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  1. Nice to see longtime fans of SHK visiting SHK thread again showing their love and support ! I am happy that someone was able to set the record straight on SHKs Chaumet interview that was "maliciously" presented by K media with twisted facts that puts SHK image in bad light. For those kind of K media , they dont care who's reputation will be affected as long as they earn from it , for them sensationalism even with twisted facts would garnered much attention than presenting it with the boring truth .The influence of media is indeed such a SCARY thing , it would be unfortunate to those victimized by them as they have the power to write or speak anything and they just dont care even if they can ruin anyone. SHK fans really appreciated much the effort of "Ms J" for speaking up and set the record straight , this indeed did a lot of justice for SHK who has been the target of rude comments, senseless/ baseless rumors and image distortion. Now that this news is out to straighten out the correct information, what did these unprofessional K media have to say????? Are they going to apologize for their actions ????? Are they happy that they generated fame and fortune over twisted facts and have enjoyed reading the rude and malicious comments on SHK based on their bias report???? Are they not ashamed of themselves ???? Though Koreaboo and Allkpop is much more of a fan site , at least they have posted something that clear things up for this controversy , this can help spreading the correct info and the exact thoughts of SHK on that interview: Love this line in this article of Allkpop which is true indeed : Miss J claimed it was unfortunate that the Korean media made her sound like a privileged princess when Song Hye Kyo was actually humble and down to Earth. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/07/song-hye-kyos-words-were-twisted-by-korean-media-so-the-original-interviewer-set-the-record-straight
  2. thanks so much ahdriaanaa for the translation and the info! wow i really dont know how to describe such korean journalists , instead of showing pride that their fellow korean , a top hallyu star that is being invited in such prestigious and luxurious event and showed their professionalism , there they are giving their own distorted interpretation of SHKs interview, bad karma will struck them too! or they simply must need to attend proper english to korean translation classes for them to report accurately . This is why knets and SHK haters are on the lose again bashing her with the way those nasty K press presented her interview. Thumbs up to Jenie , thanks so much for ever being loyal and supporting SHK and defending her too! Hope SHKs UAA squad will continue to show their love and support to her and always ready to defend her . I really pity SHK when bashers attacked her with those nasty comments , i have the feeling that she is well aware of those comments also . But then there''s always sunshine after the rain , SHK can overcome these trials and emerged as more successful as ever, they always try to pull her down. Wish all koreans show their love and support to their fellow koreans , SHK does have her share of giving her country pride around the world and even actively sponsors Korean culture and history awareness , and yet this is what she gets from her follow koreans ???? I bet those koreans attacking her doesnt even have any contribution to the betterment of their country . STAY STRONG SHK , your fans will always support you ! Thanks so much Ms J
  3. Hi! Hope someone can have a better translation of the naver article posted by rosschienta17 coz i tried thru google translate i got this : https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/609/0000144160 [Solo] 'Controversial controversy' Song Hye-kyo Overseas interview Are they saying that there is a controversy on the interview of SHK with Hongkong Tatler as to the correct translation/interpretation of her answers ?
  4. It's now officially over , thumbs up for SHK and UAA for handling the whole situation professionally ! UAA did the most appropriate way in releasing their statement , just purely facts , straight to the point and makes no room for unfair speculation to the other party: Hello, this is UAA. Today, July 22, 2019, Song Hye Kyo’s divorce was finalized at the Seoul Family Court. The mediation was conducted by both sides and the divorce was completed, without any alimony or division of assets and property. — United Artists Agency They say that life after a divorce has never been easy for any woman and restarting life after divorce for women is difficult but I just hope this wont be totally the case for SHK though she will face more challenges especially in her own country wherein the life of a divorced woman is riddled with a lot of social stigma, for sure she will handle it with ease and grace. A lot of famous personalities who have success stories after their divorce are able to rise from ashes and carve a niche for themselves and I do believe SHK can do better also , yeah there's a great hope for SHK too in finding her faith in life and second chances at happiness. Hope it will be beneficial to her to take a short hiatus till the rest of the year in preparation for her comeback project next year. As for SHKs IG photos , it is understandable that she deletes any traces of him , she waited for the right time ., just hope she can still find time sharing her beautiful photos on her IG ! Funny that even SHKs clean up of her IG photos became a news article https://www.koreaboo.com/news/song-hye-kyo-deletes-pictures-song-joong-ki-instagram/
  5. Yes dear its true i think when chinese media start the news around june or july that this two are divorce then its true remember chinese media is the one who release that they are getting married fans please do double check the facts about SHK s writeups , there's something off with the post by sandra _alam about SSCs divorced news . like "they are actually divorced last July 2018'??? like what??? it was this month of 2018 that they are spotted in LA attending their friend's wedding , SHK was wearing the yellow dress and they are spotted on the same table , does this mean that they are pretending way back then ????? check out the article https://www.hancinema.net/song-joong-ki-and-song-hye-kyo-attend-wedding-in-la-120306.html. does the legal representative of SJK is telling a lie that he filed the application for divorce only last June 26, 2019 with the Seoul Family Court when in fact they are already divorced by July 2018 as what the insider say to Sandra-alam??? As i know also that the divorce rumors made by Chinese media was only early this year not around June or July last year???? how about the picture shared by SJK father during his Sept 2018 birthday, is this for a show only ???? for now i would like to believe that they started having marital problems when they became busy with their projects , SHK went to Cuba last week of Sept 2018 and SJK is also filming his drama and from then on we never seen them together , we only have updates during their drama presscon and SJK does have a video then where he is inviting to watch his wife drama then. please note also that it is not always true if the news comes from a fellow fan's friend , unless that fan's friend is also a friend of SHK that knows her well or unless reported by a reputable korean media . Funny how it said also that international fans dont be ignorant about korean entertainment industry , i guess they will remain ignorant when they rely their news on unverified sources or so called "insiders" .
  6. I still cant get over SHKs Chaumet event in Monaco , she deserves to be part of that event and truly she embodies the grace and character the way she is endorsing their luxurious jewelry line . thanks for the updates and beautiful photos of SHK on that event . I also love the exclusive interview by Ms Charlene Co of Hongkong Tatler - Exclusive Interview: Song Hye-Kyo On Fame And Fate super love this caption : South Korean superstar Song Hye-Kyo speaks to Hong Kong Tatler in Monaco, where she gets candid about fate and self-care, and reveals one of her birthday wishes Nice to know what's her dream / wish for her birthday , would love to see her wearing a beautiful tiara on Nov 22 hope she can or her friends will have an IG update on this if this indeed will come true , for sure she would be like a true princess If you were allowed to wear one of the tiaras, when would that be? If I were allowed, I would love to be able to wear a tiara on my birthday, on November 22. When I put on a tiara, I feel like a princess. SHK still have the same view as before, FATE / DESTINY How do you decide on what projects to work on? With any project that comes my way, or does not come my way for that matter, it’s because it simply was meant to be, or not meant to be. And I find this is true with any project in my life. They happen because the stars align for me, the timing was right. Fate comes without any big effort, it just happens. With her reply on this question, i guess we wont be seeing her much or get updates unless she still have more CFs /events to attend and well i presume the movie "Anna" which they announced before that she is considering to appear may not be confirmed yet and also I hope this would be best for her to take some personal time off and yes hoping that the stars will align for her to have a great project next year ! What are you plans for the rest of the year? This year, I will take some personal time off. I need to have some time for myself. Apart from events like these, I will take it easy. And next year, I will start a new project—maybe—but nothing has been fully decided yet. Let’s see if the stars align. https://hk.asiatatler.com/style/song-hye-kyo-exclusive-interview We Support you SHK , wish you'll be like a princess on your birthday and hope all the stars will align for you to have a great project - movie or drama by next year ! Have a wonderful personal time off!
  7. more of SHKs beautiful photos as posted by elle and marie claire hongkong and more from weibo credit : @雅诗Bella @gigivillaceran pls check your msg inbox , thanks
  8. wow its raining beautiful photos of SHK , thanks so much everyone for the updates ! definitely life goes on with SHK , happy to see her smiling and waving at her fans and yes , thumbs up to SHKs chinese fans for their overwhelming support ! unparalleled beauty! super beautiful always! cr. sulwhasoo official article about SHK sulwhasoo event by k media https://news.nate.com/view/20190706n12368&mid=e0100&cid=782750 Stay strong SHK! check out more beautiful photos of SHK and nice article about her Sulwhasoo event https://www.koreaboo.com/news/song-hye-kyo-looks-angelic-first-public-appearance-since-divorce/
  9. thanks for the update! here's more report on SHKs event in China it says also that it is scheduled at 2pm but i think they are also on the look out for SHKs security that there might be changes . see full report on this link:https://en.businesstimes.cn/articles/114686/20190704/song-hye-kyo-attend-commercial-activity-china-weekend-first-public.htm Photo : Weibo Screenshot)Song Hye Kyo To Attend Commercial Activity In China This Weekend, First Public Appearance After Divorce From Song Joong Ki Hope todays event will push through smoothly and we can see SHK that she is doing just fine ! For sure this event will again garner negative comments and bashing from her haters , its already a given thing that whatever she does right now her haters wont miss any chance bashing her , if she attends this event they have something bad to say for sure but if ever she cancelled this event for sure there will be more bashing , I just hope SHK will just follow her heart and what she thinks good for her . Hat's off to her for not letting her personal life get in the way for work , I think it would be a best therapy for her to get busy rather than take a break from the public eye. Few more hours to go , for sure everyone here is on the look out for more updates and whoever have the lates news on this event pls do update us here in SHK thread , thanks in advance! Stay Strong SHK !
  10. Hi ImAryaStark! Please backread SHK thread page 3609 for the full interview of SHK for Elle Korea March 2019 issue and check out this portion of that interview as translated in English by Ms Ace of @koreasongsongcouple and posted by twtwb: Considering that this Elle magazine was released last mid Feb 2019 . the interview took placed earlier might be in Jan 2019 or Dec 2018. , dont know if some fans already noticed her answers particularly on question no 15 and 16 and during the release of this magazine , there were already rumors about their marriage that started with the non wearing of wedding ring and deleting of IG photos. I personally brush off any idea of having trouble in their marriage then despite the rumors and even didnt give much attention to her answers in Elle . But then again we may never know when they actually started to feel the burden of being together and discover their differences i would just like to believe that SHK can overcome this trial and based from her activities for the past months i guess she already foresees that this thing will happen. Be Strong SHK ! Looking forward to see your beautiful photos tomorrow
  11. Hope is SHK is doing fine and preparing for this Sulhwasoo event in China , cant wait to see her beautiful photos tomorrow! btw this article somehow says that SHK already left for China , i guess with her ninja skills she can easily evade prying media at the airport if indeed she is in China now . https://news.nate.com/view/20190705n04446?mid=e0100 송혜교 행사참석…中 화장품 행사 위해 출국 스타투데이 원문 기사전송 2019-07-05 07:55 최종수정 2019-07-05 08:31 Participation in Song Hye ... Departure for middle cosmetics event Star Today is the original article sent 2019-07-05 07:55 last modified 2019-07-05 08:31 Show the world girl that you are doing just fine, you may be still hurting but you are dealing this ordeal without compromising your professionalism , hats off to you! Be strong as your fans will always support you!
  12. Super agree with you ! Funny how her ex fans reacted with the way SHK fans here treated their bias , if only their bias is considerate enough in dealing with their divorce , malicious rumors could have been lessened . SHK fan reactions here are purely based on what her ex did for media play for his own benefit. Yes even lawyers are surprised with his actions , there is really something off , he wants privacy ??? his words doesnt matched his actions , PRIVACY my foot! here's one article just check if anyone here is interested its coming from the point of view of a lwayer and i would like to higlight what he says: He believes Song Joong Ki was asking Song Hye Kyo to be more active in finalizing their divorce. Well for me , if his intention is to ask SHK to be more active in finalizing their divorce , why thru media via his laywer ? Cant he ask it privately ? The fact that he is doing it the unconventional way by broadcasting it too early just after the filing there must be a hidden agenda for this for his only own benefit and why the timing , cant he wait for his drama to finish airing , he thinks this can boost his drama ratings which unfortunately is well below than SHKs Encounter ?? he is really good in timing , 1st he cant wait to announce his wedding news while promoting his BI movie and now his divorce when his drama is still airing. What so you think of this, well my presumption for his real intention may be same as yours! btw here's the link for the full article https://www.koreaboo.com/news/song-joong-ki-song-hye-kyo-divorce-message-lawyer/ Just a piece of advice to SHK:
  13. Hope this article is true and reliable , it would be great if she appears in public with heads up high and its a perfect time that fans will show support to her ! calling Chinese fans Song Hye Kyo Announces Her First Public Promotion Since News Of Her Divorce She’s jumping into the public eye. It’s been less than a week since news of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki‘s divorce had been announced, but Song Hye Kyo isn’t going to let any scandal hold her back from her work! Song Hye Kyo will be appearing at a promotional event in China for the cosmetic brand that she’s been actively endorsing. The brand had announced through their Weibo that she will be attending their event set to happen on July 6. They also made an announcement confirming the news. Song Hye Kyo has been the brand’s model since December 2017. She’s actively taken part in the promotions ever since, holding multiple events all over Asia. News reports claim Song Hye Kyo refused to cancel this event despite what she’s been going through because of her loyalty to the brand. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/song-hye-kyo-first-public-promotion-divorce/ another article about SHK: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/song-hye-kyo-planned-pregnant-filming-encounter/ guys, if you happen to see youtube videos that spreads malicious rumors and inaccurate info about SHK pls do make comments correcting them and defend SHK or report them WE STAND BY YOU KYO!
  14. Hello guys, its been almost a week since that unfortunate breaking news and yet media is not stopping spreading rumors that is damaging to SHK that led to the unfair judgement and giving nasty comments by netizens, just hope SHKs agency and lawyer are doing their best to defend and protect her . Ever since i became fan of SHK i already noticed that k netz that are too vocal on social media are either too rude , nasty , judgmental with their comments , although i can understand them if the topic is indeed true and verified , but in the case of SHK divorce now it is truly off that they are judging her already and all the blame is geared towards her and they are not just contented , they still dig the past. And all these things happens due the outcome of the way the other party handles the situation, well is he happy now that he comes out clean and the sympathy is on him ??? is he happy to read those nasty comments to her whom he profess his undying love then??? Wish it would be better if a man is not purely talk and making unfulfilled promises ! After the blaming on who is the guilty party , now its the CFs/endorsement of SHK they are attacking and i think they wont stop until those companies drop her as their muse . In our little own way we can show our support thru that petition and continue patronizing the products she endorsed if we can afford he he he, lets pray their sales wont be affected by it . Just hope those companies would weigh things fairly but if ever they will let go of SHK its their prerogative as they are protecting their business also and the word "consideration" is not in their vocabulary . As for Chaumet , i think its not replacing SHK by having another endorser coz their campaign shows a different line and SHK will always be their muse /ambassador for their Josephine line and thanks thepixies and ahdriaana for posting confirmation from Chaumet Maison. Hope Amore Pacific, Dyson,Vide Vero, Icis ,and Sue Comma Bonnie will still have her as their muse! SHK has proven her worth as a very influential endorser and if ever time comes for some of her present endorsers drop her for sure there will be more and better endorsements to come. Remember what J Estina did to SHK ? well the lawsuit turns out in favor of SHK and the luxurious Chaumet even got her as their muse , see the power of SHKs beauty , grace and character ! Happy to see all the support to SHK and yes through petition (i already did) we can show that we stand by her . We can show how much we love and support her thru a positive way and pls to everyone refrain from posting/quoting nasty comments to SHK from knetz, it just add more insult to injury and not pleasant to see here in SHK thread !We just hope and pray that she is doing fine and i cant wait to see her in her next event soon with her heads up and face her haters with her poise and elegance! We Stand by you KYO! @gigivillaceran
  15. hi hush puppy ! pls refrain from believing on what is being showned on youtube , are you certain that it is a reliable one ? coz for now what we can only fully rely if it is from their respective agencies statement. remember that SHKs agency issued a warning to those who are spreading rumors/ false statements that they may face lawsuit , hope SHK agency can track down those who are spreading rumors in youtube. omg i think im having a heart attack on this statement you gathered , its all rumors and without basis and pls refrain from posting those false statements that can further degrade SHKs image . you know what if both UAA and blossom happens to see this youtube channel spreading this unverified statements they are are likely to be slapped with lawsuit . its way better if you didnt post it here on SHK thread instead you refer this matter to their agency or better if you make your comments on youtube asking for the truthfulness and basis on what that youtuber is saying..i know you feel bad about SHKs situation right now but lets just defend her if we have reliable evidence and if proven that came out from her soon to be ex or thru his reps . anyways , its nice to know that SHK fans all over the world manage to show their love and support to her in all social media flatform and i just hope that it would reach to her that she has the full support and love by her fans and stand by her no matter what. i just want to share something from the previous magazine interview of SHK way back in 2011 which i think some of her thoughts here are still the same or have changed about relationships and i'll highlight the following Q and A: #10LOGO#> Once you get to know someone, your relationship with that person lasts a long time, right? Song: As long as that person and I haven't hurt each other badly or that person hasn't stabbed me in the back, [laughs] I don't think I've ever let go of someone first. They're the ones that probably left for something better. And of course it hurts and I feel lonely and empty the moment someone that I cared for a lot leaves me. But I then tell myself that that's probably as far as our relationship was meant to go. I may have a hard time because of it but what can I do when they've made the decisions for their own lives? But there are also people who I keep thinking about even after I've let go of them. And in that case, I contact them first. But if not, it's really goodbye. see the full interview on this link: http://www.asiae.co.kr/news/view.htm?idxno=2011110314032286095 WE STAND BY YOU KYO !
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