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  1. I'm so happy as soompi forum is coming back on time and I can read your post again chingu ah~ Here is a FMV from user Jessica Taimi about our OT3 and it's so heart warming that portraits the family vibe.
  2. Hope you guys are doing well, I have been swimming in fanmade videos, gif, photos... from the project as well as the BTS these days and have myself flutter just with their hugs, holding hand... though I'm reaching my 30-something lol. Can't imagine how I can contain myself when they have their kiss My favorite FMV today by Part time Fangirl from Youtube <3
  3. Their interview with GoKpop Malaysia, why our boy always has that over-excited reaction when our girl speaks?
  4. While episode 7 brings me the romantic love-in-the-air feeling, episode 8 gifts the family and love birds vibe. Both these 3 people had the childhood that has formed the people they are today. They had lived with the invisible burden and responsibility that guided their direction and shaped their relationships ever since. But with this turning point, as ST is now determined and firmly about the importance role of KT in his life; MT lets her guard down (gosh I love the pure and content smile coming from the bottom of her heart) and learns to listen, to adjust her words and behaviors
  5. When I think I have had the most favorite episode of IOTNBO and the director proves otherwise. The friendship Jae Su Jae Su is such a precious friend that we all wish to have and meet in life. He has been doing his best with what he has known and experienced with Kang Tae for the last 10 years. He is the one who understands Kang Tae's pain and tries his best to make Kang Tae have the feeling that our boy is needed, loved and he, demands nothing but love in return, can leave everything behind to go whenever Kang Tae goes. He has his dream of other business besides kitchen
  6. Thank you the universe for bringing KSH and SYJ and the director and the whole crew together And why I have that feeling this is SYJ and KSH being themselves? Gif credit: moon_otd @ twitter
  7. I wonder why tVN and the production team have limited their Youtube video/ spotify to some countries randomly. I was able to open a tVN video and then the next day boom, it's not available to your country Luckily they leave spotify for my country, it worths every second and the OST is masterpiece also, remind me vividly of the attached scenes. Hope you guys can soon listen too
  8. Finally more OSTs are coming to town Wake Up - Elaine Got You - Ga Eun Your Day - Kim Ki Won ft. Kim Bom Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2yZhDehxMzQGpNuZP3gRFi?si=mfQ1MoyBTcGteuh6jwHG_Q
  9. Updates from our boy, I wonder how he can upload photos with low quality as if he was saving them from Internet, maybe to protect us from being burnt because of his handsome? He enjoys uploading flower photos recently, my shipping radar mode saying that he's so in love with his life (might contain you-know-who person) at the moment.
  10. For research purpose, love purpose, boost energy purpose while waiting for less than 24 hours Credit: Candy Crush @ Youtube
  11. This is why I love this drama so much because I had not been fan of them prior to this, and now it's like boom, my world would never be the same and everyday becomes much more lovely and interesting as I research to understand them, their personal lives, their works more. One of the greatest similarities of these two people is there dedication into work, they don't settle but keep challenging themselves with different roles, characters that many of those are not considered as safe or appealing to mass audience.
  12. Regarding destiny, I've come acrossed this while watching the interview again today - They both like "Do you believe in destiny?" line
  13. From the drama to real life, he cannot resist her lips I can feel that desire in your eyes *wink* Original photos credit to the owner, edited by me.
  14. Ohoho the harder our boy tries to contain himself, the more explosive it is when he starts being honest to his inner feelings
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