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  1. SHK for Sulwhasoo, as always super beautiful for luxurious skincare brand! credit:SHK DC /Sulwhasoo
  2. Revenge incarnation Song Hye-kyo... Chijeong Melo Go Hyunjung... Steel Woman Lee Bo-young Sports Dong-A original article transmission 2021-01-11 06:58 The box office queen' is back. Song Hye-kyo, Go Hyun-jung, and Lee Bo-young, who have shown extraordinary influence in the home theater, each return to the acting stage by joining hands with'star writers'. In the lead drama, he is trying to transform his image based on intense subjects such as revenge, chivalry, and betrayal. He is determined to break away from the melody genre that has been shown so far and reach the viewers with
  3. POP Issue] Song Hye-kyo x Kim Eun-sook's new title is'The Glory'… Announcement of a new revenge drama (general) Herald POP original article transmission 2021-01-08 22:18 Actor Song Hye-kyo, Kim Eun-sook Writer/Photo = Herald POP DB [Herald POP=Image Reporter] The new work that Eun-sook Kim and Hye-kyo Song joined hands again turned out to be'The Glory'. On the 8th, the production company Hwa&Dam Pictures announced through an official press release that Kim Eun-sook's new title was'The Glory'. 'The Glory' dreamed of becoming an architect, but th
  4. here's more news, SHKs promise of comeback project Will Song Hye-gyo and Kim Eun-suk who kept the promise of "A must-have work in 2021" re-enact the'Empressive Syndrome' [General] Sports Chosun article transmission 2021-01-05 20:49 [Sports Chosun Yoo Na reporter] Actor Song He-gyo kept his promise to "reduce space". The new work is the work of Eun-sook Kim, who collaborated with the syndrome of'Descendants of the Sun'. With the news that the two will meet, interest is being raised whether to re-enact the'Descendants of the Sun' syndrome box office again. O
  5. Quite Late with my posting , super excited too like you guys for SHKs upcoming drama comeback and with writer KES no less and a good PD too ! Nice seeing more fans of SHK here dropping by , for sure you have also some male lead bet for this drama , really hope the male lead is perfect also for the role ! With the confirmation of SHKs comeback drama as the lead heroine again for KES work , k media news/articles kept popping out non stop , this is the power of the one and only Hallyu Queen SHK! Wish this new project is at par or even can surpass DOTs! Song Hye-kyo and Kim Eun-sook reunit
  6. from SHK DC not sure if this is new one wherein it featured her drama "AIMH" iconic scene with the yellow umbrella, the caption translation for this video somehow said that the panelist on this TV show while talking about the first love icons of each era , the moment SHK's came out their reactions are interesting . Oh how i wish i can understand the full conversation of the panelist as i only heard the word “yeppuda” [예쁘다] when the video clip showed SHKs beautiful face credit : SHK DC Its a fact that SHK has several blockbuster / high rated k dramas and
  7. from iMBC Entertainment featuring SHK 22 years ago [M Time Machine] Song Hye-kyo interviews Eugene? 22 years ago, reporter Song Hye-kyo &'fairy girl group' SES companion video! iMBC Entertainment Original article transmission 2020-12-31 16:16 Last modified 2020-12-31 16:4 https://tv.naver.com/v/776820 Actor Song Hye-gyo appeared as a bouncing reporter 22 years ago, and a rare video interviewing SES, a girl group called'The Fairy' at the time, was released on'Time Machine TV' and attracted attention. The video was broadcast on Se
  8. Happy New Year ! May this new year will bring happiness and more blessings to SHK . Starting the year with a bang for her W Korea Jan 2021 , looking forward for more endorsements and a very good comeback project . Its nice that she has her new year greeting on her IG and love her friendship with PSM . [HI ★ What are you doing?] Song Hye-kyo, New Year's greetings to fans... Solmi Park "I love you" Hankook Ilbo original article transmission 2021-01-01 14:48 Actor Song Hye-kyo delivered a New Year's greeting to the fans. On the 1st, Song Hye-kyo posted a picture on his
  9. looking forward for SHKs upcoming project! Song Hye-kyo, New Year's pictorial... "I promise to work in 2021" Newsis original article transmission 2020-12-23 17:49 Seoul = Newsis] Song Hye-kyo. (Photo = Courtesy of CHAUMET) 2020.12.23. photo@newsis.com [Seoul = Newsis] Reporter Kang Jin-ah = Actor Song Hye-kyo revealed his will for the next work ahead of the new year. Song Hye-kyo told about her plans for her future work in the cover pictorial and interview for the January issue of'W Korea' released on the 23rd. Song Hye-kyo said, "The diversified
  10. SHKs latest IGS as usual have news article praising her youthful beauty and trends in naver! Song Hye-gyo, holding a dog with one arm, proud of her super-strong beauty... It’s pretty even in black and white OSEN original article transmission 2020-12-17 05:03 [OSEN=Reporter Sun Mi-kyung] Actor Song Hye-kyo caught the eye with his lovely charm even when he was with his dog. Song Hye-kyo posted a short video on his SNS on the 16th. The released video contains the image of Song Hye-kyo during the photo shoot. Song Hye-kyo is holding a puppy that a
  11. SHK must have miss travelling this year , she posted on her IG the Nazare coastline , a photo from her last year Portugal vacation . SHK also have IGS update featuring her 3 W Korea cover photo SHK
  12. SHK W Korea magazine cover photo is trending ! Song Hye-kyo's bold transformation... A visual that shines more than a tube top + a gem [pictorial] Sports Chosun article transfer 2020-12-14 18:39 [Sports Chosun.com reporter Jung Anji] Actor Song Hye-kyo tried to make a bold transformation and decorated the first pictorial of the new year. On the 14th, W Korea posted a pictorial on the official Instagram, saying, "The cover of the first issue of this year, which opens in 2021, is decorated by actor Song Hye-kyo, who showed a new and fresh face that has n
  13. SHK with her Bottega Veneta Chain Pouch featured in Vogue HongKong Fashion article Strictly select the top ten handbags out of stock in 2020: Check out the popular handbags that you will get if you want to hit the money! 2020 (finally) is coming to an end, and because you can't go abroad, it promotes local consumption. Do you know which handbags have caused the topic this year? If you want to reward yourself before the end of the year, in addition to classic models, what other popular bags are worth buying? VOGUE counts 10 IT bags for you. The redness makes people willing
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