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Song Hye Kyo 송혜교 - Stay home, Stay safe

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She was shooting  photo shoot at the venue which is why she was there a little early.


I couldn’t see clear faces but could make out one of the celebrities that Kyo was seated with - Poppy Delevingne, British Model Socialite and sister of Cara Delivingne. I saw the other two women at the table both strike up a conversation with Kyo during different times but it was a zoomed out shot, so never got a clear look of their faces.


Seated in the booth behind Kyo was Ralph Lauren himself and on the table behind Kyo were Anna Wintour and who I think was Cate Blanchett.


Other celebrities ( not counting the models and Janelle Monet since she was performing) attending were Henry Golding ( he was seated on one of the other tables) , JJ Lin ( he was seated in one of the white booths).


I don’t think Jenie was there because I saw Hyun Kyoung coordinating with the media and shoot etc. 


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Zoomed in enough and figured it out, the person deep in conversation with Kyo was Lily! 

Lily Aldridge is a supermodel and formerly a Victoria’s Secret angel, she is also the wife of Caleb Followill ( main vocalist for Kings of Leon, one of my favorite bands) 




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