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  2. 730. Ikr Yuuki is one confused lady. Lol. I also not continuing once Yuuki hook up with Kaname. Im Zero big fan. The art also a bit changed later on. Recently, I peek up at the ending and seems she also marry Zero and have kids with him... gosh... talking about cant made up mind !
  3. Let’s make a bet, if she ever get a question about possibility of dating Kjw, what would her answer be? My opinion based on what I believe rn, it’s a “NO” , she will say “NO” 3000% NO the reason? We’ll find out after they publish the interview
  4. BTS I don't understand what they r saying, but throughout the video, she is making that sound Cr: as tagged
  5. Pretty good. The first episode caught me by surprise tbh. The acting, chemistry, plot ALL GOOD Found another Wed-Thurs drama!!
  6. Es ist die beste Lösung für Männer, die mit Problemen mit ihrem Sexualleben konfrontiert sind und nicht in der Lage sind, ihren Partner glücklich zu machen. Kamagra Kaufen ist die beste Ergänzung, die bei der Lösung des Hauptproblems der schlechten sexuellen Leistung, die bei der Erhöhung der Erregung der Person scheitert hilft.

  7. @Lawyerh Vampire Knight!! I'm also big follower back then. Though I'm mad with the ending of the Manga. Really big WTF for me Yuuki, you naughty lucky girl. 728
  8. Probably not a bed scene but a bathroom scene. The drama hinted something like SDM not leaving RG alone and will follow him even to the bathroom... Yaay. I want to see half naked and sexy RG. His ABS please...
  9. Say bye to lion.. say hi to cute angel . Move on to cute young guy @ktcjdrama that ship, any chance of sailing? Recently they were more like old best friend... 730
  10. I just feel like the I'm the 이모 smiling just looking at CM how careful and sweetly serving SY all her favorite food
  11. How do you not love all the characters in this gem of a drama? I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that they are integral characters who added substance to this drama. I got bored with PYHOMS which got too cringy and way too much ML & FL moments. All the characters here are inter related to flash out realistically the aspects on family ( Guan Chao, step dad and DC the uncle) and friendship (Wuyi & YM). The family and dynamic is one of the strongest in a drama I've watched. I haven't read the novel and I wont as I dont have the time to do so. Anyway, I'm absolutely obsessed with this GEM which is simple yet heartwarming!
  12. Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young spend some affectionate time together thanks to her request in “Her Private Life.” “Her Private Life” is about the romance between perfect art gallery curator Sung Duk Mi (played by Park Min Young) and her boss Ryan Gold (played by Kim Jae Wook). In the released photos, Sung […] The post Park Min Young Is An Encouraging Girlfriend To Kim Jae Wook In “Her Private Life” appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. Agree. Ruler's name attached to it doesnt helps soar my spirits either and I am starting to get worried about his career too. He'd be stereotyped as a mushy sweet romantic cute guy only. As for what you said , shallow or not it sounds right and soooooo OTT cliched.
  14. Li Zhongshuo's Ouyang 5月22日 06:31  Lee Jong-suk Good morning, two large @ Lee Jong-suk @ Lee Jong-suk @ Lee Jong-suk L Lee Jong lock Ouyang seconds to shoot video Stoner Stoner 5月22日 15:21 from the iPhone client has been edited "President 大人 喜欢 的 瓜瓜 汁" 回归 그 You like watermelon 分享 Hand-winding device singing song "She likes watermelon" O网页 链接 ( @ 网易 云 音乐 )
  15. hmmm.. I dont know.. I have a feeling they won't be asked about the possibility of dating.. for some obvious reasons. BUT, its just a feeling.. but of course, sure.. it's still possible.
  16. Unless they are cool enough to work together again like HB-SYJ now who will be working on the same drama despite their dating rumors. But now, PSJ-PMY are having too much attention now so I would say not for now but PLEASE someday PLEASE. I imagine them acting in movies like The Notebook or A Walk to Remember or Mr and Mrs Smith? they both had actions before lol
  17. They sure know each other since their model days. (I have seen sexy photoshoot of them ) I was so angry when some people portray Lee El as someone who is so obsessed to have KJW. They are not her fans or followers so how can they act they are so certain about it and badmouth like that. I'm sorry for talking unrelated staff.
  18. I managed to find on of the staff account on instagram, i asked him when they'll stat filming n he said "next month"
  19. Yes exactly thats what, it was so unnecessary, meaningless and contradictory to the whole build up of there is no such thing as fate Sigh. Anyways yes same here still hoping for some different news but almost sure the leaked news is confirmed otherwise it wouldnt have been leaked in the first place + soompi is pretty much an authentic site I guess but I dunno... I'm not hoping too high for something different but lets see, hope he changes his decision.
  20. JShine Lee Chung Suk FanClub Today at 07:30 from iPhone 7 Plus [ @ Lee Jong-suk ] 190,523 "good morning " # romance with separate volume appendix #  Lee Jong-suk 160613 Taiwan GQ shoot live footage L seconds to shoot video More video poke here : O Web links small daily tasks, the touch of the sun early in the morning, moving moving little finger ah: microblogging words directly over the point  Lee Jong-suk sign ... expand full text c
  21. Actors Kang Tae Sung and Jung Ah Ra will be tying the knot! On May 23, Kang Tae Sung’s agency EX Entertainment revealed that the couple will be holding a private ceremony at a wedding hall in Gangnam on June 15. The agency also added, “Kang Tae Sung decided to propose after falling for the bride-to-be’s deep consideration for […] The post Actors Kang Tae Sung And Jung Ah Ra To Tie The Knot In Private Wedding appeared first on Soompi View the full article
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