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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 ~Hyebaragi~ The Unbothered Queen

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Fan's account on Pink ribbon marathon in Gwangju "I heard about the possibility of Hye Kyo gracing the event around 2 am in the morning, not knowing whether the news is true/not, i decided to hea

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Industry Professionals Choose The TOP 55 Asian Females With The Best Faces

These are the Asian Females with the best faces.



19 hours ago

Industry professionals from a variety of fields, including professional photographers, designers, makeup artists, and stylists spent 3 months debating and discussing which Asian females had the best faces for fashion. After many discussions, they have settled on their TOP 55 Asian Female Fashion Faces.

9. Song Hye Kyo – Korea


Song Hye Kyo              source credit @https://www.koreaboo.com/news/jay-park-surprises-fans-retirement-announcement/
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[Expert Hallyu Diagnosis] What is the face of Hallyu and its current position in 2019? [Enter Biz ①]                                    Enter the article 12:00 pm  

[Sports Seoul, Hong Seung-han] The Korean Wave's face is Bulletproof Boy Scouts. 
In 2019, the boy group Bangladeshi boy group was selected as a face to represent the Korean wave. The Bangladeshi Boycott is the representative of Korean Wave in the questionnaire, "100 people were diagnosed with Hallyu, conducted by 100 experts of sports, Seoul, including entertainment companies, content creators, producers, 'Without any controversy. 
The Bulletproof Boy Scouts obtained 86 of 96 out of 96 votes, which is not comparable to the number of votes of Big Hit (2 votes), Song Hye Kyo (2 votes), and Kim Eun Sook (2 votes) The position of the absolute and unique. Above all, 100 people participated in the questionnaire, such as the go-go promoter, the actor management company, the broadcasting company, the broadcasting outsourcing production company, the movie production company, the distribution and distribution company, Most of them are professionals who have more than 15 years of experience in the field, and have watched the beginning of the Korean Wave, the beginning of the Korean Wave and the present on the spot.
Since 1990, Korean culture contents have been consumed popularly abroad, and the Korean Wave has gradually changed its representative face from generation to generation. In the early days, a certain drama and first generation idol acted as a star player, and gradually became increasingly divergent, and a new Korean wave star and K pop star who were born through drama, entertainment, and film led the Korean wave. In 2012, 'Gangnam Style' has become a popular syndrome in the world, and the scope of Korean Wave has expanded to beauty, fashion, food, game, performance, and has brought a global political and diplomatic ripple effect. The Bulletproof Boys' Team, considered to be the face of the Korean Wave, is considered to be one step evolution of Korean Wave content, which is not only one-shot but also suggests new trends based on the merits of the Korean Wave. 
Sports Seoul is the next generation Korean Wave in each field, as well as the face of the current Korean Wave in the song, drama, broadcasting, and movie sector and the hidden production company, I asked who the star would be. This questionnaire is not just to predict the current and future Korean wave and main character, but also to be a 'Hallyu 3.0' or 'New Hallyu' with sustainability as seen from the objective and calm perspective of the people in the entertainment industry. I looked at the requirements and tasks. 
◆ Hallyu representative content ... > Drama> Entertainment> Movie
What is the most active content of current Korean Wave content? The K-pop and music contents that can represent the bulletproof boy band are the most active and active, 94 of them are considered to be the mainstream genre of the Korean Wave.
The first generation Korean wave star that started with HOT, clone, NRG, baby bivus, and Ahn Jae-wook went to the 2000s, and boa boom, TVXQ, Kara, K-Pop has spread all over the world to Asia, starting with 'SM Town Live Paris Concert' in 2011 and 'Gangnam Style' in Cy, and now the Bangladeship Boy Scouts have taken the spot and made a stand with global musician. I feel it. 
From the beginning of the Korean wave, from late 1990 'What to Love', 'Star in My Heart', 'Winter Sonata', 'Dae Jang Geum', 'From the Stars' to 'Dawn of the Sun' The drama, which has been playing a role in the contest so far, has been voted by 73 people as "most active" and "active". In addition to the program formats sold in various countries such as 'I am a singer', 'Where is my dad', and 'I am more than a flower', the entertainment contents that produced Yoo Jae Suk, Kang Ho Dong, 46 were given to the question "Active". 
On the other hand, Korean films, which have won the prestigious international film festival and are standing out, are rated as' normal 'for the content of the Korean Wave, and there are a total of 50 votes,' Twilight '(23 votes) and' . In addition, respondents cited short contents and videos such as K Beauty (beauty and cosmetics), K food (Korean food), games, fashion, and performances as YouTube as the main content of the new Korean Wave.
Hallyu star world map. Graphics | Kim Jung Taek reporter taxi@sportsseoul.com
◆ Hallyu motive power ... Content and star were key The
answer was 'content' and 'star' in the question about the growth engine, strengths and competitiveness that were important until the Korean Wave got its current status. The results of the questionnaire survey showed that the contents planning ability (67 votes) got overwhelming support, and the systematic star formation system (46 votes), the star of the artist (43 votes), and actively overseas advancement (18 votes) · Ranked fourth. In fact, the content of Korean wave with Korean emotions and colors has spread to the world, so many Korean stars have been born and the content created by these Korean stars has been loved by the world. 
The Korean Wave is consumed mainly by the younger generation and the possibility of future expansion is high. More than 60 percent of the respondents said that 61 people are in their 15s to 25s as the main target of Korean wave consumption. On the other hand, only one person in their 30s and 40s, and not a single person in their 40s or older, contrasted. It is disproved that the Korean Wave is spreading and becoming generalized in the 10 ~ 30s which led the trend and the content consumption is the most active. Based on this, the survey questioned the expectation that the ages of the Korean Wave would increase as the years got taller. It exceeded the majority (59 votes) with the answer of "very yes" and "yes".
 Graphics | Kim Jung Taek reporter taxi@sportsseoul.com

◆ Japan, China -> Vietnam and Southeast Asia, followed by South America and North America ... Concerns about
Korean Wave persistence If Korean popculture is compared with Korean Wave in the regional stage, the social recognition of Korean Wave content is high, the settlement phase where the distribution of related products is universal, the transitional phase where the temporary boom becomes generalization of society, It can be divided into diffusion stages spreading to a low but active fan center. In the meantime, we can confirm this by the survey result of the current Korean Wave and the emerging market. 
Japan, one of the sources of the Korean Wave, was ranked as one of the most active countries in the Korean wave, followed by Southeast Asia and China with a slight difference of one to two votes. Southeast Asia has gained a majority of votes in the newly emerging Korean Wave market. Vietnam, as well as other countries, such as Indonesia and Malaysia, are receiving high support and are spreading from Japan and China to Southeast Asia. Vietnam, which is said to be the most frequently mentioned on both sides, is considered to be one of the hottest and most hot countries in the region. In addition, South America, the United States, and North America, which are in the spreading stage of the Hallyu region, are also referred to as 12 and 13, respectively, and emerging as new markets.
Although the growth rate and development potential and potential of the Korean Wave are different, more than 40% of the respondents are able to continue indefinitely. About 30% of those who predicted 5 ~ 10 years were in the opinion that the Korean Wave will be stopped in the next 3 ~ 5 years, and about one quarter of all respondents answered that there was a skepticism about sustainability. 
Currently, the Korean Wave is a simple export product of Korea. Instead of concentrating on quantitative sales growth or market expansion such as overseas market entry or market share, the concept of sharing trends and pleasures with the culture of the world through interactive cultural exchanges, 3.0 'or' new Korean wave '. Nevertheless, it seems to be a time to worry about improvement and supplementation with a mid- to long-term perspective as limitations and disappointment are revealed at the same time. 
hongsfilm@sportsseoul.com....source credit @https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=468&aid=0000496814

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Entertainment Industry Experts Vote On Key Players Representing Hallyu

Entertainment Industry Experts Vote On Key Players Representing Hallyu

Apr 18, 2019
by D. Kim

From March 25 through 31, media outlet Sports Seoul surveyed 100 entertainment industry experts to gather their thoughts on key players in the industry.

Each representative wrote down their top three votes for each category.

BTS was voted as the top K-pop representative of Hallyu with 90 votes and also as the top representative of Hallyu overall with 86 votes. In addition to BTS and Big Hit, SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment showed strong results across the K-pop categories.

The results are as follows: 

ey Players In The Drama Industry Representing Hallyu

  1. Song Joong Ki (37 votes)
  2. Kim Soo Hyun (25 votes)
  3. Gong Yoo (22 votes)
  4. Park Bo Gum (21 votes)
  5. Song Hye Kyo (17 votes)
  6. Jun Ji Hyun (16 votes) 

    The following 100 industry representatives participated in the survey:

    Baek Chang Joo (C-JeS Entertainment), Bang Ji Yeon (Melon), Black Eyed Pilseung (producing team), Choi Geun Ha (Showbox), Choi Jin Hee (Studio Dragon), Choi Jin Woo (HighUp Entertainment), Choi Kwan Yong (SMC), Choi Myung Kyu (Huayi Brothers Korea), Choi Sung Pil (Plan A Entertainment), Choi Yoon Hee (CJ ENM Film Business Division), Ham Young Hoon (JTBC), Han Jae Duk (Sanai Pictures), Han Jung Soo (Kiwi Media Group), Hong Il Hwa (Cube Entertainment), Hong Jin Young (Korea Music Copyright Association), Hong Min Ki (KeyEast Entertainment), Im Jung Ah (JTBC), Im Seung Yong (Yong Film), Jang Bo Kyung (Delight), Jang Kyung Ik (Studio & NEW), Jeon Hye Jung (London East Asia Film Festival), Jo Joon Sung (songwriter), Jo Sung Wan (FNC Entertainment), Jo Young Chul (Mystic Entertainment), Jo Young Shik (CJ ENM), Joo Bang Ok (Blossom Entertainment), Joo Pil Ho (Jupiter Film), Joo Sung Woo (MBC), Jung Deok Gyun (J,wide-Company), Jung Hae Ryong (Monster Union), Jung Jin Ho (Big Hit Entertainment), Jung Tae Won (Taewon Entertainment), Jung Won Jung (I-JE Company), Kang Dong Young (Lotte Cultureworks), Kang Hye Jung (Film R&K), Kang Hyo Mi (1st Look Magazine), Kang Soo Jin (LOEN Entertainment), Kang Tae Gyu (popular culture critic), Kim Dae Hee (CGV), Kim Eun Ah (SM Entertainment), Kim Jang Kyun (Management SOOP), Kim Ji Woo (Celltrion Entertainment), Kim Jin Woo (RBW), Kim Jong Do (Namoo Actors), Kim Jung Min (Film K), Kim Kyo Shik (HNS HQ), Kim Sang Heon (Chorokbaem Media), Kim Sang Ho (JYP Entertainment), Kim Seok Hyeon (tvN), Kim Sook Kyung (Jellyfish Entertainment), Kim Sung Hwan (About Film), Kim Yeon Soo (Pledis Entertainment), Kim Young Seop (SBS Contents Hub), Kwon Chang Hyun (Music K Entertainment), Kwon Suk (MBC), Kwon Young Joo (The TicTalk), Lee Chae Hyun (Hohohobeach), Lee Geum Joon (Major 7 Company), Lee Hoon Hee (KBS), Lee Hyun (3HW), Lee Jin Sung (King Kong by Starship), Lee Jin Young (Fortune Entertainment), Lee Jong Suk (All-S Company), Lee Jung Eun (Hodu & U Entertainment), Lee Sang Chul (Long Play Music), Lee So Young (Saram Entertainment), Lee Won Min (WM Entertainment), Lee Ye Ji (SM C&C), Lee Yoo Jin (ZIP Cinema), Moon Bo Hyun (KBS), Moon Bo Mi (HB Entertainment), Nam Seung Yong (SBS), Namgoong Chan (FAVE Entertainment), No Yoon Ae (Y Tree Media), No Young Ryul (Amoeba Culture), Oh Kwang Hee (BON Factory), Park Chul Soo (Film Monster), Park Hyun Jung (UAA), Park Joon Seo (Drama House), Park Jung Min (Prain Global), Park Se Jin (Polaris Entertainment), Park Sung Hye (KeyEast Entertainment), Rhymer (Brand New Music), Won Dong Yeon (Realies Pictures), Yang Geun Hwan (Awesome ENT), Yang Hyun Seung (UL Entertainment), Yang Ji Hye (NEW), Yeo Woon Hyuk (Mystic Story), Yoo Hee Yeol (Antenna Music), Yoon In Ho (CJ ENM), Yoon Je Gyun (JK Film)....source credit @https://www.soompi.com/article/1318410wpp/entertainment-industry-experts-vote-on-key-players-representing-hallyu

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'Expert Korean Wave Diagnosis' Top 3 Song Kook Ki · Kim Soo Hyun · Shared K-drama core is [Enter Biz ⑤] Enter the article 12:00 pm  


[Sports Sasung Kyung Kyoung reporter] K drama, which is a part of the Korean Wave, and K entertainment, who is the best one?  A new era of K-drama was held when KBS2 drama 'Winter Sonata' with Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo starring in the Japanese islands in 2003, The K drama was booming enough to be regarded as the core of the Korean Wave, so many years after it had changed a few times that it was referred to as the 4th greatest troupe by tying the mainstream actors of the Korean theater that was recognized overseas. Until there was a Han Chinese government in China in 2016, SBS "You from the Star" (2014) and KBS2 "Sun Generation" (2016) Evaluation. 
In the atmosphere of Chinese Han Dynasty, I still can not do it. But who is the representative face of K drama, which is still popular abroad and is looking for a variety of ways? Sports Seoul conducted surveys of 100 experts including content producers, promoters, producers, public relations and marketing experts in each field of entertainment such as broadcasting, film, and music from the 25th to 31st of last month, I saw them.
In addition, SBS 'Running Man' in 2013, which was not able to realize the popularity and explosiveness of the program itself, received interest from abroad due to format sales or appearance of idol singer. I conveyed the 'Korean Wave of Performing Arts'. Last year, Netflix 'The criminal is just you', and now domestic entertainment has begun to take on a bigger market. In this kind of entertainment, I will look at who is the top player that the experts said, "I diagnosed the Korean Wave and asked 100 experts." 

Kim Eun Sook writer. Lee Joo-sung reporter rainbow@sportsseoul.com

◇ K-drama = Top 3 Song Jung-ki, Kim Soo-hyun, Sharing, and Kim Eun-sook to
100 people who want to list the face representing the Korean Wave, covering the fields of drama, movie, etc., Although the boys were overwhelmed by getting 86 votes, Song Hye Kyo and Kim Eun Sook (more than 2 votes), drama Deoksugi, Song Jung Ki, and Park Bo Sook (more than 1 vote) were able to confirm the presence of K drama by naming them. 

In the following question, who are the top three players who lead the current drama currents, a total of 47 names were mentioned. A lot of names came from actors, PDs, and producers that everyone should know, and a lot of people who stopped at a table even though they were top stars. Many actors, like the Milky Way in the night sky, were able to find out that they had a K-drama with a modifier called "Korean Wave Star." 
You can see how fiercely the competition between Korean wave stars is, and the main actor who won the top spot among them is actress Song Jung Ki (37 votes). Song Jung-ki is a descendant of the sun, chosen as a returning work after the military, and has certainly established itself as a Korean wave star. In addition, Song Ji-gi won three top-three players in the next generation of K drama, and was ranked seventh in the group. Song Junggi, who is regarded as the representative face of the current drama Korean Wave, can be seen as experts observing that it will strengthen its position in the next few years. 

Actor Park Sword. An actor reporter kenny@sportsseoul.com

Kim Soo-hyun, who got 25 votes in the second and third place, and 22 votes share, respectively. He was ranked 4th in the list with 21 votes for Park, but he was the No. 1 player in the top 3 of the next generation (13 votes). Pak Bo is currently regarded as the next generation leader to lead the K-drama and the rising star of the hallyu black now. In the list of players in the next generation, Nam Ho-hyuk (12 votes), Jeong Hae-in (11 votes), long-term candidates (9 votes) and Park Seo-joon (7 votes) 0000496818_004_20190418120018901.jpg?type=w430_q70 

Actor Song Hye Kyo. An actor reporter kenny@sportsseoul.com

Among the actresses, Song Hye-kyo topped the list with 17 votes (joint fifth) and Jeon Ji-hyeon (seventh 16 votes). The next generation of the top three players in question told Lee, Ji - Eun (IU, 5, Table 6 above) and gimtaeri (Table 3, joint 7th) as the top 10 female runners. 
Kim Eun-sook, who has been selected as a representative of the Korean wave, has been ranked 8th (10 votes) in the top three items leading to the present of Korean drama. In addition, in the question of asking the top producers who lead the drama, After the dragon (50 votes), he was named second place (24 votes). Lee Eun-suk and Lee Eul-bok PD, who have earned the reputation as a star PD with 'Sun Shine', followed by tvN 'Dokkaebi' and 'Seon Shine', became third place (21 votes) after that. Kim Won-seok PD, who was recognized for his ability to make TVN 'Sensei', 'Signal', 'My uncle', etc. from KBS2 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal', TVN ranked 11th and Park Ji-eun, who wrote 'You from the Stars' . 

Yoo Jae Suk (from left), Lee Kwang Soo, Kang Ho Dong. Choi Seung-seop, Ae-Keun Lee, Park Jin-ho reporter thunder@sportsseoul.com

◇ K entertainments = top 3 In
the question to select top players of Yoo Jae-seok, Lee Kwang-soo, Kang Ho-dong, and Na Young-seok entertainers, most of the so-called national MCs were in the rankings and bragged. Yoo Jae-suk was the top player to lead the K-arts with 61 votes and ranked first, and the nickname 'Yune' was fiercely furious. In the second place, actor Lee Kwang-soo (30 votes) takes his eyes. He is active in 'Running Man' with Yoo Jae-seok, and he can be regarded as one of the leading Korean stars in arts. Following Kim Gang-dong (27 votes), Kim Jong-gook ranked fourth with 18 votes. Kim Jong-kook is also a running man with Yoo Jae-seok and Lee Kwang-su. Another member, Haha, ranks 11th with the running man who got 5 votes with 5 votes. 
It is a point that the program name is mentioned a lot compared with the drama division even though it is a question to ask the top player. "Runnin Man," which won the top spot, and "MBC" Infinite Challenge ", KBS2" Infinite Masterpieces "," Happy Together "," 1 night and 2 days ", and Mnet Produce 101 series Etc. were chosen by the experts and the power of the program itself was recognized in the entertainment. 

Na Young Seok PD. Choi Seung-seop reporter thunder@sportsseoul.com

Star PD Nyeong Suk won the top five list with 8 votes in the Top 3 list leading to the entertaining Korean Wave, followed by 63 votes in the Top 3 list of entertainers' producers. Kim Tae-ho MBC PD, famous for 'Infinite Challenge', won 2nd place with 39 votes, KBS2 '1 night and 2 days' and Yu-Ho Jin PD and MBC' The president took third place with 6 votes each. However, in this question, 4 respondents answered SM and 4 people answered with SM C & C. SM is the biggest marketing company in Korea and has a lot of K pop stars. SM C & C, a subsidiary company, is gathering a large number of talented entertainers such as Kang Ho Dong, Shin Dong Yeop, Lee Soo Keun, Kim Byung Man and Jeon Hyun Moo. Even now, if the two companies' votes are put together as if they are creating synergies with their respective stars in various entertainments, the rankings will rise to the third place. 
K is the next generation player to lead the performing arts. In the third place, Lee Seung-gi (9 votes) defeated Jeon Hyun-moo by a car and raised his name. Lee Kwang-soo, Jo Se-ho, and Hwang Kwang-hee scored in fifth place with seven votes each. 0000496818_007_20190418120018958.jpg?type=w430_q70 ◇ K-drive, 'symbiosis' as a
result of a survey of 100 key content items, the content planning ability (69.8%) was the highest score in the category of "Hanryu's growth engine, strength and competitiveness" And a similar result ( graphic ) appeared in the data extracted from only the answers of experts in the arts field 
To be able to choose from: ▲ star of artist ▲ systematic star-forming system ▲ content creation environment in Korea ▲ content planning power ▲ actively making producers and planners ▲ overseas curiosity about other culture ▲ other, Twenty-two experts belonging to broadcasting outsourcing companies accounted for 60.5% of the total content planning ability. Since then, we have seen systematic Star Positive System (52.4%), star artist (38.1%), and actively promoting producers and promoters (23,8%) as important factors in Korean Wave power. This result is similar to the response of 15 members of the actor management company. They also looked at content planning power (86.7%), systematic star-forming system (46.7%) and artist's star performance (46.7%).
However, we can see that opinions are disturbed in thinking about active entry of producers and agencies and contents creation environment of Korea. Broadcasters and outsourced respondents were 10% more likely to respond positively to producers and planners than to actors. As each company has a strong desire to enter overseas markets, it seems that they have been actively produced. In addition, 23.8% of the respondents in the broadcast and outsourcing companies commented on the Korean content production environment, while the actor management company did not give a single vote. The two sides certainly have different thoughts about whether the production system can be a strength. It has the advantage of being able to reflect the response of the public in real time, and at the same time, it is a situation that can be antagonized by different positions on the domestic broadcasting production situation, which is a condition that is harsh enough to be described as a murder schedule. It's a big part of my eyes. 
Nevertheless, it was also confirmed by the survey results that it is an encouraging situation to reassure and reassure concern. It is because the actor management company has absolute confidence in the contents planning ability that plays more roles in the broadcasting company and the outsourcing agency and the fact that the broadcasting company and the outsourcing companies recognize and lean much role of the actor management company is derived. In Actor Management, more than 90% of the content planning force gave more votes to broadcasters and outsourcing companies. Broadcasters and outsourcing producers voted at a higher rate than system actors It is a part that can be done.
In the end, good quality content, including star power, can be seen as a key point to empower the Korean Wave. It is a prerequisite for accelerating the current K drive to create an environment in which broadcasters, broadcast outsourcing producers and star management companies who do not know it can share their understanding and can coexist. 
Photos | Park Jin-up reporter upandup@sportsseoul.com....source credit @https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?aid=0000496818&oid=468&lightVersion=off



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Netizens Criticize Article Questioning Where Song Hye Kyo Ring Is Again...April 17, 2019Song-Hye-Kyo-ring.jpg

Somebody is trying to stir the pot again!

Recently, beloved actress Song Hye Kyo returned from Hong Kong to Seoul. She was captured smiling by photographers lenses. 

However, one article on News Nate garnered negative attention from netizens. The article title reads ‘Song Hye Gyo, no wedding ring on her ring finger.’

In case you guys didn’t know, about a month agoseveral Chinese media outlets falsely claimed that Song Hye Kyo was getting a divorce from Song Joong Ki because she was missing the ring from her left fourth finger.

The rumors were obviously false and fans were pretty upset with Chinese media for attempting to stir controversy for clicks.

In Korean culture, married couples don’t always wear rings all the time, which is probably considered weird to other cultures.

The article writer was criticized by netizens for trying to bring up the issue with the ring again.

Here are some of netizens commnets:

[+1,086, -45] This is such an unnecessary article

[+778, -43] How is this news…??

[+48, -5] There are so many people who will cheat with their wedding rings still on, there’s no meaning to wearing one or not ㅋㅋㅋ

[+44, -7] Since when did actors wear their rings all the time? ㅋㅋ

[+37, -3] People aren’t like this with other couples, only Song Hye Gyo and Song Joong Ki ㅡㅡ

[+44, -3] No one cares whether other celebrity couples wear their rings or not, it’s always the Song Song couple that people are obsessed with the ring over…

Comments source: (A)

What do you think of this?...source credit @https://www.jazminemedia.com/2019/04/netizens-criticize-article-questioning-where-song-hye-kyo-ring-is-again/

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Pls vote for Goddess Song Hye Kyo she is now on the 2rd place let us help her to win this....Please vote 'V LIVE Favorite Artist' of the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards! (Female)
5,348 votes
Please vote 'V LIVE Favorite Artist' of the 55th Baeksang Arts Awards!....source credit@https://m.vlive.tv/vote/129

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Entertainment Industry Experts Vote On Key Players Representing Hallyu

Apr 18, 2019
by D. Kim

From March 25 through 31, media outlet Sports Seoul surveyed 100 entertainment industry experts to gather their thoughts on key players in the industry.

Each representative wrote down their top three votes for each category.

BTS was voted as the top K-pop representative of Hallyu with 90 votes and also as the top representative of Hallyu overall with 86 votes. In addition to BTS and Big Hit, SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment showed strong results across the K-pop categories.

Key Players In The Drama Industry Representing Hallyu

  1. Song Joong Ki (37 votes)
  2. Kim Soo Hyun (25 votes)
  3. Gong Yoo (22 votes)
  4. Park Bo Gum (21 votes)
  5. Song Hye Kyo (17 votes)
  6. Jun Ji Hyun (16 votes







Kyo takes the lead in actress! 

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