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that's a good news.

btw uri unnie seems active on ig nowadays, I even thought that she forget that her ig is public account lol.

and in the group selfie she looks so young and different, I couldn't recognize her at first.

maybe because I'm used to see her with hair bangs.

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Song Hye Kyo is beautiful, cheerful with friends in ThailandSong Hye Kyo is beautiful, cheerful with friends in Thailand...

Song Hye Kyo and friends are constantly updating funny pictures in Thailand. Without his wife Song Joong Ki beside him, the actress "Descendants of the Sun" is still very comfortable.

On the evening of March 31, Song Hye Kyo 's assistant shared a series of cheerful actresses in a small party among Thai friends. Before that, they also posted pictures of jubilantly eating and drinking, accompanied by the words "We are still young".

Song Hye Kyo is playing with close friends at Phuket, Thailand resort. The actress also showed off her photos for a walk and watched the sea relax despite not having Song Joong Ki beside him.

Song Hye Kyo is beautiful and beautiful, so please go to Thailand 
Song Hye Kyo sexy taking commemorative photos with friends on the trip.

Actress Descendant of the sun famous as artists who like to travel. Before getting married, she often spends a lot of time traveling around to explore, exploring everywhere with friends and employees. fter getting married, Song Joong Ki often follows his wife to go to the event combining tourism like going to the US and Japan. Therefore, these new images make fans feel Song Hye Kyo is returning to a single, liberal, liberal life alone. 

Song Hye Kyo is beautiful and beautiful, so please go to the beach
The rightmost Song Hye Kyo is stylist Hyun Kyoung, a longtime close friend of the actress, who was rumored to be Song Joong Ki's "mistress".

Recently, the management company of Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki has denied the rumors of a marriage break. However, couple fans still hope the two artists spend more time together. However, at the end of 2018, Song Hye Kyo was busy filming Encounter with Park Bo Geum.   

At the beginning of 2019, Song Joong Ki was passionate about filming the blockbuster TV drama Asdal Chronicle , even going to Brunei for a long time to film the scene.

After Song Joong Ki came home not long ago, the actor kept appearing alone at the wedding of his friends. Song Hye Kyo also went to a private event and now traveled with the crew.

Not only did they not appear together, the two popular actors of the Korean screen did not have a common photo, so their fans were not worried.....source credit @https://news.zing.vn/song-hye-kyo-xinh-dep-vui-ve-quay-ben-ban-be-o-thai-lan-post931310.html

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SHK's next drama

"Fatal and Dangerous Her"









*** from KBS2 drama Mother of Mine episode 7-8 ***

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