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On 9/10/2018 at 11:09 PM, wanda77 said:

  Sorry for cutting your response, but isn't she his partner from "Five Fingers" ? 

You are right.!    
 I totally forgot they have worked together in the past.


On 9/10/2018 at 11:32 PM, willenette said:

Since this is quite an old drama, I haven't watched this.

@willenette, it is an excellent drama. I highly recommend it.  But it is not an action drama, and sometimes - slow moving. But if you stick with it, you will be rewarded.

@wanda77, I have not seen "The Treacherous" or "Marriage Blue," but I love that Ju Ji-Hoon and Kim Kang Woo are in this upcoming drama. They are both such powerful actors.

@willenette, I pray that 
“Dark Figure of Crime” will be released in my area.  I so look forward t it.  I think I will submit a Netflix request for it. 


On 9/11/2018 at 9:33 PM, willenette said:

*** Kim Kang Woo's character in the drama as Jo Se Hwang will be in conflict with Joo Ji Hoon’s character. Can't wait to see this drama. :P

Me too...  I wanted to see it to begin with, but when I read about Kim Kang-Woo and that he is going to be an antagonist, my excitement grew....


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[Herald Review] ‘Dark Figure of Crime,’ a gripping trip tumbling down the rabbit hole



A convicted murderer confesses to a detective there is the blood of six lives on his hand.

Why? Is he dumb? Most definitely not. He is cunning enough to manipulate people from within his cell.

Is he crazy? Probably, but his intentions lie outside what most people would imagine, and it is this mystery that compels the audience to follow detective Kim Hyung-min (Kim Yoon-seok) in “Dark Figure of Crime.”




The thriller, directed by Kim Tae-kyun, pulls cinemagoers in right away in the shoes of Hyung-min, as they are left to wonder whether or not the clues presented are true.

Based on real-life events, the film starts with a scene of Hyung-min meeting informant Kang Tae-oh (Ju Ji-hoon), a junkie who claims to have information about a body he had helped bury. Tae-oh is arrested by a group of police officers, as it turns out that he had brutally murdered his girlfriend.

A few weeks later, Tae-oh contacts the detective to inform him that he has killed seven men and women in all. He litters clues in front of Hyung-min, some of which are true and others downright fabrications, but he lies through his teeth in court, saying his boastful confessions of murder had been coerced from police by force.

From the get-go, the movie throws the whodunit aspect out the window, as our culprit is already behind bars in five minutes flat. What captivates the audience is why, why is he doing this? What is he not telling us?

The mystery tantalizingly teases viewers as they are sucked into the plot.

What I want to mention here is Ju’s portrayal of a psychopathic killer, which was surprisingly convincing and on-point. One of the temptations an actor faces when depicting such a crazy killer is to exaggerate: bulging eyes, psychotic laughter, menacing attitude.

That’s not to say Tae-oh had none of these aspects, but he manages to pull off a relatively grounded and realistic psychopath. His indifference, lack of empathy and childish irritation was on-point in telling how “off” this person was.

Despite his impressive run at the box office, Ju has had ups and down when it comes to acting, and this was probably as high as he gets.

While Ju exceeds expectations, his co-star Kim is as brilliant as expected. He is like the second-coming of Song Kang-ho -- although the two are basically the same age -- who just wears a role and goes with it, and steals the show.

In this film, however, Kim did not have a tense moment with the emotion dialed up to 11.

Instead the director refrains from dramatization or intentionally intense moments as much as possible, and just lets the strength of the story itself pull the audience in.

As the plot progresses, the audience soon learns the mystery is only half of what’s carrying the movie. This film is just as much about the drama. As Kim Yoon-seok pointed out in an interview, the real protagonists of the film are not Hyung-min or Tae-oh, but the victims.

“Who are you? Just let me know, so I can do something for you,” mutters Hyung-min as he struggles with the mystery of an unknown victim.

Unearthing the extra murders does nothing for his career, yet he is relentless in his quest because it is the right thing to do -- for the victims and to prevent other possible victims.

The heart of the detective is what makes him “the hero” of the movie, which strikes the audience -- preoccupied with the mystery -- on the head as well.

It is a rare film with strong directing and acting that tells a compelling story with heart, mixed with suspense.

“Dark Figure of Crime” opens in local theaters on Oct. 3.




By Yoon Min-sik

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'Along With the Gods' files lawsuit against illegal distribution of the movie




'Along With the Gods' is undertaking legal action against illegal distributions.

After the first movie went on VOD service, illegal distribution has multiplied. Even though the producers warned strict legal action against those responsible, the actions continued. The lawsuit that they've filed will be to sentence the illegal suppliers.


The producers revealed, "A few of the uploaders who have illegally distributed the movie are receiving police investigations." The producers confirmed that they will be taking strict legal measures to protect the sequel as well when it is uploaded to VOD services.



source : allkpop

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11 Signature Korean Action Movies That Rival Hollywood Movies

These Korean films are as good, if not better, than Hollywood movies.


Hollywood may be known for its action movies, but Korea is no slouch either when it comes to thrilling, action packed films.

Here are 11 Korean action movies that could rival a Hollywood production.



8. Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds


Korea’s biggest blockbuster film of 2017, Along with the Gods is also currently the 2nd highest grossing film in history. Following the trials of a firefighter as he tries to pass through hell and into heaven, the sequel is scheduled to be released in the summer of 2018.





10. Asura: The City of Madness


Asura is a crime action thriller that follows a corrupt detective that does dirty work for the city’s mayor. As he gets cornered by a determined prosecutor, things become unpredictable in a city where only evil comes out on top.







(skipped unrelated.....)



source : koreaboo


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*** Honestly, I watched anything he's in except this drama! He's a very good actor because he is very fortunate to revive his career after what happened then. I am happy that he came out a better person and wiser now. It’s so nice to see he is doing well! :P




Joo Ji Hoon Looks Back On His First Hit Drama “Goong”




On September 18, actor Joo Ji Hoon appeared on a V Live talk show to promote his new film “Dark Figure of Crime.”




During the show, he reflected on his debut drama, “Goong.” “It plays in reruns a lot, but I couldn’t watch because it was embarrassing,” he said. “I couldn’t watch it for a long time, but one day I happened to come across a .gif on Instagram. I really felt my age. I looked so much younger then.”


He added, “I was doing an interview and we started talking about ‘Goong.’ It was my first project and I was lacking in so many ways.


Even so, I think a lot of actors can’t really watch their own projects.”


“A lot of people say that ‘Goong’ is like beef bone soup. Even though it’s a rerun, a lot of people tune in to watch. A lot of .gifs came up on Instagram this year.”


“Goong” came out in 2006 and starred Yoon Eun Hye, Joo Ji Hoon, Kim Jeong Hoon, and Song Ji Hyo.




Source (1) (2) / soompi news

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[INTERVIEW] Ju Ji-hoon - chameleonic actor





Most in-demand actor speaks about serial killer role in forthcoming film

By Park Jin-hai

Ju Ji-hoon, 36, is one of the most in-demand actors, spending his busiest year since he made his debut in 2002. Ju has no limits with his acting range.

He played an attractive and warm-hearted grim reaper in the smash hit fantasy film "Along with the Gods" series, whose second installment stormed local theaters this August. In the same month, in the espionage film "The Spy Gone North," he transformed himself into the sarcastic head of the North Korean Security Agency, which also saw great commercial success at the local box office.

The model-turned-actor is now awaiting the release of his latest and third film of the year. In the upcoming film "Dark Figure of Crime," to be released Oct. 3, he takes the role of a psychopathic serial killer.

"I've been totally blessed. I've been working for three full years recently without taking a break. I know that it is very rare for an actor to have such a prolific year," Ju said during an interview with The Korea Times at a cafe in Seoul, Tuesday.

The crime thriller based on a true story follows Busan-born killer Kang Tae-oh serving a jail term for murdering his girlfriend. It follows what happens after he confesses to six unreported additional killings to a detective. Mainly set in an interrogation room, he trades clues about the murders and starts playing a psychological game with the police officer who doggedly investigates the vague cases.

Ju says the "bumpy" character of Kang strongly attracted him to the film. "On top of a solid storyline, my character is very attractive to me. The bumpy rough character, who goes through emotional ups and downs to the extreme, is a challenge that any actor would like," said the actor, adding that he had as many worries as expectations about the film.

"The scenario includes the elements of a psychopath and murders that can either be told in the most brutal ways in the film or not. I was excited but worried if I could act my role well and get the film's message across to the public."

Instead of adrenaline pumping chase or action scenes, the film chose to focus on the mind games, making it a different kind of psychological crime thriller.

"I think the film does well in creating tension without extravagantly violent scenes. Some critics said the film was great in that it was free from gratuitous violence. Yet, I think the film is fun to watch as a commercial film and successfully delivers its message," he said.

Since it is set mainly in the limited meeting room, cinematographic tricks and visual effects could not amplify the tension. The tension escalates between the conversations between Kang and the detective through their Busan regional dialect, intonation and mood. "Since it heavily relies on the dialogue between the two, everything the characters do and say has been meticulously calculated by the director down to the framing of minutes. I rehearsed over and over until I could act naturally when the camera was rolling."

To portray Kang more realistically, Ju appears in the film with his head shaven and wearing no makeup, which was his idea. "Thinking about Kang, who complains, 'even after killing seven, no inmate shows me due respect,' I thought that after he was imprisoned in the jungle of heinous criminals, he must have wanted to look strong. So I suggested to the director to shave my head. I also created his unique way of walking as if pretending to be relaxed and strong," the actor said.

"A single detective's passion and tenacity" has been the inspiration for this film. About the film's social message, Ju said, "If everyone fulfills their duty at the place where they are, this film says they can change the world and make a difference."

He will begin shooting MBC's drama "Item" later this month and his new drama "Kingdom" is scheduled to be globally released on Netflix in late November or early December.

Asked about his aspirations to make it in Hollywood, he said he wishes "Kingdom" can open the way for him. "I have high hopes for the drama. As an actor, starring in a drama that is to be released internationally means that I can reach a wider market and a larger audience," he said. "I thought that if this period drama ― which shows Korea's beautiful traditional clothing and Korean culture ― is a hit, it could also contribute to lowering the bar for other Korean films for non-Asian viewers."



credit : Korea Times

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Here’s What The Cast Of “Princess Hours” Looks Like 12 Years Later




Princess Hours, also known as Palace (Goong), was a hit 2006 drama that helped spread the Hallyu wave throughout Asia and the world, but also launched the acting careers of some huge names in Korean entertainment. Based on the popular manga, it’s been 12 years since the drama aired, but it’s still one of the most beloved Korean exports. Check out what the main cast members look like now, and where their careers have taken them.


2. Joo Ji Hoon (Prince Lee Shin)




Prior to Princess Hours, Joo Ji Hoon was known as a model for brands like Calvin Klein, Levi’s and Reebok. He won Best New Actor at 2006’s MBC Drama Awards for his role as the cold heartthrob prince Lee Shin. In 2009, he was arrested for ecstasy use, as part of a mass operation that charged 15 for drug offences, including the alleged supplier, an actress known only as Yoon.

He was banned from KBS and MBC for several years but became active again in 2011, after he completed his military service. His career rebooted with roles in hit projects Medical Top Team, Mask and Along With The Gods. He dated Gain for three years until the pair split in 2017. He is currently promoting his most recent movie, Dark Figure Of Crime.



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : koreaboo


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Film ‘Dark Figure of Crime’ made without permission from bereaved family



A member of a bereaved family has applied for an injunction to ban the screening of the upcoming film “Dark Figure of Crime,” arguing that the production crew did not ask for permission before making a story about the murder of her brother.

In the movie, a prisoner confesses that he killed seven people, six more than what he was charged for. The story follows a detective who believes the criminal. One of the six cases was based on the murder of her brother. 




The movie was set to hit theaters on Oct 3, but the sister of one of the victims applied for an injunction Thursday to prohibit the film from being screened in theaters. She and her family are upset that they had not been notified about the making of the film by the production crew.

As the news emerged on Friday morning, the production crew publically apologized in an official statement hours later, saying they had been inconsiderate.

“We removed and changed parts where the story might hint at a specific person,” the statement read. “There had been a lack of consideration regarding receiving the permission of the bereaved family. It is late, but we will communicate with the actual victim’s family.”



By Im Eun-byel (silverstar@heraldcorp.com)







Ju Ji-hoon throws himself into his latest character: The ‘Dark Figure of Crime’ actor found a new challenge: Busan dialect




Actor Ju Ji-hoon is not afraid of trying new things.

But when it came to playing a murderer who speaks with a strong Busan dialect, he was a bit worried. Eventually, he felt up for the task and decided to play the villain in “Dark Figure of Crime,” which hits theaters on Oct. 3.

The actor, who impressed audiences this summer in “Along with the Gods: The Last 49 Days,” is now showing fans how much of a chameleon he can be. In “Dark Figure of Crime,” he plays an imprisoned murderer who outsmarts everyone around him. He shares information about the crimes he has committed to a detective and figures out a way to get his time in prison cut.

“Once you make an impression with a character that has a strong image, that image sticks in people’s [minds] for a long time,” said Ju, adding that he considered whether the character was someone he wanted to invest the next 10 years into.

It was fellow actor Kim Yun-seok who helped Ju decide to take on a new challenge. Once he saw that Kim had signed on to the film, Ju felt more confident about the role.

The following are the edited excerpts from an interview the actor had with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, in which he spoke about his passion for taking on a new challenge, learning how to speak with a Busan dialect and his future goals.

Q. How did you train yourself to speak with a Busan dialect?

. I worked with the director, who is the writer of the movie as well. At first, I recorded [the director saying things in dialect] on my smartphone, but later on, the director suggested to use a cassette tape player. When you listen to a recording on a smartphone, you have to be looking at the screen the whole time. But with a cassette tape player, you just need to know [which button to press]. I like walking so I walked around for four to five hours listening to this tape. I spent about eight hours practicing.

Was it difficult to learn?

In fact, I have long enjoyed the Busan dialect because I think it has a warm, welcoming feel to it, so I wanted to speak the dialect. But it was more difficult than I expected. The dialect is something that is comfortable for many, so if I didn’t deliver it right, it wouldn’t seem natural and people could [easily criticize me] for not doing the job well. Actors are supposed to express their feelings through every movement of their body and their lines, but all those things became my weakness. On set, everyone except one actor was from the Busan area. It gave me a lot of stress.

Do you think you are creating a certain image that the audience can remember you with?

I didn’t want to have any title because I don’t want to be trapped. I’m just thankful. There are so many things to be thankful for. I think working with talented veteran actors and staff has forced me to show more of my talent. I don’t know if that’s true, but people who know me have been saying that. I’m 37 and soon will be in my 40s. Because the more senior actors have helped me, I can just completely throw myself into the [characters], I want to be that person to those younger actors, who can show them how to throw themselves into their roles. That’s my wish and my worry these days.




BY CHO YEON-GYEONG [summerlee@joongang.co.kr]


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‘Dark Figure of Crime’ to screen in London




The director of “Dark Figure of Crime” Kim Tae-gyun and the film’s lead actor Kim Yun-seok have been invited to attend the London East Asia Film Festival (Leaff).

The movie is about police detective Kim Hyung-min, played by actor Kim Yun-seok, who meets Kang Tae-oh, a serial killer who is in prison, played by actor Ju Ji-hoon.

Detective Kim later tries to track down the bodies of victims from seven separate crimes that Kang confesses responsibility for.

The director and the actor will be attending the festival on Oct. 25.

Leaff was established in 2015 as a non-profit arts organization that celebrates East Asian filmmaking. This year’s festival will run from Oct. 25 to Nov. 4.

The movie, however, has faced some controversy for using a true murder case without the victim’s family’s consent.



By Jeong Ju-won

credit : JoongAngDaily

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Joo Ji-hoon Close With Ha Jung-woo Who Makes Him Special Drinks




Actor Joo Ji-hoon claims he's close to actors Ha Jung-woo and Kim Yoon-suk.


Naver V0Live "Actor Whatsuda" featured the star of the movie "Dark Figure of Crime".


Joo Ji-hoon said, "Ha Jung-woo makes me tea out of beet that he makes himself. He's my beet sponsor".


"I think only he can make 'beet' tea", he added and copied Jung Woo-sung's classic line from the movie "Beat".


About working with Kim Yoon-suk, Joo Ji-hoon said, "He's like pasta dough. He's soft and relaxed. He takes care of his younger ones, too. We drank in the day once when we were in Busan. We drank at his regular spot and he took out two rolls of Kimbab saying it was his favorite since he was young. We drank with kimbab and it was great".


"Dark Figure of Crime" is about a murderer who confesses to seven murders in prison and a detective who investigates them. The movie comes out on the 3rd of October.




Source : news.nate.com/view/20...

Translation : Hancinema

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The Seoul Awards Announces Nominations For 2018


The Seoul Awards has revealed its full list of nominees for 2018!


The award ceremony, which is now in its second year, honors achievements in film and television dramas. Only films and dramas that were released between October 2017 and September 2018 were eligible to be considered for this year’s awards.


In addition to the categories listed below, there will also be a special Hallyu Artist Award, as well as a Special Acting Award and several Popularity Awards.


The Seoul Awards 2018 will air live on SBS on October 27 at 6 p.m. KST.


Best Supporting Actor (Film)

Kim Sang Ho — “The Witness”

Joo Ji Hoon — “The Spy Gone North”

Jin Sun Kyu — “The Outlaws

Bae Sung Woo — “The Swindlers,” “The Great Battle”



(skipped unrelated.....)



Source (1) soompi news

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*** “Dark Figure of Crime” will be in theaters TODAY, Wednesday as originally scheduled. It was reported before that the family of one of the serial killer’s victims applied for an injunction last month to ban the movie screening. The sister of the victim argued that the Producers did not ask for consent before making the story into a film, since many actual events, including the crime itself and where the incident took place, are reflected in the movie. However, the family of victim decided to withdraw their case after receiving a sincere apology from the film’s production company, Good luck, JJH! :P

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October 4, 2018



[Box Office] Movies in theaters this week





Dark Figure of Crime
Opened Oct. 3
Crime, Drama, Mystery
Directed by Kim Tae-kyun

Convicted murderer Kang (Ju Ji-hoon) calls up detective Kim Hyung-min (Kim Yoon-seok) from his cellphone and confesses to six additional murders that were never reported to authorities. Kim tracks investigates the cases, but soon learns a plethora of lies is mixed into Kang’s testimony, and the criminal is manipulating him.



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : Korea Herald

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Netizens Create Fantasy Cast For Hypothetical Drama Adaptation Of Popular Webtoon




A Naver webtoon is gaining popularity for its sweet love story!

Titled “A Love Contract with the Devil,” the webtoon released its first chapter this April and has consistently been updating the story every week, with now up to 23 chapters. The webtoon is about a human who signs a sinister contract with a devil. In exchange for granting her a wish, the devil obtains her soul. Things change, however, when a love story develops between the devil and the human.

With so much interest in the webtoon, netizens have created their ideal lineup for a hypothetical live action version of the webtoon.


The Devil — Joo Ji Hoon




The male lead character, the Devil, is perfect in everything he does and has captured the hearts of readers for his sexy demeanor. When it comes to his work or his enemies, the angels, the Devil is incredibly sensitive, but in front of the female lead and his fellow devil friends, he’s like a big puppy.


Netizens chose Joo Ji Hoon to represent the Devil for his sharp jaw line and his “decadent beauty.”


Joo Ji Hoon previously starred in “Goong,” “Mask,” the “Along with the Gods” series, and most recently, “Dark Figure of Crime.”



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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On 10/6/2018 at 12:41 AM, wanda77 said:

Ju JI Hoon at Buil Film Awards won Best Supporting Actor with "Spy Gone North"




Hi wanda, thanks for sharing this good news. I'm happy for JJH! Congratulations! JJH recently had an interview where he talked about why he decided to appear in “Dark Figure of Crime.  He said that he wanted to work with Kim Yun Seok. He liked the script, too. :P

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Korean crime thriller dethrones 'Venom' at box office


By Shim Sun-ah


SEOUL. Oct. 15 (Yonhap) -- "Dark Figure of Crime" has achieved a come-from-behind win against "Venom" in the competition for the weekend box office top spot.


The Korean crime thriller brought in 552,989 admissions in its second weekend in movie theaters, beating out the Hollywood superhero blockbuster for the No. 1 spot, according to data from the Korean Film Council on Monday.




Based on a true story, the "Dark Figure of Crime" follows a detective who desperately tries to uncover the truth about hidden murders using unreliable confessions from a prisoner. The movie, starring Ju Ji-hoon as the prisoner and Kim Yoon-seok as the detective, has attracted more than 2.8 million cinemagoers since it opened Oct. 3.


"Venom" added 493,724 admissions to its cumulative audience figure of about 3.25 million.



(skipped unrelated.....)






credit : Yonhap News

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