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  1. I just love this comment for Kyo,,.. These are the posts that I believe because this are real people that had face to face contact with the Queen,,not some non sense YT videos sentiments about Kyo lol! I remember there are other real sweet comments about Kyo from photographers,,,production team staff of her drama series ,,,to the staff of KARA,,(rescue animal rights advocate org)..and etc..I've read from old articles,,,can't name them all. Can't stop loving this woman.
  2. I can see relax and cheerful Kyo after storm,,,yeah life just go on .. We love you.Queen..
  3. No prob girl. Just wish she'll accept new offers,,hoping a film this time.. If marriage is not for her so be it..lets just move on,,and talk about projects projects projects ,,. Don't u miss her fringe eh.
  4. Soo gorg ugh. Pretty Kyo can you please bring back the bangs? Waiting for your next project
  5. Its good to use WE,, not I ,,not you,,not me,,,always WE. WE stand for KYO ,,then and NOW
  6. Its been a long time.. Can't help but comment. Again during hard times in KYO 's life..always here to support her..Just wanted to say I'm not a Song Song couple fan from the start,,I'm not a shipper...I just watched DOTS only because of Kyo. When the wedding was announced,,I still supported Kyo (tho I dont agree with her chosen husband)because I only want her happiness. NOW this divorce news ,,I'm not happy either,,this is soo painful..There's no point in blaming Shk or SJK side...I just want Kyo to be happy..hoping she'll get through this..I know she will. I'm still supporting Kyo nothing's changed..I m a supporter then and now. I'm looking forward for her future projects Just wanted to ask is there official statement from Kyo on this divorce?? Or maybe there's no need.. A big Hug for you Kyo from all of us WE got your back girl!
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