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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ Upcoming Dramas 2021 and 2022~ 1. Now, We're Breaking Up 2. The Glory 3. Mystery Thriller Untitled (TBA)


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Guest RoseS

Song Hye Kyo's three 'big' fans @arriang TV show/showbiz Korea: Adrien Lee, Crystal Kim and Fox/Foxtail.  They're waiting her next project:D


SHK's part, start at 3:07(because like her beautiful photo then keep this video)


congratulation to DOTS, Chinese's big screen:innocent: and DOTS take all BEST @kdramastar......(1/2 of 2016)


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thanks so much for the updates everyone! so happy to see that SHK as Seoul Tourism Ambassador , definitely she rocks the "I Seoul U" promo ad !




looking forward for the complete video of the "I Seoul U" promo CF , most likely this is part of this CF , the one with the beautiful kid in red dress which was filmed I think last April or May???? the one which the child actor deleted the photo on IG

credit:as labeled

credit:as labeled

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On 7/1/2016 at 9:09 AM, applebee88 said:


If am not mistaken AIMH was  shown before Winter Sonata.

This drama is the one that sparked  Korean wave.


allow me to cut your post. i just want to confirm your thoughts.

yes, although it was winter sonata that was credited for hallyu especially since bae yong joon mania invaded japan,  but it was actually autumn in my heart which was shown first and opened the interest of asia (and some parts of europe) to korean dramas. while our eyes were still puffy with AIMH and feasting on the visuals of SHK, WB and SSH , trailer of WS was shown on tv. it was highly anticipated from the first episode because of the good reviews of the first installment of the series.

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one of my favorite cf of Song Hye Kyo.....                                                                                                                                                                                                         


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The Goddess Indeed Song Hye Kyo......credit to the rightful owner                                                                                                                                                                                              13532855_1393524370661222_62251754674449                       13606968_10208406011421679_9194246092728           13438842_10208406011381678_3309409668552                                    13507015_10208406011981693_1141108451682                                  13606694_1393603943986598_17452646818970                

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A Chinese fan is missing Kyo and she went on Naver to do a search for "next project".  Kyo's name came up first, lol.  Seems like a lot of people are waiting to hear about her next project :D  Won Bin's name came up second :lol:


Haha, fans even came up with a meme with the caption "continue living with a smile" to describe Kyo's fans while waiting to hear about her next project.


cr to 宋慧乔的跟屁虫

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Thank you sunbaenims and chingus for your kind updates, I miss her so much to the point that I don't even remember how many times per day I visit her IG account. But thinking that she enjoys her time does help in lessening my impatience :sweatingbullets:

Thank you @RoseS for sharing ShowBiz Korea featuring our Kyo that was aired on ariang channel on 1st June 2016, I really enjoy the content of the show that depicts her inner beauty and admirable working manner, so I would love to repeat in words their perspective about her.


Song Hye Kyo has excellent insight when it comes to production selection.

Kyo does drama every 3-4 years, showing how picky she is and her works are so successful that people on the Internet also notice about it (the production selection). Their opinions are: #5 She has strong conviction, #4 Smart selections, #3 Luck is on her side, #2 Trust her to bring a solid performance and #1 Befitting a national star.

She attracts people with her pretty face, acting and respective roles, however it's her hard working should be emphasized.

She once shared in an interview that she's always supper happy when people, fans and professional commentators saying that her acting got better. Then the MCs focus on Kyo's performance as Kang Mo Yeon Doctor in Descendants of the Sun. Netizens' respond to her performance after DOTS was broadcasted is SHK shows off a "corny-cute" acting in the drama, which is a new side that hadn't seen before. Before DOTS, opinions about SHK leans towards "lovely, bring high expectation and alluring", but after DOTS, there are a lot comments about her as "bold, confident, corny-cute". And then I see hearts flying here and there as they mention about her overly cuteness in the blood type scene :lol:. All the MCs got goose pump when they repeat the line and SHK also said that she had hard time with those corny, overly cute and sugar sweet lines kkk. 

Besides that, her hairstyle in DOTS is also a big issuemaker on the social media and the conclusion is she nails it even the hairstyle that not many dare to try it on. But to say, it's not about her hairstyle, basically everything about her from head to toe, her fashion, especially her life-style is the thing that should be focused on. Chinese fans even started the trend "Live like Song Hye Kyo" with people eating what she ate (traditional chicken soup), drink the water she drank and wear the lipstick she put on. 

How Chinese fans react to SHK?

In comparison with local big stars, naming Fan Bing Bing and Zhang Ziyi, search index of SHK on Chinese Search Portals shot up to the top since Feb 24th 2016. Related search words are "beautiful, pretty, angel (so true!)".

SHK being entitled as "angle" is understandable. 

She has been donating a lot, helping the people in need. An example is she shot a public campaign ad in China then donated her wages towards building an elementary school. she's also donating information booklets in Korean to various museums and historical sites in China and the US, this year she said she tries to put together Korean brochures for art museums even in Europe. She always tries to go extra distance to help people

The MC hopes that SHK will continue to inspire people not only here, not only China but people all over the world. The other MC, who researched about SHK and knows who she is, concluded that the thing he likes about SHK most is that she's always trying to become a better person, whether it is a better actress, or serving the community, always striving and he himself is influenced and motivated by her, and the production team with 3 MCs are inspired by our Angle as well. "She has 3 more fans today".

Video source: Arirang, photo made by me.

To say, I'm wholeheartedly thankful for knowing about SHK, previously it was her acting that impresses me but the more I know about her, the more I understand why she has so many loyal fans who stay by side her through thick and thin. It is the inner beauty of hers that shining and attracting and positively influencing people in her life journey. The thing made me impress about her working attitude is she once shared that she would love to take the role that is different from traditional model and requires high level of acting. I learn from her everyday and I'm truly grateful for that :) 

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Guest RoseS
23 hours ago, superbigcat said:

Thank you @RoseS for sharing ShowBiz Korea featuring our Kyo that was aired on ariang channel on 1st June 2016, I really enjoy the content of the show that depicts her inner beauty and admirable working manner, so I would love to repeat in words their perspective about her.

You're welcome! 

Here's an example of many of videos that talk about SHK but Korean:(

They discuss/commentary(hope using right words by English). Video, lenght=28:57, all about SHK:kiss_wink:


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I just saw her segment on Arirang and I couldn't be more proud to be called her fan. I will eagerly await her projects even if it takes a while.!! I trust her eye for drama. She has the ability to be the heart of the show, and make co-stars shine. I share the sentiments of the host (the blonde guy - forgot his name, sorry), SHK seems like the type who continually seeks to improve as an actor and a human being.  Self-awareness is such a rare characteristic to have when you have people at your beck and call, with a superstar level of fame.. and that's what sets her apart from all others. Despite her achievements, she doesn't believe her own hype and refuses to settle. In her quest of bettering herself, she ups the level of her dramas. The writer and the PD she'll be working with next are lucky to have her on-board. :)

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The Queen and Goddess i miss her so much.....credit to the rightful owner                                                                                                                                                            13529141_10208411625282022_4404281563115 13495300_10208411625522028_7678835231715 13567492_10208411626162044_6963556871497 13439118_10208411626402050_6942563888658 13532931_10208411626642056_4665770522504 13615385_10208411626962064_8563257956456

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Guest RoseS

It says: "The beauty that attracts viewers, acting in comfort, ........"

Bing's translation  [Closing the first half of 2016] Song Joong-gi · · Jo Jin Woong Seo Hyun-jin, actress made life less thermally


◆ Add "Sons of the Sun" Song Hye-kyo, can not replace her small life ... John

Song, is regarded as one of the hand-grossing actress unbeaten in home theater. The beauty that attracts viewers, acting in comfort, and with the equally fantastic to beat the three actresses and actors of Kemi. Song Hye-kyo met the "Sons of the Sun" has once again demonstrated the quality of learning. Song, from "Sons of the Sun" has played a soft bristle talented surgeon station. Everyone is an excellent owner, TV appearances skills also looks great hero not to pinch the street might admit. Accidentally left in the disaster relief site discovered the real meaning of the Hippocratic Oath, and the figures are changed through the love man. Song Hye Kyo has done the most complete and carefully opened the bristles soft bristles. Endearing charm overflowed.Romance smoke No pitting of the Khmer alternative. "Songsong couples' Song Joong-gi has the flutter and as an extraordinary home theater Chemie. Of course Korean star Song Hye-kyo was already a long time ago. But also a crisis moment, the wings badged as "descendants of the Sun" has added another smaller one's life. The heyday of the Khmer are still continuing.
Anyone know history of SHK's name=Khmer:crazy:
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S. Korea makes 'Creative Korea' new national slogan

2016/07/04 11:04

SEOUL, July 4 (Yonhap) -- The government on Monday officially adopted "Creative Korea" as South Korea's new national slogan and promote it internationally to highlight the importance the country places on fostering creativity.

The country had used "Dynamic Korea," as its official slogan ahead of the 2002 South Korea-Japan World Cup.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism chose the new slogan based on public polls that singled out "creativity," "passion and "harmony" as the three main keywords that can best identify Korea, and listened to opinions from local and foreign experts.

The ministry said while "passion" was the driving force of building today's Korea from the ashes of the 1950-53 Korean War, "creativity" is a value that the country should pursue to move itself forward to cope with changing demands of the time.

To promote the image, the government will launch a national brand campaign on foreign news media outlets such as CNN and BBC and its overseas missions and relevant organizations, including Korean cultural centers and the Korea Tourism Organization.

The ad campaign features actor Song Joong-ki and actress Song Hye-kyo of the mega-hit TV series "Descendants of the Sun," as well as go player Lee Se-dol, pianist Cho Sung-jin and K-pop boy band BigBang, among others.

The authority will screen a video showing the "Creative Korea" logo on the outer walls of buildings surrounding the Seoul City Hall in the city center for a month from Monday.

Forthcoming international sports events such as the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics and the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics will be used as a means to promote the new slogan, the ministry said.

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Thanks @gigivillaceran for sharing the news. It has indeed been confirmed by several news agencies and newspapers, including yonhapnews, Newsis, Asiae, Heraldcorp, Asiatoday, News1, edaily, and Donga, that Song Hye Kyo will appear in an ad campaign to promote South Korea's newly selected slogan "Creative Korea".

Some other artists will join them in the ad campaign.

The ad will be shown in many major international and local news media outlets such as CNN and BBC and at major international and local events such as the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics and the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics. Korean embassies, consular offices and cultural centers overseas will also join hand in promoting the slogan and featuring the ad in over 100 countries.


Photo credit: photo's owner.


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