (36)3. Happy Sunday - 14.7 (23)4. 1 Night 2 Days Season 2 Replay - 9.6 (19)5. Let's go! Dream Team Season 2 - 9.1 (19)
1. God of War - 13.6 (18)2. May Queen - 11.6 (17)3. TV's Mysterious Surprise - 8.6 (18)4. Let's Go! Video Tour - 8.3 (16)5. Happy Time - 7.1 (16)
1. Happy Sunday - 19.5 (31)2. Five Fingers - 13.4 (20)3. 1000 Songs Challenge - 12.0  (26)4. TV Animal Farm - 9.7 (19)5. SBS Eight News Weekend - 9.0 (12)

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September 24, 2012
Weekend Box Office: September 21-23
Editor : Lee Tae-ho KSTAR10
South Korea's box office estimates for the weekend of September 21 to 23, 2012. [Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS)
"Masquerade" Continues Box Office Reign
Reporter : Lee Hye Ji Editor : Monica Suk KSTAR10
Korean film “Masquerade” has continued to reign at the local box office for the second straight week.
“Masquerade” kept its top status at the local box office with 1,192,695 admissions and saw an increase of over 90,000 ticket sales from the previous weekend, according to data polled by Korean Film Council [KOFIC] between September 21 and 23.
Lee Byung-hun’s both funny and serious portrayal of the prince and the pauper continued its sweeping upturn and scored over 23 billion Korean Won [approximately 21 million U.S. Dollars] in just ten days of its release.
Sitting at No. 2 is Kim Myung-min's third film project this year, “The Spy," which attracted 341,696 moviegoers in the same time frame.
The comedy pic centers around North Korean secret agent Kim, who settles in Seoul as an ordinary family man. While living without any contact with the North Korean government for ten years, he suddenly receives an order to murder defectors living in Korea.
Starring Yu Hae-jin, Yum Jung-ah, Byun Hee-bong and Jung Gyu-woon, the spy movie will likely race for the top spot next holiday weekend, Thanksgiving Day, which is one of the biggest box office gross seasons here.
Last weekend’s No. 2 pic “Resident Evil: Retribution” slid down to the third place with 101,271 ticket sales, while the Spanish animation pic “Tad: the lost explorer” ranked at the fourth after drawing in 81,313 young audiences.
“Pieta,” one of director Kim Ki-duk's best films so far, rounded out the top five with 69,518 moviegoers.
Other notable movies in the top ten include “Wolf Children,” “The Bourne Legacy,” “The Traffickers,” “The Thieves” and Hollywood noir action pic “London Boulevard.”

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October 2, 2012

'The Thieves' becomes top-selling Korean movie
The Korea Times


"The Thieves" has became the most popular Korean movie of all time, beating the previous record set by the 2006 movie "The Host," the latest box-office sensation's distributor said Tuesday.

The movie by director Choe Dong-hoon had drawn 13,020,393 local movie goers as of 2 p.m. Tuesday, breaking the previous top audience record of 13,019,740 set by "The Host," directed by Bong Joon-ho, Showbox said.

After opening on July 25, the film about 10 Korean and Chinese thieves plotting to steal a diamond in Macao has demonstrated explosive ticket power, topping the 5 million mark in 10 days and the 10 million barrier in 22 days.

In ticket sales, "The Thieves" recorded about 93.56 billion won (US$84 million), followed by "The Host" with 78.5 billion won and "Haeundae," another Korean film, with 81.9 billion won, according to official box-office figures by the Korean Film Council.

Hollywood blockbuster "Avatar" (2009) sits on top of local box-office sales with 13.62 million viewers.(Yonhap)

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October 8, 2012
'Masquerade' Rules Box Office After Scoring 8.2 million Ticket Sales
Reporter: Lee Hye Ji Editor: Monica Suk KSTAR10
Korean costume drama “Masquerade” has set a new record as the second biggest hit film in 2012 Korean box office, following the 10-million-admission scorer "The Thieves.”
The commoner-to-king story captured 849,659 moviegoers between October 5 and 7, topping the weekend box office for fourth weeks in a row, according to data polled by Korean Film Council [KOFIC] on Monday.
Beating out the former No. 2 hit film “Avengers,” Lee Byung-hun’s first historical pic raked in a total of 60 billion Korean Won [about 54 million U.S. Dollar] in just 25 days of its release and become the biggest hit project in both Lee and Ryoo Seung-ryong’s filmographies.
The record is highly credited since the faction drama has shown unprecedented moves during the industry's off-season.
Sitting at No. 2 is French blockbuster “Taken 2," which managed to score high numbers for second straight weeks with 271,538 admissions.
Korean comic horror “Ghost Sweepers” jumped up to the third place after attracting 264,857 people who paid for watching actors Kim Soo-ro, Lee Je-hoon and actress Kang Ye-won teaming up for a grand exorcism to drive away an evil spirit.
Following the No. 4 film “Brave,” the Pixar animation scoring 188,319 ticket sales last weekend, Kim Myung-min’s latest film “The Spy” rounded out the top five after attracting a mere number of 73,398 audiences.
Other films in the top ten include American comedy flick “Ted,” Japanese animation “Wolf Children,” Spanish animated feature “Tad: the Lost Explorer,” Canadian indie romance “Take This Waltz” and American action thriller “13.”
[CHART] Weekend Box Office: October 5-7
Reporter: Lee Hye Ji Editor: Monica Suk KSTAR10
South Korea's box office estimates for the weekend of October 5 to 7, 2012. [Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS)]

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Guest hairreplace

Market share: Korean 50.8%, Imports 49.2% (nationwide)
Films released: Korean 112, Imported 280
Total admissions: 158.8 million
Number of screens: 2,058 (end of 2007)
Exchange rate (2007): 935 won/US dollar
Average ticket price: n/a

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October 15, 2012

'Masquerade' Spends 5th Week atop Box Office, Heads for 10 Million
Reporter: Lee Tae-ho Editor: Monica Suk KSTAR10 1 l 2
Korean actor Lee Byung-hun’s “Masquerade” has claimed the box office crown for five consecutive weeks.
Helmed by director Choo Chang-min, the historical movie nabbed the top spot after seeing 683,903 tickets being sold during the weekend of October 12 to 14, according to the figures compiled by Korean Film Council [KOFIC] on Monday.
Having attracted a whopping number of 9,345,247 moviegoers just in 31 days of the release on September 13, the political drama is expected to follow in the footsteps of "The Thieves" and become another 10-mln-movie this year. The mega-hit movie “The Thieves” has registered over 13 million ticket sales in just 66 of its local opening.
“A Company Man,” starring actor So Ji-sub and actress Lee Mi-yeon, debuted at No. 2 at the local box office with 468,316 tickets sold during the same period. 
Additionally, Hollywood star Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis’ action flick “Looper” made its solid debut at No. 3 by drawing in 201,238 moviegoers. 
While the Korean comic horror flick “Ghost Sweepers” sat at the No. 4 spot after scoring 112, 637 ticket sales, director Hur Jin-ho's Chinese melodrama “Dangerous Liaisons” rounded out the top five with 106,825.
Other films in the top ten include animated movie “Brave,” French action flick “Taken 2,” director Tim Burton’s horror animation “Frankenweenie,” Korean comic drama “The Spy” and American comedy “Ted.” 
Source: KOBIZ
Korean Film 'Masquerade' Draws Over 9 Mil. Viewers Just in Month Since It Opened Mid-September Reporter : jiwonpark@arirang.co.kr  
The Korean movie "Masquerade" has sold over nine million tickets in just a month since it opened in mid-September.
The film, starring Lee Byung-Hun, is set during the 17th century Joseon Dynasty, and tells the story of a commoner who becomes a double for King Gwanghae who fears being assassinated.
The film has achieved popularity due to its solid plot and comic scenes and is expected to sell more than 10-million tickets soon.
Eight Korean movies this year have each sold more than 4 million tickets, with the top earner being Choi Dong-hoon's action comedy film "The Thieves," which has been watched by more than 13-million viewers to become the highest grossing film in Korean film history.

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Guest baitian

eu.jpgShe looks really pretty in the 2nd picture with the white hoodie but the rest don't look too good............

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